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Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa

In a region blessed by the wind, on the Atlantic coast, five minutes from Taghazout, mythical meeting place for surfers since the 70’s, PARADIS PLAGE is today the destination for surfing lovers. An exceptional location for this sport to which the hotel has combined the Yoga (for its smoothing) and the Spa (for its rejuvenating effects) combined with an original restoration, delicate cooking of local products and an irreproachable service.

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The idea to combine yoga and surfing is part of an observation: yoga prepares (and repairs) surfers who need energy and concentration into the waves. Because Surf and Yoga are two disciplines that respond to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind. Beginners or initiated easily find the best suited formula to their fitness level courses. 30 min from Agadir and surrounded by four golf courses PARADIS PLAGE Surf, Yoga & Spa Resort is an experience for singles, couples, a family or a friends ...


Covering an area of 100 m², the Surf House includes a lounge area and a large terrace facing the sea, to meet for a drink after surf sessions. It is the meeting point for surfing lovers.


An outdoor cinema lays on the back of the surfing center to watch movies under the stars enjoying the air of the sea.

To satisfy everyones interest, from learning to the search of the perfect surfing spot, the team accompanies in this activity to advance and help improve individual skills in the best possible conditions. This unique spot dedicated to surfers was designed in partnership with Rip Curl, the legendary Australian surf brand, and it is TARIK WAHBI that holds the keys to the SURF HOUSE, open all year.

A native of Agadir, Tarik Wahbi has always been attracted to the ocean. The spots of the region no longer have secrets for him. He participated in many national competitions and was part of the top 10 Moroccan surfers.

The equipment is exclusively signed Rip Curl: wide selection of surfboards for all levels (beginner to advanced), Stand Up Paddle boards, bodyboards and wetsuits.

The program includes several options depending on the levels:

The Surf School: to learn to surf or improve

A certified surfing instructor who takes you on groups or individualy to the most suitable spot. To "drag" on waves and benefit from personalized advices, with a professional and secure management.

-­‐ 1H30 Sessions

 -­‐ Boards and wetsuits available

-­‐ Transport to the surf spots (Supplementary).


Surf Guiding: Guidings on the best surf spots

 The best surf instructors as guides to discover the great potential of waves in Morocco, according to the desires, level and conditions of the day.

-­‐ Possibility to rent boards and Surftech Rip Curl wetsuits -­‐ 1/2 day with the possibility of two surf sessions

-­‐ Transport to the surf spots (Included).  

Stand-­‐Up Paddle: To discover new sensations of sliding

 Morocco's waves offer a wide range of spots with different waves conditions.

 -­‐ 1H30 Sessions 

-­‐ Boards and wetsuits available

-­‐ Possibility of hiking on Stand-­‐up paddle.  

Independent Surf: To explore the surf spots at its own pace

The waves of Agadir region have still kept their secrets: the Paradis Plage team is here to help you explore the surf spots at your own pace and according to your desires.

-­‐ A map of spots

-­‐ Short and long boards

-­‐ A board rack available

 PACKAGE SURF SCHOOL  5 days of activities

 SURF GUIDING PACKAGE  2 or 5 days of activities

 This package is intended for experienced surfers and includes up to 2 surf sessions 1/2 a day guided by our instructors on the best surf spots.



Each day, from sunrise to sunset, the yoga teachers team of Paradis Plage welcomes participants in an enchanting setting for dynamic and relaxing sessions.


In large pavilions made of wood and glass and placed on the sand, it is facing the ocean that the journey begins leading to harmony. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, courses are an opportunity for students to discuss relaxation, meditation and breath control to access the physical and spiritual balance. Practicing the postures surrounded by smoothing sound of the waves, the brightness of the space, waterfront while sharing with KARIM FADALI a traditional and joyful teaching, where the awareness of the posture is related to breathing for a trip to the well­‐being and peace.  

KARIM FADALI and his team teach a creative yoga, marked by the union of different styles of traditional Yoga. The harmonization of the movement, alignment in the posture and awareness of breath will accompany postural practice.

The awakening of energy, presence of relaxation and concentration open the doors of meditation and peace.

They guide with gentleness and kindness in this quest for power, accuracy and harmony in the heart of yoga. Passionate, our yogis share with everyone their experience of yoga, in the magical natural surroundings of Paradis Plage.

Located on the beach, PARADISE YOGA SHALA is composed of two houses, wide open to the sea, connected by a lotus pond as a haven of peace, an invitation to meditation and serenity to accommodate three different courses

08:00 a.m. to 09:15 a.m.

Sunrise Yoga: During this morning session clients are guided through a conscious exploration of the body and breathing, while seeking a balance between flexibility and strength, calm and effort. The structure of the meeting and its rhythmic, synchronized to a calm and deep breath, focus on muscle toning, body opening and improved breathing capacity. This course is suitable for all levels.

11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Easy Yoga: This session, both relaxing and invigorating, consists of (Asanas) postures and combos approached gently to the rhythm of calm and deep breathing. With precision and concentration on body alignment, choreography and rhythm, this session help to improve your balance, physical strength, posture and breathing capacity. This course is suitable for all levels.

5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sunset Yoga: During the early evening session, clients are guided through a series of postures combined a relaxing breathing exercises. The structure of the meeting and its rhythmic focus on detoxification, openness and relaxation of the body. Based on vinyasa flow systems, Yoga and Yin Yoga therapy, this session is appropriate for all levels.

