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Thaulle Resort: Authentic Ayurveda in an Intimate Atmosphere

Thaulle Resort: Authentic Ayurveda in an Intimate Atmosphere

Thaulle Resort takes its name from its incomparable location right on the Yoda Lake. “Thaulle” means, in the Sinhala language, “shore”. Each of the 28 rooms has a large glass front with a balcony and lets you look out over the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Bring your body and soul back into balance through holistic treatments during a two- to four-week Ayurveda cure at Thaulle Resort. Special massages and purification techniques are complemented by Ayurvedic nutrition and medicines. After a detailed preliminary talk with Dr. Upul, you will receive a treatment plan that meets your personal Dosha (life energy) and is adjusted daily. For a stay of three weeks or more, the guests are offered Panchakarma treatment.

Individual Treatments

For the curious, beginners and those seeking relaxation, here they also offer Ayurvedic treatments individually.


These include foot, face and head massages, oil shower treatments, acupuncture and yoga. You will be advised which treatment is suited to your specific needs, such as relaxation, detoxification or anti-aging. Of course, you will also be examined before any individual treatments by Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Upul, to match any treatment perfectly to your current condition.

The team

At Thaulle Resort, you will be treated solely by qualified Ayurvedic doctors and therapists who have devoted themselves to holistic medicine and sustainability.


The head physician, Dr. Upul, is one of the most famous Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. For more than 15 years, he has treated European spa guests. At Thaulle Resort, he has gathered a practiced team around him, which is always approachable for the guests. In order to ensure optimal communication between the guests and doctors and therapists, all treatments are available with German- and English-speaking counsellors at your side.

Ayurvedic centre

So you can relax completely and concentrate fully on the healing effects of your treatments, you will receive all of your Ayurvedic treatments in the caring atmosphere of Ayurveda centre.


It is slightly withdrawn from the rest of the Resort and features a private garden and restaurant. There, you can relax between treatments and enjoy the spectacular view of the adjacent lake.

Ayurvedic cuisine

Local chefs have special Ayurvedic training. Individual dishes are matched to the treatment plans of guests and their Doshas.


Foods that fit your Dosha are easily recognizable by the coloured marks on their containers. They only use fresh fruits and vegetables that partly grow themselves, and their own herbs and spices. For beverages,  fresh fruit juices are served, Ceylon tea and hot water, which has a beneficial effect on digestion, according to Ayurvedic teachings. From the restaurant, you have a unique view of the Yoda Lake.


To treat the guests, here they use only certified Ayurvedic medicines. The doctors carefully choose and test them. 


They are produced by the renowned manufacturers Siddhalepa Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Line. Intake of medicines is done only in consultation with physician, Dr. Upul. Here, too, there are German- and English-speaking caregivers to help. 

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