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Iceland Northern Lights at ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Iceland Northern Lights at ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

ION is designed to inspire, revitalize and allow guests to escape the mundane. Inside and out, guests are surrounded by a visual symphony inspired by Icelandic cultural heritage, contemporary artisans and the unique characteristics of the land and its people.

ION is situated in Nesjavellir, 40 kilometers away from downtown Reykjavik.  

In the Land of Fire & Ice  

Craggy rock land, glimmering lakes, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir National Park make for an escapologist’s dream retreat like no other, with plenty of headspace for one’s inner-hermit and plenty of exploration opportunities for the outdoor adventurer. 


An abandoned inn turned design hotel. ION Adventure Hotel is where modern design meets Iceland’s incomparable natural landscape. Situated near a national crossroad making the hotel accessible to various parts of the country, ION is conveniently located to offer guests the best of Iceland. 

From the volcanic marvels of Mount Hengill to the urban sophistication of Reykjavik nearby, the unique landscape plays a pivotal role in the rich design of the hotel, which leans heavily on sustainable practices and the natural features of the island.   

Silfra Restaurant 


At ION’s Silfra Restaurant and Northern Lights Bar we offer a menu of fresh local ingredients served with a twist and accompanied by an array of beers, liqueurs and spirits from Iceland’s many microbreweries. Silfra restaurant embodies the local flavor and spirit of Iceland, offering seasonal and contemporary dishes with an emphasis on sustainable, farm-fresh ingredients from our close surroundings. 

Northern Lights Bar 

ION Northern Lights Bar is a unique place to experience the night sky. The floor to ceiling windows and the comfortable lounge area gives you the perfect spot to experience the views over the dramatic landscapes and the night sky. 


The Northern Lights Bar offers magnificent panoramic views of Lake Thingvellir and the Northern Lights in the winter. Perfect for an evening coffee or a late night cocktail before going to the Lava Spa. 


All bedrooms provide unobstructed unique views. The bathrooms are equipped with water saving shower systems. All rooms have king-size, hypo allergenic and comfortable beds with fair-trade organic linens. 


In the rooms you will find organic soaps and lotions made from handpicked Icelandic herbs, iPad with hotel information and an espresso machine. The furniture is made from natural materials such as driftwood and Icelandic lava stones. 

Lava Spa 


ION’s Lava Spa seamlessly connects its interior to the outdoors through a series of textural transitions designed to help guests peel away from urban stress. From the entry way, through naturally adorned treatment area out onto the wooden deck of a lovely 10 meter long hot tub that continually flows like a river. 


Iceland is known for volcanic activity and no matter if you are hovering above a volcanic crater in helicopter or descending 120 meters into one, you will be amazed. Footsteps away, towering over ION is Mt. Hengill, a dormant volcano surrounded by dramatic landscape, geothermal areas, diverse vegetation, rivers and lakes. 


Glaciers and ice caps cover approx. 11% of the island were ever-changing formation of outlet glaciers make them wondrous to explore on foot or climb. To reach ice caves or glaciers peaks a super jeep or snowmobiles rides are exhilarating. 


Because of its geological position, Iceland has the unique conditions needed to generate geothermal energy. Signature tours designed to explore Iceland’s most powerful geothermal hot spots, with all the versatility Icelandic nature offers.


Geothermal hot springs and pools are rejuvenating bathing spots while water sports on glacial rivers are great to get the adrenaline pumping. Lakes and fissures, like Silfra rift and Lake Kleifarvatn are magical snorkeling and dive sites. Silfra is a glacial fissure in a rift between continents and its full spectrum and the clarity of Silfra make is an otherworldly scene. 

Northern Lights


ION Hotel offers the perfect conditions, for magical Northern Lights show because of its remote location. Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon found in the northern hemisphere that can be truly awe inspiring.

Midnight Sun  

From mid-May until mid-July, the skies blaze in super-shades of pink, red and yellow as the sun never goes lower than 6° below the horizon – making the skies bright all night. At summer solstice, 20. - 21. June, the sun doesn’t set and is visible for the full 24 hours.


Only 4 km away from ION is one of the most popular fishing spots in Iceland, Lake Thingvellir. The brown trout in the lake can reach incredible size and it’s not uncommon to catch a 20-30 pound (9-14 kg.) brown trout. If you’re lucky enough to catch an arctic char the chefs will be happy to prepare it for the guests as sashimi or cooked dinner.


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