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Villa Eden Leading Health Spa

Villa Eden Leading Health Spa

Villa Eden, located in "garden" city of South Tyrol, is a precious jewel enclosed in the green embrace of lush nature. Silence, contemplation, and the imperceptible passage of time will offer you a feeling of serenity and inner peace that you will want to cherish.  


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The warm welcome and attention of the hotel team will give you the motivation to pursue a better quality of life.

Thanks to cutting-edge medical services, extraordinarily effective treatments, healthy and tasty cuisine and the practice of low-impact physical activities, you will acquire healthy living habits and continue them when you get back home, never to lose them again.


Medical SPA

Since 1982, the mission of the Health Spa in Merano is to help each guest find greater pleasure in living life, with the aim of improving its quality. This is what differentiates them from any other spa. 


The deepest intention is to create a reality that allows you to actually put together what you know, what you should or would like to do, and your daily activities. In the Health Spa you will be "educated" in order to reap all the benefits of truly effective treatments, non-stressful physical activity, a healthy and tasty cuisine and the pleasure of learning the secrets to restoring your mental and physical balance. All this puts you in a position to acquire healthy living habits, so you can continue to benefit from them once you’re back home and never lose them again.

Of one thing you can be certain: in the Health Spa in Merano you'll be given the best effort in everything, to entice you with the magic of a vibrant health. 


Spend relaxing holidays in Villa Eden Retreat practicing the techniques of meditation and discovering the beneficial effects of yoga, an ancient discipline that has a considerable following in Italy and around the world. Every afternoon, from Monday to Saturday, you can participate in classes taught by Villa Eden certified teacher or personalities who choose Villa Eden for its special features.


Yoga will help make your body agile and flexible, reactivate mental faculties and eliminate stress, nervous tension and accumulated toxins. In addition, yoga promotes circulation, has a toning effect and balances the body's functions in order to gain or lose weight according to your individual needs.

You will also be proposed an innovative facelift yoga, a facial gymnastics technique that helps to delay the appearance of signs of aging and to correct minor asymmetries of the face. During your holidays of profound well-being in the most exclusive Italian Leading Park Retreat you can regenerate body and soul thanks to yoga and meditation.


In Villa Eden Merano hotel, guests have access to a spa area with Turkish bath and infrared cabin to achieve deep relaxation in an atmosphere of peace. In addition there is a beauty department, where various types of treatments are proposed. The body treatments offer more firmness and radiance to the skin, while the highly innovative and professional facial treatments give better hydration and a luminous glow to your skin. If you want to experience moments of pure relaxation, you can also swim in the beautiful indoor pool. 


Enjoy a beneficial stay at Villa Eden hotel and spa and leave behind the stress of daily life.  

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