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Peace and Quiet: Hotel Richard, Mariánské Lázně

Peace and Quiet: Hotel Richard, Mariánské Lázně

Wellness & Spa hotel Richard is located close to the town centre, offering calmness of neighbouring parks and forests, as well as wellness center with a indoor reha pool.


Enjoy yourself in the reha basin or relax in a hot tube. Modern wellness center with a day light, together with reha med sisters, will offer you an intensive spa treatment during your stay. The doctor desides about the art of your treatments depending on your health. 


Usually, you will get some small and some big treatments. There is also a possibility to buy more treatments, with charge, or to buy dietary suplements of the house brand STARLIFE.

Some of the treatments you may have at Wellness & Spa hotel Richard:  


It is a hand-made massage of all parts of body. The feeling of release and pleasant tiredness is achieved after the massage. This massage helps from pains of chronic disorders of spine and joints. It is a generally relaxing procedure.

Time duration: 20 minutes, 60 minutes 



Body massage with special bamboo poles, which has a beneficial effect against stress, back pain, tension.  It is a very effective treatment which feels really good. It is based on work with pressure and particular types of bamboo poles, which are warmed up at a comfortable temperature, specially adapted to the relevant parts of the human body. The massage includes movements that have a beneficial impact on energy systems.

Time duration: 30 minutes or 60 minutes


A key element of water exercise is buoyancy of water, which affects the percentage of body weight used during exercise. Thanks to this buoyancy we exercise with up to 50 percent less weight of our body compared to exercising out of water. This will enable more detailed form of exercise, speed and pace. This will also impact resistance which is different in different exercises.


Exercising in water is one of the most gentle ways to keep your body in good working condition. It is perfect for strengthening the muscles of the body without putting unnecessary strain on joints. Water resistance weights the body and stretches it at the same time.

Duration: 20 minutes 


When the ultrasound treatment is used, electric current does not pass through the tissues of the body. It is a mechanical motion with frequencies higher than can be detected by the human ear, which is spread into depth. It is usually a 3-5 minute application. Ultrasound is medically indicated for post-traumatic states, edema and hematoma, chronic inflammatory joint diseases and other degenerative diseases. Positive effects of mechanical motion, generated during ultrasound application are used in this treatment. Micromassage and subsequent heating of tissues, which also leads to improvement of local circulation, improvement of blood circulation are part of the treatment resulting in pain relief, improvement of local metabolism and muscle relaxation.

Duration: 5-10 minutes depending on the program


It has a wide range of effects. Generally, electrotherapy is mainly used against pain, high muscle tension, it improves blood circulation and tissue metabolism, has a beneficial effect on reducing swellings and in the treatment of post-traumatic states. The most frequently used are DD currents, Trabert current or TENS, especially against back pain, headaches, joint pains and generally as non-drug ease of pain.  

Duration: 10-15 minutes depending on the program  


It is a bath of whirling air bubbles. The whole body is this way massaged and the motion apparatus is relieved.


The herbal ingredients are added to the bath and the client relaxes physically and mentally.


1. The bath of 36-38°C
2. Drying and relaxation

Time duration: 20 minutes                     


This is the whole body relaxation massage. It relieves muscles ang brings mental relax reducing stress. The mixture of natural herbal essential oils is used.

Time duration: 30 minutes or 60 minutes  


Hot packs and coatings help with curing motion apparatus deseases by using hot wax (over 50°C). The heat of wax is beneficial to skin and soft tissues, the blood return adjusts. It relieves rigid and hurting joints.


1. Dipping the hands into the bath (2-3 times)
2. Wrapping the hands into the sheeting and terry gloves
3. Taking off the paraffin                

Time duration: 15 minutes               


It is a luxurious, antioxidant and relaxing massage against ageing. According to some studies chocolate diminishes the risk of formation skin cancer. It brings relieving of muscles, fresh look of skin, and it detxicates thanks to vitamines, amino-acids and minerals contained in chocolate.


It improves good temper, diminishes headaches and helps with right function of nerves and vein system.

This massage is not advisable for pregnant women, people with skin infections, allergies or inflammations.


1. The whole body is massaged by melted chocolate
2. Shower and relaxation

Time duration: 30 minutes or 60 minutes 

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