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Detox and Fasting in Kitzbühel

Detox and Fasting in Kitzbühel

Healthy lifestyle can now be enjoyed at a truly health-giving hotel resort that addresses all those issues that are unfortunately becoming ever more prevalent in our modern age, where our environment is having an ever-greater negative impact on our health. The resort is a place where you can not only switch off, unwind, prevent or treat burnouts as well as eat more consciously and healthily, but also experience the joys of base fasting, which has the glorious effect of detoxing and cleansing the body as well as helping you lose weight.



The Q! Resort in Kitzbühel is an oasis of health – but not one where you have to forgo any of life’s little comforts. As well as being a health resort and spa, as its name suggests, it is also the town’s first-ever certified “organic hotel”. It has also been acclaimed and accredited with the “Fasten fürGenießer” quality seal.


The expertise of the hotel’s chef, Bibiana Loock, is tailor-made for the guests, who can enjoy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. A range of gourmet menus – for example, for those not taking part in base fasting – is also available. These can be enjoyed in a cosy “wooden lodge” atmosphere, where guests can either choose between a selection of fish and meat dishes, or create their own personal menu with a mixture of vegan, vegetarian and gourmet cuisine.


And if you are seeking some of the glamour offered by Kitzbühel and its exclusive shopping experience, you can reach the town centre in just ten minutes with a stroll along the romantic Kitzbühler Ache.

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The health and well-being trend is booming. Taking better care of yourself is important when you’re on holiday, too. Therapeutic fasting at the Q! Resort makes this trend even more appealing. Bibiana Loock: “At our resort, health is the primary concern – especially for people who are feeling increasingly exhausted and worn out, or who are at risk of burnout syndrome. This is why it is also becoming increasingly important to take better care of ourselves, our friends and our colleagues. We are already even seeing many 30-year-olds suffering from stress- and environment-related effects. One way you can take time out, switch off, feel good and unwind is by enjoying mealtimes in peace and quiet – a skill that many people with busy jobs and hectic lives really have to re-learn!”


Radical therapeutic fasting does not mean that everyone staying at the Q! Resort has to take part in base fasting or is served just a plate of fruit and vegetables. As the health-conscious hotel chef and yoga expert says: “Visual appeal is an important part of the dining experience – even during fasting, your food should still be a treat for the eyes, too. It was a challenge for our kitchen to combine this philosophy with gourmet cuisine as well.” But it works!


More and more people have excess toxins in their bodies – whether due to bad diets or stress. This is why cleansing and detoxing at the Q! Resort starts with a questionnaire about your normal eating habits, followed by an around three-day transition period – after which you will begin to feel a little better every day. And when guests leave the resort, they are given tips to take home with them, such as setting aside one day in the week as “base fasting day” and taking the time to switch off properly at home. Hotel chef Bibiana Loock: “The nicest thing is always seeing our guests leave the resort looking radiant!”

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