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L'Albergo Della Regina Isabella

L'Albergo Della Regina Isabella

L’Albergo della Regina Isabella was built in the 1950’s by Angelo Rizzoli. Thee island’s beauty and thermal baths captivated the illustrious publisher and lm director. In 1956 he decided to enlarge historic Regina Isabella’s thermal baths and build a resort over the ancient Greek - Roman ruins. 

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After just a few years, Ischia and “L’Albergo della Regina Isabella” became the centre of attraction for cosmopolitan worldliness. Celebrities such as Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas, Alberto Sordi and William Holden enlivened those popular years making it one of the most exclusive and glamorous destinations. In more recent years, representatives of the entertainment and business industry, as well as politicians and intellectuals gravitate around the hotel attracted by the prestigious cultural events that are organized in Ischia. 

Pools and waters

L’Albergo della Regina Isabella has four swimming pools, two outdoor and two indoor. The firrst outdoor pool is on the beach above sea level, contains puried seawater and is surrounded by a solarium with wood-floored deck and comfortable lounge chairs. 

The other outdoor pool is filled with thermal water or heated seawater and is the ideal pool for “talasso” therapy (sea-water based therapy) in which to simply relax.


One indoor pool contains thermal-water for regenerating baths and the second one, known as the “Risveglio dei Sensi” pool (sensorial awakening pool) is filled with thermal water used for various therapeutic treatments such as music-therapy, chrome-therapy and aromatherapy.

L’Albergo della Regina Isabella also offers a gym and tennis courts. There are also two docks, equipped with lounge chairs and sun umbrellas, from which guests have easy access to the sea. Thanks to them, the guests have the possibility to reach the hotel aboard the elegant speedboat Magnum53 or aboard their own yacht. 


Spa and Beauty

Thee millenary thermal springs of Ischia are available to L’Albergo della Regina Isabella guests in its prestigious spa. They donate new vitality and renew body and spirit by giving new beauty and harmony.

The qualities of the waters, called “multi-active,” have beauty and healing benets, according to careful scientic research. A medical team, in fact, is ready to welcome every guest and to make a customized beauty and wellness course.


Also, the mud of Le Terme della Regina Isabella, collected in the natural caves of the island of Ischia, is left to steep for more than six months in thermal water from which it absorbs the mineral properties and medicinal virtues. It’s recovered and reused, according to law, to avoid wastages and sustain the environment.

Le Terme della Regina Isabella offer a variety of treatments that take advantage of the benecial eects of various massages, nutrition and fitness programmes. Attentive toward any new breakthroughs in the aesthetic and medical eld, the spa offers thermal plastic (anti-aging) dermatological treatments. These are true miracles of eternal youth that use the benets of thermal waters to produce a longer lasting effect in the prevention of skin aging and other skin problems.


The treatmens are effective about four areas, Medical-Spa, Wellness, Beauty, Relax, and can be more effective depending on total course structure. The staff is available to plan the ideal course depending on your needs. Book your stay and get the benefits!

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