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Grandhotel Pupp - Comfort You Deserve

Grandhotel Pupp - Comfort You Deserve

Grandhotel Pupp - a world-renowned hotel, can be found in the similarly well-known spa city of Carlsbad. Over three centuries of proud history, exceptional guests, and first-class services make the Grandhotel Pupp unique on a global scale.

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The spa, the largest and best known in the Czech Republic, was founded around 1350.Twenty years later, the community was granted the status of a town by Emperor Charles IV. Karlovy Vary is a place of healing springs, beautiful architecture set within beautiful natural surroundings. There are about 100 hot springs of varying strength found in the town, twelve of which have been used for therapeutic purposes since the early 19th century. The temperature of the springs ranges from 42 °C to 72 °C. The symbol and pulsing heart of the spa is the “Vřídlo” spring, which spouts water to a height of 15 metres.

The Karlovy Vary spa offers traditional treatments for diseases of the digestive tract and metabolic disorders - diabetes, obesity, liver and gallbladder diseases, periodontitis and musculoskeletal disorders. Its major sights include the Municipal Theatre, the Mill Colonnade, the Church of St Mary Magdalene and the Russian Orthodox Church of Sts Peter and Paul. Like other European spa towns, Karlovy Vary is waiting for official inclusion on the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites.

Grandhotel Pupp story

The history of the Grandhotel Pupp dates back to 1701. In that year, the mayor of the town ordered the construction of the Saxon Hall; over time, more buildings were added and their further development is now synonymous with the name Pupp. Confectioner Johann Georg Pupp of Veltrusy arrived in Karlovy Vary in the service of Count Chotek in 1760. He showed his business talent in managing the Bohemian Hall and founding the renowned Pupp Avenue. The next generations of Pupps followed his legacy; the boom of the Grandhotel Pupp culminated with the purchase of the Eye of God House, which was added to the complex in 1936. Today the hotel embodies the atmosphere of the “good old times”. Even at first sight, it impresses with monumental crystal chandeliers, Art Nouveau stucco and rare paintings. The Festive Hall boasts a stained-glass ceiling designed by Alfons Mucha and a large concert organ. 


Over the years, the atmosphere and hospitality of the Grandhotel Pupp has enchanted many famous celebrities, politicians, writers and artists. The list of people who stayed here includes the German poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang Goethe, composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner and Antonín Dvořák, writer Franz Kafka and the Art Nouveau master Alfons Mucha. The Festive Hall hosted concerts by the violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Grandhotel Pupp nowadays

In two connected buildings, River Side and Park Side, the Grandhotel Pupp complex offers 228 rooms in the categories of Comfort, Superior, Superior Plus, Junior Suite, Premier Suite and Apartment.  

The ground floor of the hotel features restaurants, a café, bars, a boutique zone and a hairdressing salon. Becher’s Bar and the Pupp Casino Club provide entertainment in the evening.  


The Festive Hall of the Grandhotel Pupp and ten variable lounges offer exclusive facilities for your trainings, seminars, conferences and other company events, weddings or family celebrations.  

 Pupp Royal Spa wellness centre

From April 2013 the Grandhotel Pupp has been welcoming guests to the new Pupp Royal Spa wellness centre with pool and saunas. The complex includes a modern fitness centre as well as a private Royal Spa Suite with whirlpool, massage tables, sauna and a relaxation zone. It’s an honour to build on the traditions of the Pupp generations and to found a new one, the tradition of the Pupp Royal Spa.  


At its new premises, the Pupp Royal Spa offers an extended range of treatments, from traditional procedures based on the natural bounty of Karlovy Vary and the region to modern massages and beauty treatments. Spa treatments provided at Karlovy Vary include carbon dioxide, pearl, mineral and mud baths, dry carbon dioxide baths, mud wraps and hydrocolon therapies as well as inhalations, oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage and naturally also massages. An integral part of spa stays is the traditional drinking cure of Karlovy Vary, prescribed by a physician after an initial consultation.


Since the very beginning, the CULINARY SERVICES of the Grandhotel Pupp have merited the use of capital letters. A team of experienced chefs and confectioners prepares selected Czech and international specialties for guests of the Grandrestaurant and other gastronomic centres as well as for the guests of events at the Grandhotel Pupp; the hotel also provides catering services to aeroplanes and events held outside its premises. In addition to the standing offer, the menu of the Grandrestaurant always includes a current seasonal selection and sommeliers will recommend wines from the hotel’s extensive cellars. First-class service is guaranteed.


 There quite possibly hasn’t been a single famous guest of Karlovy Vary who did not visit the Café Pupp. 

The confectionary tradition is where it all began, and the Grandhotel Pupp is still proud of its sweet treats. The most popular is the Pupp cake, closely followed by the chocolate cake with cherries and the rest of the rich offer. Karlovy Vary spa wafers of the exclusive Grandhotel Pupp variety cannot be bought anywhere else than in our café. The pleasant atmosphere, comfortable seating, excellent coffee and the genius loci of the café are sure to delight you. 


An ideal evening begins with a cocktail in the unique Becher’s Bar. This evening bar in a classic Old English style can be found in the pleasant environment of the Grandhotel Pupp basement. Every day, the enjoyment of our guests is complemented by live music, letting you dance the night away until the morning hours. And a special tip: Midnight Pupp Cocktail

Grandhotel Pupp and golf

It is no coincidence that the Grandhotel Pupp is often called a golfer’s hotel. The name Pupp and golf are historically connected. Together with the Karlovy Vary Fencing Club, the Pupp family was the founder of the first golf course in Karlovy Vary - Březová in 1904. Today, Grandhotel Pupp offers rounds at the Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně, Astoria Golf Resort Cihelna and Golf Resort Karlovy Vary, considered the most beautiful in Europe.  


The hotel took part in the renovation of the 18-hole course of the Golf Resort Karlovy Vary and the elegant clubhouse building, which houses the luxury Gold Restaurant operated by the Grandhotel Pupp.

Grandhotel Pupp and cinematography

Every year in early July, the Grandhotel Pupp becomes the centre of the famous Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Film celebrities and fans of the silver screen fill up the hotel to the very last bed. The long list of its guests includes names such as Morgan Freeman, Gregory Peck, Sharon Stone, Robert Redford, John Malkovich, Antonio Banderas, Jude Law, Renée Zellweger, Susan Sarandon and many others who fell in love with the unique atmosphere of the hotel. 

The Grandhotel Pupp, however, not only hosts movie celebrities - it has featured in many films, too, including the James Bond adventure Casino Royale. The building appears in the film as the Hotel Splendide, and sequences shot in Karlovy Vary (or “Montenegro” in the story) are part of the film’s special atmosphere. Exterior shots, dramatic moments at the hotel reception desk and action scenes in the car park have inspired many guests to stay at the Grandhotel Pupp. 


If you’re looking for other films in which the Grandhotel Pupp played no small part, you shouldn’t miss Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. Gérard Depardieu as the chef will take you through the gastronomic kingdom of the Grandhotel Pupp. The film is a unique opportunity to look “behind the scenes” into the kitchen and other parts of the hotel not usually seen by guests.

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