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Monastère des Augustines: an Adventure Within

Monastère des Augustines: an Adventure Within

Completely restored and redesigned, Le Monastère des Augustines offers a unique experience along with several ways to connect with the Augustinian Sisters’ heritage, in a secular environment. The practices are rooted in the Augustinian Sisters’ mission and are lived out in a contemporary centre of total health. You are invited you to explore time-honoured and modern forms of care within these historic walls. Unwind and reaffirm your humanity and personhood in a place of calm and serenity.

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Le Monastère des Augustines offers 65 rooms in its restored former cloister from the 17th century. The Augustinian Sisters’ rooms have been transformed into accommodations for visitors seeking a quiet and peaceful haven.


Customized holistic health stays help the guests recharge their batteries while exploring a whole host of practices designed for balance and wellbeing: restoring healthy sleeping patterns, relaxation, energy, vitality, and more. Guests can opt for guidance in their personal development and consultations with professionals.


Le Monastère des Augustines also offers a broad range of individualized, private holistic health services: holistic health and nutrition, massotherapy, reflexology, postural alignment, relaxation, meditation, yoga, Pilates, etc.


The year-round program includes over one hundred activities covering a variety of subjects: interpersonal relationships, bodywork and movement, psychology and wellness, natural health, spirituality, life transitions, nutrition, herbalism and more.


Activities are offered by a team of 80 collaborators including doctors, psychologists, authors, professors, historians, herbalists and other specialized resources.


Good health often begins with what you eat; the restaurant at the Monastère offers a healthy, varied menu, inspired by the principles of mindful eating. The guests are invited to take their time, savour the present moment and enjoy a wholesome and healthy meal, either in good company or in a more contemplative setting.


The cuisine offers options to satisfy every taste and need. You’ll find dishes whose health benefits are proven by ancestral traditions and the most recent nutritional research. As much as possible, local or organic foods are used and those accommodate seasonal ingredients in harmony with the principles of sustainable development. You will always find plenty to feed your senses and nourish your soul!


The Augustinian Sisters collected over 40,000 artefacts drawn from 400 years of life and service. They also preserved over one linear kilometer of rare and ancient books. The Museum’s permanent exhibit has carefully mined these extraordinary resources to trace the history of the Sisters, along with the development of their medical thought and practices and their contribution to the founding of present-day Quebec’s health care system.


Many more objects from the collection can also be found throughout the building.


Le Monastère des Augustines is a non-profit organization whose activities are designed with a view to financially support its social mission. This mission is to make the Augustinian Sisters’ heritage accessible to all and to give support and respite to those who care for others. Family caregivers and companions, as well as workers and volunteers from the health and social services communities can take advantage of lodging programs, resources and activities.

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