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Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa Lake Lugano, Ticino

Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa Lake Lugano, Ticino

The comprehensively re-designed Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa is located at an altitude of 850 m and offers magnificent views of Lake Lugano. Cademario is one of the sunniest spots in Switzerland and is a romantic village just 12 km from Lugano.

Your favourite hotel of the future is located in extensive 3 ha park grounds and comprises 82 rooms and suites, tworestaurants, a bar, hotel lobby, conference and banqueting rooms, various terraces with panoramic views and the 2.200 m² DOT.Spa.  


The Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa was built in 1914 and reopened in April 2013 following several years of renovation. When it was built, the Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa was one of the leading hotels in Switzerland and Ticino and was committed to offering relaxation, well-being and health. 


The new Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa is firmly anchored in almost 100 years of tradition and offers the perfect setting for guests to submerse themselves in the 2,200 m² spa area in addition to its stylish rooms and fresh and hearty cuisine. The tranquillity, 3 ha of extensive parkland and dreamy views of Lake Lugano and the surrounding Ticino mountains have been retained but everything else is completely new.

Restaurant & Bar with panoramic view

The "La Cucina" Gourmet restaurant offers you regional and fresh products with their special flavours combined with international spices and impressions. 
The difference between the culinary interpretations and customs will be projected, from the Chef F. Passoni, on every dish. With its sophisticated ambience, “La Cucina” is the ideal place to while away a fantastic day of your holiday.

For the evening gentlemen are kindly required to wear trousers in the restaurant.

Agra Bar

Savour the magic of Cademario with a glass of wine from the local Monti wine cellars at  wine and cocktail bar. A specially selected and refined wine menuhas been compiled  for you and you also have the opportunity to sample the full range of wines from Ticino.


The stylish “Agra Bar” is an ideal meeting point and place for daydreaming.    


Be at the centre of the action. Take a break and enjoy some time to yourself. DOT.Spa is based in a special location with charisma, energy and power. It has been high planned in accordance with geomantic criteria and the 5 elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal have been integrated. 


The interplay of all five segments forms a perfect center for the overall well-being. Completed and integrated through the skills of MED.Spa, a center of independent medical specialists in preventive medicine.  


Indoor pool with rain cascade and various water-based attractions such as hydro massage areas, integrated massage recliners, jet benches, back and neck splash showers and a counter-current device.


The indoor pool is connected to the outside pool. Here you will find: a water current channel, an integrated whirlpool, a neck splash shower and jet benches. The ideal vantage point with lake views!

Outdoor swimming pool (20 x 6 m): The outdoor sports swimming pool is based in magnificent parkland grounds, surrounded by an extensive sunbathing area at the heart of a garden landscape.


It is open from April to the end of October (depending on the weather) and is heated during spring and autumn (it is closed during the winter months). 


Salt tepidarium:  warm room with salty air which is beneficial when inhaled. Air temperature: approx. 38° – 40° C. The room temperature is set slightly above body temperature in order to improve blood flow to the tissues; this facilitates relaxation.


The air is infused with brine to fill the room with the finest salt crystals, magnesium and minerals. When inhaled, this benefits the airways and has a soothing effect on the skin.

Hamam: This area includes a starry ceiling, freshwater fountain and experience showers with different jet types such as a fog shower, tropical rain shower and rain patter shower. The hamam aims to achieve physical and mental cleansing, to eliminate everyday stresses and to relax the joints and muscles, thereby achieving mental and spiritual relaxation.  Afterwards, we recommend a session in the Turkish steam bath to stimulate the sweat glands and trigger a natural detox.


Turkish steam bath: The Turkish steam bath is based alongside the hamam and offers a room temperature of 40° to 50° C. The air humidity is very high at 80 – 100 %. This kind of bath is beneficial to the circulation, relaxes the muscles and refines the appearance of the skin. Additional scented fragrances can be added to sooth the mucus membranes and airways.

Finnish sauna: Ideal for experienced sauna enthusiasts and anyone who likes it hot! Temperature: approx. 90° C; humidity: approx. 10%.

Bio sauna: A gentle sauna with views of the gardens. Temperature: approx. 65° C; humidity: approx. 20 – 30%.

Ice fountain: Fresh, tingling ice crystals reinforce the immune system and firm the skin. This brings the heart and circulation back into balance.

Frigidariums: Two cool-down pools with a cold water fountain. The frigidarium is ideal for revitalisation and cooling down after a long session in the various sauna rooms. The temperature change stimulates the circulation. Temperature: approx. 8° – 12° C, depending on the season 


Experience showers: Showers with various revitalising jet types such as a fog shower, tropical rain shower, rain patter shower and bucket shower.  


Fitness room: The latest equipment from the company Technogym is available over an area of approx. 58 m2: 2 x Kinesis Personal Heritage, 2 x BikeExcite, 2 x Vario Excite, 1 x Jog Now Excites sand 1 x Arke Kit. 2 Kinesis Personal Heritage, 2 BikeExcite, 2 Vario Excite, 1 Jog Now Excites e 1 Arke Kit. 


Treatment room: Exercise is more fun in a group. The offer can be adapted to suit any age, preference and fitness level.

Fresh air training zone: What could be better than exercising outside in an untouched natural landscape? A large meadow with old trees is available high above the Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa.  


Various seating areas, cosy sofas, comfortable maxi couches and indoor and outdoor recliners are available where you can relax.


And don't forget about the romantic Ticino villages, rustic grottos and about 320 km of hiking trails. 


The Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa is the ideal starting point to experience the Malcantone in its still almost untouched beauty. Book your stay and enjoy!  

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