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Long Life with Grand Hotel Terme

Long Life with Grand Hotel Terme

Castrocaro Terme is one of the spas in the region of Emilia Romagna.Terme di Castrocaro has benn famous for more than 150 years. Local water and mud treatments are very effective for respiratory diseases, blood circulation disorders, skin diseases and gynaecological, aldo diseases of the skeletal muscle.Castrocaro Terme has been given the first category by Italian Ministry of Health, which once again confirms the uniqueness of local waters.


The Spa is surrounded by two large parks for walks and sports.Within the Spa there are twopools and also the rehabilitation center, where you can take the course of cleansing of the organism, the basis of whichis local water and healing properties of modern methods.

Grand Hotel Terme & Spa in Castrocaro

The thermal baths of Castrocaro is composed by the historical and elegant Grand Hotel Terme with 117 comfortable, bright, modern and spacious rooms for those who enjoy and appreciate the art of good living. This Hotel is surrounded by a large park of 8 hectares, offers its guests SPA services of high class for a modern and comfortable stay.


This is an example of art deco style, which has preserved original decor of t he 30s . The Palace built in 1939, was restored in 2012. The luxurious furnishing and facilities (the marble bathrooms and Murano glass) surprise in good senseeven to the most discerning guest.


The first floor there is the beauty/cosmetic booths, even here you can go first class massages such as: ayurveda, hot stone, bamboo, hindi, lomi-lomi or anti-aging facial treatmen. On the first floor there is the path politermalecon the thermal steam Grotto, steam bath, sauna, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, knaipp path, vascular program includes the relaxation areas, herbal teas.


The pool deserves special attention. The pool with warm water, water has a temperature equal to body temperature (+36°С). Along the entire perimeter of the pool there is a whirlpool. From the first minute there you will understandas every muscle in the body gets relaxed, problems vanish, and the body restores its forces. By the way, if «swimming» regularly in this pool, it takes oneweek to forget what is cellulite.


The vascular program is intended for those who have vascular problems. During a half an hour of the treatmentyou willwalk. The different composition of the water and the temperature varies from 26 to 35°С. Walking foot massage is done by improving the circulation, it trains the blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure.

In the end it is a pleasure to have a Turkish bath with aromatherapy, which helps to detoxify the body from toxins, improves the tone of the body and state of health and mood.


Regardless of how many days are done at the clinic of Well Being, one or ten, you will manage to relax, disconnec from everything and restore yourr health. Pictorial nature of Italy will help!

Long Life Formula

"Man is programmed to live 180 years, if you do not get to this age, the cause must be sought in feed not correct, lifestyles and inadequate in the environment that accelerate aging" – these words of the American scientist Robert Gallo are at the base of Long Life Formula method of M M.


Long Life Formula is a unique and innovative method, devised by GVM Care & Research aimed at improving the quality and life expectancy, through early identification of risk factors.Long Life Formula is a path of total wellness, from the health check for programming of specific treatments tailored to each customer based on the latest technology within the clinic of Well Being, Castrocaro Terme.During the stay in the clinic of Well Being, guests are informed about proper diet, on education for posture and gait, which is very important for good health, it is also physically inactive at the open area.


The clinic of Well Being of Castrocaro Terme is one of the best in the field of SPA treatments for both body and face.General check-ups are performed by detecting cosmetic defects, will visit internal medicine with abdominal ultrasound full, evaluation of body composition, Thermographic evaluation hypodermic tissue, body fat measurement, personalized SPA treatments with water and mud baths. All treatments will be performed under the constant control of qualified medical personnel.


Besides the general medical check-up in the clinic you can do the other personal visits at the base of the family disease history.

The 7 programs of Long Life Formula according to the customer requirements and the possibilities of ones body. In common for all programs is the medical check-up at the highest level, the nutrition care, education of posture, the programming of specific physical activity, also the choice of the best spa treatments.


  1. Clean- detoxification, for whoever has the unhealthy way of life and feels the need to detoxify the body, lives in a town with polluted area, eat in a wild, doesn't sleep well, has a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, feels swollen, is often subject to stress, can't concentrate, upset or disappointed in life. This profile cleans the organism and helps to get back to work load of enthusiasm and energy.
  2. WeightLoss-weight loss for those who want to lose weight, lose the extra pounds, those who have cellulite, those who want to improve the State of your skin, learn to eat healthy. This profile helps to buy a beautiful silhouette without medication and diets exhausted, improves the condition of the skin, reduces cellulite and teaches healthy eating. Soon yourself you will control your weight.
  3. Evergreen -anti-aging, for those who already have wrinkles and wants to prevent other, who wants the skin of your face and belly more elastic, improving physical and silhouettes look a bit younger. This profile helps get a shape distinctly lean and slow down the process, the pace of aging.
  4. Relaxation -relaxation, for those who are stressed out, work hard, sleeps little, has an intense pace of life often feels tired. This profile helps you quickly regain your strength, you feel a lot more energy than before and feel relaxed.
  5. Energy -reconstitution of forces, for whom he often out of breath, who lost the workout he had, who has the strength and the lowered immunity, who has a sedentary lifestyle and smoking. This profile helps overcome breath helps to quit smoking thanks to long-term physical activity.
  6. Sports -invigorating, for those who want to increase physical activity, but it is hard to choose the right sport. This profile helps to understand what is ideal training for me at the basis of the results of the medical check-up of her body.
  7. Re-Start-riabilitante, for those who just had surgery and wants to reschedule his lifestyle. This profile helps to regain confidence in the potential of my body and discover the pleasure of feeling good, go l live daily load of enthusiasm and energy.


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