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Calendula Ayurvedic & Medical Hotel

Calendula Ayurvedic & Medical Hotel

Calendula Ayurvedic and Medical Hotel is located in the green holiday area and offers various opportunities for peace and relaxation. The beautiful Lake Balaton is just 200 m away.


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Wellness facilities

The new building combines the comfort and facilities of a luxury hotel with diagnostic and therapeutic departments, yoga classes, massage rooms, a unique restaurant and many other ancillary facilities.


In this new complex you will find all that you need to get the most from your therapy and, of course, to relax and forget your troubles. In the building there are standard, standard handicap, deluxe and business rooms as well as two penthouses with magnificent views over the whole of Lake Balaton.  


In addition to the luxurious accommodation there are several consulting rooms, a laboratory, radiology, echocardiography, gastroenterology, ten treatment rooms, five herbal steam saunas, six balneotherapy rooms, a spacious yoga room and a surgery equipped with the latest equipment. 


During the warmer months, the clinic is pleased to provide an outdoor swimming pool, which is ideal for therapeutic water gymnastics. On the first floor a salt cave is available. 
The inhalation of Himalayan and Carpathian salt improves functioning of the respiratory system, and helps to overcome allergies, asthma, cleans the sinuses and improves lungs functions.
Together with facilities, medical services and therapies are also being improved. calendula_ayurvedic_medical_hotel_11 Alongside the established and effective treatments such as metamer therapy, movement therapy and yoga, ayurvedic treatments such as, Panchakarma, Rassayana, Vajikarana, phytotherapy and other alternative treatments, can now be offered:  
  • a complete diagnostic examination or intervention (laboratory, radiology, echocardiography, gastroenterology, one-day surgery)
  • new treatments for spinal conditions such as Prof. Bubnovszky’s  movement therapy in a specially equipped gym room, or special deep tissue massage and manual therapy
  • for digestive or metabolic problems, there are new developments in dietary provision and improved visceral therapy.
  • a complete traditional Panchakarma (cleansing process at  the cellular level) in a four star environment

For those interested in the arts  a gallerywe has been created in the building’s stairwell and every treatment room is decorated with wall paintings depicting spiritual events.

calendula_ayurvedic_medical_hotel_12 All of this, as well as our hospitality and professionalism will make your treatment and stay at Calendula Ayurvedic & Medical Hotel as comfortable and pleasurable as possible, while insuring that you receive the most effective and efficient treatment. 

The international vegetarian and fish restaurant offers exciting dishes for even the most experienced of gourmets.  


  There is also a wide choice for those with special dietary needs (Lactose free, carbohydrate free, diabetics, etc.)


In the restaurant you can also find the library corner, with books for health and personality improvement.

Besides the above mentioned facilities you can find a fitness room, a hairdressing salon and a drop-in child care in the Hotel.



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