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Hotel Termes Montbrió: Welcome to the Wellness

Hotel Termes Montbrió: Welcome to the Wellness

 More than 4 acres of botanical gardens full of centenarian plants convert this location in the heart of thermal water in Costa Daurada. 


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The thermal spa with the last technology has the relax and wellness programs. All of them are supervised for the staff of doctors and therapists.


The hydrotherapy programs are really a complementary options. 

The gastronomy combine the art of the best meals low fat.


The hotel worries about the environment and has sun energy and exploitation the water for irrigation.

AQUATONIC: Thermal ludic area

The award winner as the best resort&spa by the English magazine Professional spa. It is located in the heart of the gardens. Aquatonic offers one thousand sensations. It is really a SPA experience. 


The Aquatonic circuit last 3 hours and has 3 areas with more than 60 different water: waterfalls , streams, circular rapids, steam bath and hydromassager jets for the massaging and relaxing muscles , micro bubbles that combine water and air. 


Thermal caves and Greco roman baths. It is recommend to finish the circuit with some relax minutes using the ergonomics seats built in Italian mosaic for a relax effect. 

Aquatonic has also a floating room , for wellness and relax.


The HotelTermes Montbrió thermal spa is really a temple of thermalism and wellness. 


The therapists and programs combine the medicine properties with the knowledge of ancient civilisations and the experience of our human staff in all the specialities.

HEALTH PROGRAMS to prevent and improve the vital functions and the possibility to follow the low fat diet under the medical Manager specialised in preventive medicine.

RELAX PROGRAMS to balance the mind and body. Its combine traditional balneotherapies programs and the new therapies to maintain the energy balance with a deep wellness.

BEAUTY PROGRAMS to improve the image with aesthetic facial and body treatments. The Termes Montbrió thermal spa has modern and advanced technologies in aesthetic face like anti wrinkles , facial mesotherapy, or and healthy face´s treatments. 


Why thermal water are so healthy?

The thermalism is a healthy spring and with ancient and pure style, a meeting with the nature and it let us to know all the properties of the local thermal water. All the mineral and chemist ingredients are very important.  

Sodium Chloride: help to cleanse the organism.

Calcium-Bicarbonate: indicated for skin diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia, gynaecological conditions.

Sulphate some illness from digestive function.

Magnesium: regulatory system neuromuscular and activator enzyme systems

Lithium: mood stabilizer, sedative stimulation of diuresis  and rebalancing system action autonomic nervousfor nervous function



Rooms– 214

-68 Superior

-138 Standards

-8 Suites all with hydromassage baths, 5

are thematic – Bristish, Tuscany, Colonial, Arabic and Japanese

Thermal Spa

Thermal nature spa with health and wellness programs.

Services “à la carte”. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi with thermal water. 


Aquatonic, Ludic thermal area.

More than 60 sensations of thermal water


Rest. Sequoia, Rest. Goya y Grill Miró ( in summer)


Bar restaurant with outside terrace (summer), meeting rooms, parking and wifi

Meeting rooms

12 meeting rooms for 10-400 persons. Auditorium for 172 persons. Area for expositions.


Sports: golf, horse riding, BTT, diving, etc Ludic– Port aventura,

Culture: Roman Tarragona Reus , cister route, wine route, Delta l´ Ebre route, Reus, etc… 


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