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Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary

Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary

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Spa Resort Sanssouci spreads out in the imminent closeness of the spa center of Karlovy Vary, to which people come from all over the world, mainly for the famous thermal springs. The town, with its famous history, given its name and the privileges of a royal city in 1370 by the Bohemian and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, is nowadays an important cultural and famous social center; besides the balneology, the International Film Festival, Moser brand glass products, Becherovka herbal liquor, Mattoni mineral water, Thun porcelain and the golf paradise have contributed to its fame. It is the main city of the Karlovy Vary Region, and an important traffic artery with an international airport.


Regardless of the season, most visitors stroll along the spa colonnades, with its twelve thermal springs, from which the Thermal Spring is the most potent and warm, with a temperature of 72 ˚C and springing to a height of 12 meters. The quality of these springs has not changed for centuries and, besides its temperature, they only vary from each other by the content of the trace elements and carbon dioxide. 


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The town has been, since 1325, surrounded by romantic forests, in which the rich patrons built, during the last two centuries, many outlook towers, lookout points, pavilions, summer restaurants and promenade paths bordered with monuments, sculptures and memorial plaques of the important visitors of the spa and personalities from Karlovy Vary. The majority of these constructions, including an original Japanese garden, remain preserved nowadays and are connected by many hiking and biking trails.


The Committee of Karlovy Vary’s spa physicians picked 22 trails, recommended to the spa guests within the movement therapy. Besides the physical activity, the strolls also bring mental refreshment thanks to the picturesque views of the spa center with its many architectural jewels. Only around Spa Resort Sanssouci, there are dozens of kilometers of spa trails suitable for the popular Nordic Walking. Even the most demanding visitors can be sure to pick from the wide options of sport and cultural entertainment in this world-famous area.

Comprehensive spa care

The main healing product of the Sanssouci Spa Resort is the complex spa care, based on the utilization of the local natural resources – thermo-mineral water, natural gasses and peloids: peat, fen, and mud. Karlovy Vary’s treating method is focused mainly on the digestive and kinetic systems and metabolism disorders; the drinking cure and using the thermo-mineral water for aqua-therapy procedures are its foundation. It is completed with rehabilitation, physical and kinetic treatment, health education and dietary nutrition. The entire treatment process takes place, ideally, during a 21 to 28 day stay, which then brings guaranteed, long-term results.


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Teams of physicians and physiotherapists provide their guests with maximum care – the guests can use the service of a 24/7 nurse, ask for a consultation with specialists, schedule other consultations, and get help with a choice of wellness and trend procedures at any time, to avoid any health complications during their treatment. A physician decides on the number and type of the procedures a guest will have within the comprehensive spa care based on the entry checkup, and he also recommends the type of recommended diet based on the laboratory results. The nutrition therapist then follows this up with the guest. The comprehensive spa care and the shorter relaxation programmes also include movement activities such as swimming, aqua aerobic, pilates and many others.

For health and beauty

Due to the fact that the comprehensive spa care takes at least 21 days, Spa Resort Sanssouci also offers shorter wellness programs, which are a pleasant form of prevention of civilization diseases.

One of the interesting procedures is, for example, floating, when the guest floats in a solution of salt water as if in weightlessness, a dry carbonic bath which awakes self-healing mechanisms in a body, or a stay in a salt cave with a unique microclimate, positively influencing a human body.


You can try harmonizing baths with additives on your own request – whey, Blue Harmony bath salt, beer or wine extract – which evoke internal balance, nourish and soften up the complexion. A very pleasant cure is, for example, a chocolate wrap, which helps body detoxification and improves the appearance of cellulites. Many relaxation methods, such as soft Indian head massage, shiatsu massage or massage using lava stones, awake regeneration processes in a body and act as stress relievers.


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After completion of the procedures, you might go for swim in the pool with water attractions or go for a walk on the so called Kneipp path. The pebbles on the bottom of the artificial brook, with warm or cold water, beautifully massage soles and the alternating water temperature improves blood circulation. In the free time among the procedures, strolls or sports activities, many women will use the tempting offer of the local beauty salon. However, the modern men know that the beautifying procedures are not just for women anymore.  

Chef’s aria in Opera

The Opera Restaurant serves healthy and balanced meals in form of buffet tables, from which the guests can choose following the recommended type of diet. The tempting specialties of the international cuisine can also be ordered from a menu. The Opera’s guests have, thanks to the so called show kitchen, a unique opportunity to watch as the chefs finalize the selected meal directly in front of them, on their request. These excellent chef’s arias in Opera bring not only a great entertainment, but can also stimulate the appetite.


Meals from high quality, fresh materials are prepared by a chef team of true experts, who were awarded many awards in international gastronomy contests. You can enjoy the magic of the chefs arias in Opera at any time in the company of your friends, relatives or business partners; what do you say?

In healthy life style

The selection in the Charleston and Melody restaurants will enchant all the guests who like balanced and valuable nutrition prepared pursuant to the latest culinary trends. The satisfaction of many boarders at the same time is accomplished in form of buffet tables, which keep the prepared meals, from top quality materials, always fresh and crisp. The guests do not have to wait and can choose a meal exactly as they like. 

The refined environment of both restaurants is, for the guests, also an aesthetic experience, which participates, in important way, in their physical and mental relaxation. It is only up to them whether they will continue to follow the recommendations of the spa physicians and choose from the many meals options marked with the number of the diet, or whether they will leave everything only up to the preference of their taste buds.


A balanced diet is a foundation of health, as stated 2500 years ago by the grandfather of medicine, Hippocrates. His famous sentence “Your nutrition shall be your medicine and your medicine your nutrition” applies even in the present, and the chefs of Spa Resort Sanssouci honestly follow this wisdom.   

Sports activities

The fitness center of Spa Resort Sanssouci is available to its guests for free, as well as the pool with water attractions in the afternoon and evening hours. After your workout, you can use a whirlpool or go to sauna or a steam spa. 

Hotel concierge will gladly organize other hotel and outdoor activities for you: Table tennis, petanque, Nordic Walking, horseback riding, shooting, fishing, skiing, or sightseeing flights. If you like to play golf, you will be excited about the number of quality golf courses in the surroundings.


Besides this, Spa Resort Sanssouci offers, within the Imperial Karlovy Vary Group, services of the modern equipped Sportcentrum Imperial. You can maintain or improve your shape at a gym, where our qualified personnel will, on request, prepare an individual training plan for you and advise you regarding sport nutrition supplements. All year round, the sport hall offers aerobics, pilates, power yoga, body styling, spinning, and belly dancing lessons. You can play tennis even in winter in the roofed inflatable hall, on courts with artificial surface. Sportcentrum Imperial provides trainer services and all the necessary equipment for all offered sports activities; it is only up to you whether you want to chase the football, ride a bike or hold a racquet in your hand.

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