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Spa without Borders: Song Saa Private Island Sihanouk, Cambodia

Spa without Borders: Song Saa Private Island Sihanouk, Cambodia

In Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong Archipelago, two pristine islands lie side by side. They are known locally as Song Saa – Khmer for ‘The Sweethearts’.song_saa_01

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Song Saa Private Island is as seductive as the name implies. Think intimate. Think luxurious. But above all think harmony – with all the elements of nature that make this place so special.


The resort spans the islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, connected by a footbridge over a marine reserve they have established to safeguard the islands’ reefs and marine life including turtles, seahorses and exotic species of tropical fish.


It features luxury Over-Water, Jungle and Ocean-View villas built with sustainable materials and with the deepest respect for the natural environment.


At the resort’s heart is a world-class restaurant and lounge, spectacularly positioned just off the island’s shoreline and surrounded by sea. A short stroll on the boardwalk will leave you perfectly positioned to take in dramatic sunsets, seascapes and starry nights. 


From the moment you set foot on Song Saa’s exquisite islands, you won’t have a care in the world. 

Facilities include:

  • large infinity edge swimming pool
  • spa and wellness sanctuaries positioned in the rainforest and along the shore
  • yoga and meditation centre on the shoreline, ideal for yoga at sunrise
  • water-sports such as Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, and boating
  • fascinating ecological program to experience the area’s flora and fauna
  • an exclusive island boutique featuring designer labels from around the world, luxury body care products, and local art works.


Song Saa Package Retreats

A Journey to REFRESH Inspired by the Stillness Spa menu, Song Saa Private Island’s Refresh Retreat allows you to escape the frenetic pace of modern life and maximize your limited and precious time off, returning to the “real world” feeling rested and refreshed. The Refresh program focuses on mental clarity and detachment from stress. Luxurious spa treatments are offered in a nurturing environment, allowing you to rest, escape and return anew.


A Journey to REJUVENATE Song Saa Private Island’s Rejuvenation Retreat integrates diet, physical activity and indulgent spa treatments to detoxify, purify, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Inspired by the Blessing Spa menu, this retreat is cleansing and empowering, allowing you to take control of your health, and establish a lasting foundation for ongoing happiness and wellbeing. 


A Journey to REVIVE Inspired by the Healing Spa menu, this retreat will instil serenity and restore your sense of self, focusing on inner wellness, restorative treatments, and personal luxury. Physically and mentally detach, indulge the senses and attain the skills to achieve long-lasting calm in your life. The Revive program is designed for anyone experiencing transition or disruption in their lives. Perfect for those wanting to restore their spiritual balance and acquire a set of tools to empower lasting change.

5 night retreats start at $7,200 and 7 night retreats start at $10,080. Please contact us to inquire for more information about the packages or book your stay using the box below the video.



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