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360° Wellness in the Mountains: Luna Wellness Hotel

360° Wellness in the Mountains: Luna Wellness Hotel

Luna Wellness Hotel is situated in Folgarida in Val di Sole,very closed the renowned Madonna di Campiglio at about 1300mt of height, surrounded from the charming Dolomiti di Brenta. 


You must come here to get exciting and pleasant holidays, either a romantic weekend on the Dolomiti of Brenta or a pleasant moment to dedicate to yourself in Kokun SPA, in couple or in family during the white weeks in the winter and sport weeks in summer in Val di Sole. 


At Luna Wellness Hotel, wellness is not only a massage, an aestetic treatment or a short instant of happiness. Luna “modus vivendi” is the emotion that they try to create for the guests that with semplicity surrounds every aspect of daily life.


When you are here - gather the simple beauty of things, live intense moments of peace, joy, entertainment and satisfaction, everything you like doing. It’s the only true and good way to feel good. 


The Spa proposes different facilities: swimming pool for children and adults, a relaxing zone where you can use the sauna, have emotional shower, a Turkish bath and Kneipp path.  


If you’d like to practise some sports or you are an hopeless lazy, if you prefer to let you pamper by a relaxing massage or tasting flavours always new.

Ski tips

In the winter season there is a lot of different skiing slopes. It is a perfect place for your skiing holiday. SkiareaMadonne di Compiglo is one of the biggest carousel in Europe, which is more than 150 kilometres long. Folgarida is a great place with loads of different facilities, such as there is a lot of ski rent places, where you can rent skiing equipment, many bars and restaurants.

There are few skiing schools for adults and children. Snowshoes are provided and  truly a unique experience, that brings those that participate in this adventure back to the past when snowshoes were the only way for people that lived in the mountains to move about during the winter, especially when there was a heavy snowfall.

 Summer tips

At the summer season Folgarida have many facilities too just like fishing up the river or in the lake up at the mountains rafting, canoe and kayak and much more. 

You can get to the river so easily by travelling with your bicycle or rent one at the place. You can have nice walks close to the mountains and get some fresh air from our lovely nature. There are many guests coming over just to watch the natural preparation of the ingredients that used for cooking, such as the milk and butter. It is a lovely place to visit and have a relax holidays in the summer time.  

Useful information
  • You mau use a garage in summer seasons, but in the winter times the hotel for etra payment provides a place where your car is parked safe at all times. 
  • At winter season, LWH offer a skiing wardrobe for every single room and provide the heating for the skiing boots.  
  • At the summer seasonLWH does offer the garage for the bicycle and a free corner for the wash and the repair.

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