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Beyond your Expectations: Unparalleled Thermal Springs Exclusively at NG Afyon

Beyond your Expectations: Unparalleled Thermal Springs Exclusively at NG Afyon

NG Afyon Wellness &Convention is located at the junction of Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian regions linking to Afyon city in Turkey. The five star property is Turkeys biggest exclusive thermal hotel with its 428 elegant rooms and 9500m² Spa center.


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Thermal springs

We are very happy to introduce you to the unparalleled thermal springs, truly a gift from nature that flows underground at NG Afyon hotel.Exclusively accessible at the property, the thermal spring water is colorless, odorless and highly mineral enriched. Moreover, very little natural water is needed to make it lukewarm, so the thermal spring water loses very little of its mineral content.


Information about and use of thermal springs for thousands of years has been documented in history. Although Turkey is ranked first in Europe and seventh worldwide for its thermal springs, unfortunately the use of thermal springs is mainly perceived as a therapeutic solution for illnesses. As a result, in Turkey “thermal culture” has progressed in the wrong direction.


Yet, mainly in Japan and Europe among other countries, thermal springs are utilized before the onset of illnesses as a preventative method. In other words, the goal of thermal spring treatments is to assist in preventing illnesses. As a result, it is recommended that thermal spring treatments begin in adolescence, specifically during the teen years.


No matter how effective thermal springs are at treating illnesses, let’s not forget that thermal spring treatments are also essential pre-illnesses. Instead of using medicine, routine thermal spring treatments are an indispensable need for your body and soul to preserve your health, well-being, vitality and stress levels.


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Watch your progress

Before you start your thermal experience carefully examine your skin so that you could notice your progress better. There are some simple advise you must follows to understand your body and soul start rejuvenation:
- Examine your skin daily during your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Every passing day, you will notice that your skin is more vibrant and firmer.
- Recall your regular sleep pattern before you started your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Notice your daily sleep patterns after you started your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Each passing day you will realize that your sleep patterns have improved.
- How did you feel before you started your NG thermal springs treatments?
- Notice how you started feeling each day after your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Each passing day, you will feel much more lively and re-energized.
- Recall your stress level before you started your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Observe your stress level each day during your NG thermal springs treatments.
- Each passing day you will notice that your stress levels are lower and if you have had enough treatments, you will notice that you no longer suffer from stress.


For those who want to age gracefully and maintain their youth with NG Thermal Springs
Because of the qualities of the NG thermal springs, the potential for treatments for “thermal wellness” by healthy individuals as a preventative measure to improve their general well-being is quite high versus the “classic hot springs-thermal treatment” healing approach.


For firmer and revitalized skin, NG thermal springs treatments are also beneficial for all your beauty needs.
- Practical and physical care for the health and well-being of the skin and body: For skin and body treatments.
- Anti-Aging Treatments: Preventative care for a healthier and active life in your advanced years.
- Anti-Stress Treatments: Relaxing and soothing care to relieve stress and emotional distress.
- Health Preservation and Enrichment Treatments: To enrich and preserve your general well-being before the onset of illnesses.
- Metabolic Health Treatments: To control and stabilize diabetes, cholesterol and protein metabolism related problems.
- Rejuvenation Treatments: To rejuvenate and re-energize your body and soul from the effects of extreme fatigue, exhaustion and weariness.

Health benefits

Rheumatism Ailments
- Arthritis: knees, hips, abdomen, neck and overall calcifications
- Inflammatory rheumatism
- Soft tissue (muscles) rheumatism

Musculoskeletal Disorders
- Lacerations and fractures
- Post orthopedic surgery
- Lumbar and neck pain
- Shoulder muscle spasms

Skin Diseases
- Psoriasis
- Eczema
- Acne

Nervous System
- Sciatica, painful nerve-ending contractions
- Post stroke period

Metabolism and Hormonal Disorders
- Diabetes
- Gout
- Lipid abnormalities (cholesterol) support
- Protein metabolism support

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