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Kurumba Maldives: Maldives in Full Color

Kurumba Maldives: Maldives in Full Color

The very first private island resort in the Maldives. Kurumba draws on its proud history, charismatic character and heartfelt service, to offer compelling and diverse experiences amid a stunning island setting. Just 10 minutes by speedboat from the airport and Malé.


The ripple of the waves as you speed across the ocean. The bustle of Malé fades to a whisper. Anticipation builds. Your heart pounds faster. The island appears. Green everywhere. Brilliant white beaches. Dazzling blue. There is space for everyone. You feel the smiles before you see them. Enticing aromas and culinary adventures. Stories of the early days. Enjoying the company of others or the bliss of pure solitude. Completely yourself, fully at ease. 


Follow the pathways through lush foliage. An island with plentiful beachfront views, ease of access to every destination, vast private space. Secluded sanctuaries, steps from the shoreline. Rich woods and high ceilings. Earthy hues with a touch of colour. A classic contemporary design filled with character and thoughtful touches. Nine styles of accommodation to choose from. Spacious multi-level residences. Villas with private pool. Adjoining rooms, perfect for sharing. Whether romantic retreat or family adventure. A space to call your own. 


A wealth of wine&dine options dot the island. Wholesome breakfasts, playful Maldivian lunches. Unhurried all-day dining by the shimmering pool. Comfort foods and bold, authentic flavours. Choose from juicy burgers, fresh sashimi, hearty Italian, savoury Northern Indian spices. Options to suit each and every mood. Evenings begin with cool ocean ambience. Creative cocktails and fine vintages punctuate the festivities. Look forward to unforgettable nights at the karaoke bar. A heartfelt atmosphere, carefree thrills, fond memories that last.


The island unveils its riches. Lounge all day on soft, powdery beach. Tomorrow, the same brilliant white seen from the deck of a catamaran. Plunge beneath the surface, discover worlds of vibrant colour inhabited by majestic creatures. Endless moments of bliss in Veli Spa. Fun yet educational activities for the kids, guilt-free play time for adults. Local cultural excursions to wondrous locations. The blue atoll, from a seaplane. Unplanned thrills. Spontaneous excitement where you least expect it. Relaxation and adventure, in just the right amounts. 


Water Sports: The speedboat driver glances back with a broad grin. Then the roar of engines. Hang on for dear life. Laughter and shrieks of excitement fill the air. A rainbow spray of water. Cutting through the waves, free as a bird. Paddle across the atoll in a kayak. Ride a strong gust on a clear morning. Balance on a catamaran. Parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing. So many ways to soar. 


Diving: PADI certified instructors initiate you into one of the Maldives’ premier dive spots. Millions of years of coral growth. Schools of playful fish. They part in great clouds as you go deeper. Shafts of sunlight from above. Impossible colours. Then something larger. Goosebumps on your arms, a reef shark glides by. An island that teems with life above and below the water.


Excursions: The glint of dolphin fin beneath the waves, a sunset cruise. Tranquil picnics on a remote sandbank. Weathered smiles of locals, sharing their wisdom. They teach you coconut crafts and the secrets of native plants. The excitement of Malé, a walk through a bustling market. Flashes of sea life from a glass bottom boat. Vibrant colours, unending discovery.


Majaa Kids’ Club Leave the kids in good hands, enjoy your stay stress-free. A spacious recreation centre, built for fun. The team’s winning smiles, naturally gifted with the little ones. Pick them up in the evening, bursting with stories of today’s lessons. Traditional handicrafts, beachfront games, new discoveries. They share their treasures, crafted with local materials. Beg you to take them again tomorrow. 


Majaa Recreation: Incredible activities, every day. Fast-paced tennis, youthful games. Walks with Kurumba’s horticulturalist, cooking classes with the in-house chef. Learn painting with a professional painter or cocktail mixing with a mixologist. Extensive facilities with endless ways to amuse. Time for yourself, quality moments with family, friends and loved ones.


Veli Spa Waves of energy from the Maldives’ vibrant culture, gentle ocean currents, abundant marine life. Veli Spa channels the living, breathing vibe of Kurumba into deep healing rituals. Timeless moments of relaxation.


Tinctures from over a hundred plants and minerals. Enjoy the exclusive Dhivehi Beys (Maldivian treatments) and the possibility of outdoor treatments in the dedicated pagoda. Rhythmic techniques capture the island’s spirit. Restore your body’s equilibrium, experience tranquility. 


Spa Under the Stars:  Memorable moments await you, just beyond the sunset. Surrender yourself to a golden cowry shell massage using warm Maldivian coconut oil. A divine head massage completes the healing. 


Wind down with champagne & chocolate-dipped fruits, as you are left together to wonder at the stars on the beach. A bespoke journey in a gorgeous setting, for romantic couples. 


Witness the flow of mind and body, aware of every breath. Inhale the fresh island air. Out on the beach, to a glittering ocean backdrop. Veli Spa Yoga Pavilion. Exhale slowly as your muscles relax. The path to inner peace, with the expert guidance of our inhouse yogi. 


Yoga for Beginners: If you are new to Yoga, this introduction is perfect for you. This session will include some easy postures, breathing exercises and meditation.
Sunrise & Sunset Yoga: Enjoy the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun while practicing yoga on the beach, either as the sun rises or as it sets. No experience necessary and all skill levels welcome. This session will include asana's (poses), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. 


Power Yoga: This dynamic yoga is for those who wish for more of a workout. The poses are performed without stopping and are combined with yogic breathing. 
Yoga Nindra (Yogic Sleep): Yoga Nindra is the extremely deep relaxation of the nervous system and healing of the body by allowing it to rest and recharge. This practice is done in the lying position. 
Pranayama (Breathing): The technique of Pranayama is used to measure, control and direct the breath. The aim behind the technique is to restore and maintain the health of a person, while increasing the capacity of the lungs and directing more oxygen to the body as a whole. 
Meditation: Meditation is the art of focusing your complete attention in one area that leads you to a state of peace and harmony. 


Pre Natal Yoga: Pre natal yoga is the art of focusing your complete attention in one area that leads you to a state of peace and harmony. 
Yoga for Back Pain: This sequence is very safe for people with back issues and can help to alleviate pain when done regularly. 
Yoga for Stress: By practicing simple and easy yogic techniques, the body and mind begin to work in harmony making for a healthier and stress free life.


 When you are here every moment counts!

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