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Beach & Lake Ayurvedic Resort

Beach & Lake Ayurvedic Resort

The Beach & Lake is a privately owned Ayurvedic Resort, 8 kms south of Trivandrum International Airport. It’s nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Karamana river, situated on an island, blessed by nature.


The concept of ayurvedic resort dawned on us in the late nineties and evolved into what it is, at present. In the process of edifying came the thought of combining ayurveda with yoga for its purity in its art, thus the formation of the yoga retreat under the guidance of a renowned guru, a member of the yoga world congress.  


Ayurveda doctors and therapists are passionate and experienced for helping you achieve your health goals. The newly built ayurveda unit has traditional structure and positive energy. It is surrounded by a herbal garden!  

Complete healing

The local experts use all relevant Vedic healing systems in order to help you achieve your ideal health.  While they use herbs, nutrition and most therapies from Ayurveda, they also use yoga to integrate your mind and body as well as certain therapies from Kalari Payattu for deeper healing

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda is a health science, the oldest and most complete healing system known today. The word Ayurveda, derived from 2 sanskrit terms, literally means: the knowledge of life. At the heart of Ayurveda lies the concepts such as agni, balam, tri-gunas, tri-doshas, pancha-bhutas, sapta-dhaatus, shat-kalas and tri-malas.


These concepts are to understand an individual to the deepest level so that the most accurate health program can be prescribed. India’s Sages prescribed Ayurveda several millennia ago andit is now gaining in popularity throughout the West, as its systems are more relevant than ever in treating the diseases of the modern age. This holistic treatment involves various types of massage and oil applications, inhalations, diet, and natural medicines as required. Treatment plans are as individual as people.

Yoga therapy

Yoga is  an important part of mind-body science. Being a total integrated system, studies man in his wholeness - body, mind and spirit. Conceived by the great sages such as Patanjali and Atmarama in their quest for self-exploration, Yoga was conceived as one of the six systems. Nothing is more likely to provide all-round health and balance than the practice of the traditional yoga sasthra.  


Yoga ensures complete health of the whole person - environment and individual. Yoga is an eight-fold path to final liberation from pain and suffering. These steps progressively take us to the highest state of creativity, of discriminative knowledge and towards attaining the desired perfection. 

Kalari payattu therapy

Kalari-payattu is the martial art form of Kerala, south India. Kalaripayattu means martial art training or official fight was evolved during the 9th century. The training is conducted in an underground space that is lit by oil lamps. The warrior clan of Kerala, Nair community practiced Kalari Payattu. The master - gurukkal - teaches the art and practice early in the morning at around 3am for several hours. 


Karate and Kungfu are believed to have originated from Kalaripayattu when Bodhi Dharma took the art of Kalaripayattu to China. This martial art is as much a spiritual discipline, as it is physical. Kalaripayattu is basically a philosophical system aiming to nurture a precise way of 'non-violent life' far from any form of aggression and structural more towards introspective self-analysis and self-control. The final goal of a kalari practitioner is not just to know exactly all the techniques of defence and offence or the proper use of the various weapons, but also to overcome and rationally tame the anger and any kind of impulsive and violent behaviour, which can have extremely dangerous effects on one and others. Kalaripayattu helps the students in character build up, self-confidence and adoptability to circumstances. Kalaripayattu helps systemize the flow of energy in the body. 


Stay in the breathtaking, picturesque waterfront! If its not water, it will be lush green coconut plantation! If you are not watching canoes, you will be enjoying the sight of fish, fishermen and fishing boat! IF you are not amazed at starry sky you will be indulging in the continuous scenes of setting sun or moon! 

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