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Water is Life: Spa Hotel Zámek Luzec

Water is Life: Spa Hotel Zámek Luzec

Right in the heart of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory), 12 km from the world-famous spa centre of Karlovy Vary frequented by visitors from the whole world coming for recreation and treatment, you will find SPA Hotel Lužec Chateau.


Neo-Gothic elements were used during its reconstruction and the hotel is styled into the form of a hunting chateau reminiscent of the nobles’ hunting lodges. Its massive door with old ironwork, antique lamps, knights armours, royal families’ coats of arms and hunting trophies – each detail of the interior has been thought-through to surround the guests with the era of knights and kings. The picturesque landscape idyll and mystical silence is interrupted only by birdsongs. 


SPA Hotel Lužec Chateau **** has a total of 62 rooms available with different level of appointment and unique atmosphere emphasizing their original character.
The atmosphere which is further emphasized by original design continues in the restaurants interiors, into which the famous history of the Czech rulers Charles IV, Wenceslas II and Rudolph II is blended.


You can enjoy meals prepared in Tandoor oven according to the old recipes, as well as dishes in line with the current gastronomic trends, in these period-styled rooms. There is a large choice of seats – the Medieval Pub with outdoor gazebos, Royal Restaurant, Wenceslas II Lounge and the Lobby Bar with the outdoor terrace. 


There is a multi-function healthcare and balneology department with the area of 800 square metres on the ground floor of SPA Hotel Lužec Chateau. It is equipped with everything necessary for your wellness stay and rest. Qualified specialists and masseurs are available to the guests, who can also use a swimming pool, sauna and a fitness room.


 Very important natural curative sources are mineral waters, gasses, bogs, peat, and mud (globally called peloids). Wellness facilities uses peloids for wraps and also for baths with peloids infusion. They stimulate the thermoregulatory mechanisms of a body, improve the sensitivity of cells to oxygen and other active substances, have beneficial immunology and analgesic effects and help to soften ligaments. The wellness treatment is also completed with aqua therapy, reflex and underwater massages, and other physical therapy from artificial sources. 


Positive effects on a body are certainly not limited to the time you actually spend in wellness. The result of wellness care is not only a global “tuning” of your body, but also the feeling of relief and freshness. These effects positively and on a long-term basis intervene in the course of a disease or for prevention.


Lužec is worth visiting for naturally structured (drinking) spring water. The water flows unaided, without the use of pumps, to the Spa hotel. The properties of Lužec water help normalize metabolic processes, clean the body, increase vigor, add beneficial minerals and energy to the organism, and of course quench thirst. Thanks to the beneficial properties of "living" water it is possible to extend youth, preserve beauty and improve health.  

The intact nature, fresh mountain air, spring water and silence further strengthen the therapeutic effect for the body and overall harmony. Book your stay and get well!


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