In addition to regular courses, KARIM FADALI also offers a wide range of special courses on customer demand, to achieve in small groups or private lessons:  

YIN YOGA: Yin yoga is a gentle practice, in which customers are guided through a series of modified postures to create flexibility in the connective tissue. Each posture, held from 2 to 5 minutes, will be supported by the floor, blankets, pillows and bricks. Restorative and relaxing practice, Yin Yoga helps release the tension that is retained in the joints and muscles, relaxes the spine and pelvis by promoting stillness, calm and relaxation of the body and the intellect.  

AERIAL YOGA: Aerial Yoga is an artistic practice that combines yoga, acrobatics and a fabric hammock. During this session of stretching, balance and fitness are used the positive effects of the suspension and weightlessness to promote creativity, muscle definition, detox and rejuvenation effects.

Offering numerous physiological and therapeutic advantages, this technique allows one to move and stretch in vertical, horizontal and total inversion. Requiring balance and consciousness, Aerial Yoga exercise helps concentration and muscles in an original way.  

PRENATAL YOGA: A practice that focuses on movements and simple and safe stretching, to strengthen and soften the most stressed muscles throughout the months preceding the arrival of the baby.

POWER FLOW:  A dynamic practice with a synchronized controlled breathing, muscle toning designed for athletes and sportsmen who like to be pushed to the end of their physical capacity.

108 GREETINGS:  A dynamic practice of chaining 108 greetings chaining yoga postures in a fluid manner including a synchronized rhythm with the breath.  



 For people wishing to discover the spa and yoga activities and includes:

 -­‐ A 1H30 daily yoga course -­‐ 1 sensory Hammam

 -­‐ 1 relaxing massage with orange blossom


 For people wishing to discover the spa and yoga activities and includes:

 -­‐ A 1H30 daily yoga course -­‐ 2 sensory Hammam

 -­‐ 1 Body scrub

-­‐ 1 relaxing massage (25 min) -­‐ 1 relaxing massage (50 min)

 SURF & YOGA PACKAGE 2 or 5 days

 For people wishing to discover the surfing and yoga activities and includes:

 -­‐ 1 daily surf lessons and yoga classe of 1H30 each -­‐ Surf boards and wetsuits Rip Curl available  


The PARADISE SPA holds the secrets of ancestral beauty rituals of Moroccan women.


For body treatments (slimming , revitalizing , relaxing) , face, hair, hands or feet , all used cosmetics are 100% natural and from the local products : Taroudant Argan oil massages and essential oils of botanical gardens of Marrakech region , massages with Imi Ouaddar’s pebble beach, facial treatments with creams made from Souss Massa pricky pears pip, Taliouine saffron or roses of Dades Valley ...

 The PARADISE SPA and its 300 m2 are nicely trimmed with tadelaqt, marble, zellige , glass and wood, are a real ode to craftsmanship and Moroccan know-­‐how and focuses on several areas:

 -­‐ A traditional hammam, for the practice of ancestral care  Traditional black soap scrub of the Agadir region and Atlas ghassoul wrap. And also, the Atlantic coast seaweed wrap for a slimming effect or Imouzzer honey for its nourishing power, scrub with spices etc.

 -­‐ A contemporary sensory hammam with a vault dedicated to light therapy (changing lights) and vaporizing aromas (relaxing orange blossom, slimming citrus, revitalizing eucalyptus ...)

 -­‐ The multi cabins treatments:

The 3 spacious treatment rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi, the largest can accommodate 2 people ... including a child from 6 years for a chocolate massage in the presence of mom or dad! -­‐ A space for hands and feet and hair beauty.

AND THE MUST OF PARADISE ... The Outdoor Massages on BALDAQUIN for a unique experience with only on the horizon hot sand and turquoise waters sheltered by a white veil blown by the wind ... For two people lulled by the seagulls and the sound of waves. 


The keys of this paradise are owned by MARIE FRANCE RIERA, the official SPA PARADISE, whose strategic points are as many tags on the trail of the welfare.   


Opening PARADIS PLAGE Surf Yoga & Spa Resort has not come about by accident. Everything started there 50 years ago. We are in the 60s and already at Imi Ouaddar, the site named Paradise Plage hosts the Kabbage family beach holidays during weekends or holidays. A tradition that has been passed down through generations.

Kabbage Abbes, one of the key men in the economic life of Souss, was among the first to invest in hotels in Agadir, opening in 1975, the Europa Hotel. Khalid Kabbage his son has developed a group which became a leader in Morocco in the field of fisheries and fish processing. An entrepreneur at heart, he was always in search of new investments to develop.

It's due to his meeting with François Payot, head of Rip Curl Europe, that the project PARADIS PLAGE Surf Yoga & Spa Resort was born. Khalid Kabbage has entrusted the implementation to his eldest daughter, Naima, and her husband, Vincent, a young dynamic and passionate couple. Three years of work were needed to sprout a unique resort in Morocco, especially under the leadership of Sergio Castaneda Beltran Spanish landscaper who signed the arrangement of green spaces and beach.

All plants used were selected from the regional species. The site was designed and conducted with respect for the environment. To reduce electricity consumption, buildings have been designed to take a maximum advantage of the natural sunlight. Each suite has its own air conditioning and its own water heater. The selective sorting of household waste is organized prior to discharge. The wastewater is treated by the sewage plant at the resort before being re-used for watering gardens.

To implement local skills, all the amenities of PARADIS PLAGE Surf Yoga & Spa Resort were entrusted to local companies and regional artisans. The entire furniture was manufactured between Agadir and Marrakech. Weaving, pottery and other fixtures have been made in the pure tradition of Moroccan expertise, as the paintings which are the work of local artists.



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