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Traditional Spa with a Modern Heart at Hotel Imperial, Karlovy Vary

Traditional Spa with a Modern Heart at Hotel Imperial, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Imperial has been the flagship of Imperial Karlovy Vary since 1992. Spa care here is based on the exploitation of the natural curative resources of Karlovy Vary with focus on the area of prevention of severe civilisation diseases.   


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Regardless of its numerous awards, Hotel Imperial has never rested on its laurels and it has been continuously exerting maximum effort to satisfy its guests: the hotel is continuously modernizing its facilities and it pays utmost attention to the professional growth of its personnel. It is namely their professionalism and personal approach to the hotel guests that create a unique atmosphere considerably contributing to the outstanding results of spa treatment.

Elegant Comfort

Hotel Imperial offers comfortable and elegant accommodation in Standard, Superior, Suite, Superior Suite and Deluxe Suite standard guestrooms to suit the extended stay of its guests. Hotel services and amenities include, among others, free evening swimming pool and sauna admission, a WiFi connection covering public hotel premises, as well as a large variety of social, cultural, sports, and travel activities secured by the hotel concierge.


The Hot Spring, a thermal mineral spring constituting the essence of the Carlsbad drinking cure, is supplied directly to the hotel. Furthermore, the hotel provides its own Kala drinking cups to its guests, which, in addition to an innovative design, have marks showing the prescribed dosage of thermal mineral water on the inside for both increased comfort and efficiency of the drinking cure. 


Hotel guests may easily reach the nearby Hot Spring Colonnade free of charge by the Imperial funicular or by shuttle busses, nevertheless, professionals do, of course, recommend walks. Without a doubt, the hotel guests are lured to take a walk in the enchanting corners of the carefully maintained hotel park, which serves for active relaxation of both the spa guests and the wide public. Moreover, the magnificent view of the city or of the picturesque valley of the Teplá River is a truly unforgettable experience.

Premium Spa Care

The colourful balneological centre of Hotel Imperial has been reconstructed in 2007 into one of the most state-of-the-art spa facilities in Karlovy Vary. Throughout their stay, maximum care is provided to clients by a team of spa physicians and therapists.


Hotel guests may seek assistance of a nurse 24 hours a day, they may arrange a consultation with a physician, or request the summoning of a medical council. All our physicians have the required attestations in all fundamental fields of medicine and they have longtime experience in balneology, rehabilitation, as well as physiatrics. 

The physiotherapists are highly skilled in both classic and modern methods of treatment and they are continuously familiarizing with innovations in their field, just as qualified masseurs and spa assistants. 


The number and type of spa procedures prescribed to the hotel guests within comprehensive spa care are always decided by the attending physician who, based on the results of the entry medical examination and laboratory tests, also recommends a suitable diet. In this respect, clients are subsequently attended by a nutrition therapist who may teach them to prepare diet meals themselves, if necessary.


The main objective of the treatment is not to prohibit anything but to encourage the clients to continue in their healthy lifestyle, which, in addition to a balanced diet, also includes sufficient exercise and relaxation to eliminate stress when they return home. Apart from prescribed spa procedures, the hotel guests may purchase additional procedures or above-standard treatment subject to a consultation with their physician.

The Carlsbad treatment method utilises the abundant local natural resources of thermal mineral water, natural gases, and peloids, i.e. mud, peat and bog. It is complemented with curative rehabilitation, physical and motion therapy, medical education and a diet regime. 


It mainly focuses on diseases of the digestive and locomotive system, and on metabolic disorders. Its fundamentals include the drinking cure and the utilisation of thermal mineral water for baths and other procedures. The treatment itself triggers adaptation mechanism inherent in the human body, whereby it gradually reconfigures biorhythms and brings mental relief. Ideally, the overall process should extend over a period from 21 to 28 days, in which case, it brings guaranteed results of a long-term nature. 


Hotel Imperial also offers shorter 7-day fitness and relaxation programs that represent a pleasant form of effective prevention of civilisation diseases.

Kitchen Show

We all know that a balanced and nutritional diet is fundamental for our health. However, not all of us are able to prepare and eat it without rush in our everyday busy lives. During their stay at Hotel Imperial, guests have the unique opportunity of watching what such a diet comprises and how it is prepared. How is that possible? The Restaurant Prague offers a regular Kitchen Show so called an open kitchen facilitating direct communication of the chefs with the guests. The show is not only entertaining for the guests but also educational, and it can marvellously stimulate their appetite.  


The appetite of the large number of guests is also satisfied by buffet tables equipped with units that keep the food prepared from first-rate ingredients fresh and delicious. The guests do not need to wait and they may select a meal according to their taste. It depends solely on them whether they will follow their physician‘s recommendation and choose from a variety of meals marked by the number of their diet. They can consult their choice with a nutrition therapist who is available at the restaurant. 

Sports Activities

To guests keen on sports, Hotel Imperial offers services of the modernly equipped Sportcentrum Imperial. You keep fit or improve your physical condition in the fitness room where the staff will readily prepare your individual training plan according to your wish and give you advice on suitable supplements and sports nutrition.  


All year round fitness rooms host group physical exercise lessons (e.g. Aerobic, Step Aerobic, Pilates, Bosu, T -Bow, Flowin, Kettlebells, Core, Oriental dances and much, much more). Moreover, you can play tennis throughout winter in the inflatable tennis hall on tennis courts with artificial surface. You are also welcome to try a ricochet court or a bouldering wall. There are also a vertical and horizontal tanning booths. Coaching services and necessary equipment are secured by the Sportcentrum Imperial for all offered activities and it is only up to you to decide whether you wish to chase a soccer ball, ride a bike, or hit the ball with a racquet. After a physically demanding session you will most likely appreciate our bar service where you can buy cold and warm drinks and small snacks. 


The hotel swimming pool with water attractions, a whirlpool and a sauna is freely accessible to the hotel guests in the afternoon and evenings. The hotel concierge will readily arrange additional hotel or outdoor activities for you: table tennis, petanque, Nordic walking, horse riding, shooting, fishing, skiing or sightseeing flights. If you are keen golfers, you will be certainly pleased by the number of high -quality golf courses in the surroundings. Experienced golfers who seek challenging courses and sophisticated traps, as well as beginners who wish to improve their technique in less difficult terrain will undoubtedly come into their own. 


The Golf Resort Karlovy Vary, for example, has already become a golf legend – it has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years and over the years of its existence, it has hosted a number of prestigious events and well-known prominents. If you are lucky, you will see the protected European suslik running among the holes on the famous green.

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