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Nature, Hot Springs, Sun and the Sea

Nature, Hot Springs, Sun and the Sea

The island of ischia is renowned for its therapeutic thermal waters, the beaches and the sea. More than 45 square kilometers of natural attractions that, each year, attract scores of tourists from all over the world. Your stay at Hotel Parco Smeraldo Terme will double your positive impression of the Green Isle. 

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Thermal Spa

Thermal water, rich of mineral elements, is extracted from the subsoil of Maronti. Renown for its countless beneficial effects, it is the main source of  thermal and beauty treatments.

Corallium Thermal Spa is located inside the hotel and features two pools, a vascular circuit, emotional showers, and a lounge area. 

The use of the area is free of charge and reserved to guests 18 and older.

The  pools are:

  • Isisidae 33°C, 50 sqm with two hydro-massage jets at the lumbar and cervical levels, three hydro-massage jets at the cervical, lumbar and calf levels; 
  • Gorgonidae 34°C. 20 sqm, with strong hydro-massage, an air massage with geyser-like effect and a waterfall placed at two different heights. 


To the side of the pools is a Kneipp vascular circuit with two walking lanes of hot and cold water, to experience the beneficial effects of the reflexology done with stones. The several jets placed at different heights massage the legs, increasing the pleasing effect of the hot-cold shifts. 


On the platform are the “emotional showers”:

  • tropical drops: nebulized maracuja-scented hot water and warm light;
  • cold breeze: nebulized mint-scented cold water and cold light.

Corallium Thermal Spa communicates with the solarium, the beach, and the outdoor thermal pool. 


A personalized thermal plan is what you need to restore your inner balance and leave the stress behind, erasing anxieties and regenerating your inner world.

Hotel Parco Smeraldo Terme you shall discover many combinations to choose from for the special moments of your Ischitan holiday. They have created plans to satisfy every request of wellness and care. Any medical package will include medical consultation and combination of proper treatments. 

Thermal treatments

Thermal treatments fight off ailments, pain, and stress with an invigorating action that targets the muscles and joints. 


The treatment starts with 15-minute applications of warm mud on target areas. The body receives the clay’s warmth and precious mineral elements that, for six months and on a daily basis, pass from water to mud. The positive effects of the thermal mud combine with all the benefits of the clay, which re-mineralizes the skeleton, protecting and repairing the cartilage.

After the mud treatment and thermal shower, move on to the bath prepared at the temperature set by our physician, mixing the water from the hotel’s aquifer with the water coming from the cooling pool. We recommend enriching the bath with hydro-massage and ozone. This is when the reaction to the sweating begun with the mud happens, preparing the guest for the massage. 

Combined with the thermal cure, the massages have a considerable myorelaxant effect, especially considering how muscular tension increases pain. The effect of this therapy on the patient’s well-being is therefore significant. 

The precious mineral salts found in thermal water reach every corner of the respiratory apparatus via the micro-nebulization produced by the inhalation tools. Inhalation therapy is also recommended to prevent ailment and pathologies.

Beauty and laisure plans nclude various massages (toning massage, body peeling, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulitis fango treatment with massage, etc.)  and yoga classes (yoga at Hotel San Giorgio Terme).

And don't forget of the curфешму effect of the surroundings.


Ischia is an intricate and fascinating mix of natural attractions, archeological sites, small museums, gardens, vineyards and cellars, restaurants, springs, and thermal parks awaiting you right now.  

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