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Get Muddy in the Blue Lagoon

 Get Muddy in the Blue Lagoon

The Northern Light Inn, Iceland, is located one minute before the Blue Lagoon Spa, which makes it a perfect place to begin a wellness trip in Iceland.


The surrounding area, Reykjanes Peninsula, has been approved by UNESCO as the Reykjanes Geopark because of its extraordinary geological features of international value. 


Northern Light Inn has 32 quiet and spacious rooms with cozy Icelandic down comforters, comfy beds, geothermal showers, direct dial telephones, satellite TV, and free wifi - WLAN throughout the hotel.

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The hotel is on the point oaf adding a geothermal Aurora Wellness Spa with massage / alternative therapy rooms, and the Borealis Fitness Center to its facilities. Please contact us to find out if they have it for the date of your planned visit!


The chef’s at Maxs’ Restaurant are always attentive to the ingredients on the menu, and vegetarian selections are always available, prepared with geo-thermals grown vegetables from Iceland’s carbon neutral greenhouses.


Mention shoud be made, the hotel is surrounded by moss covered lava, and next to the property is the hi-tech Svartsengi geo-thermal power station, source of the hot blue lagoon water, and as a by product blows vast amounts of steam into the air 24/7.  Geothermal energy sources frequently have a "perfume" from  vaporized sulphur, depending on the local winds and geological activity.


The Aurora Borealis – or Northern Lights – dance above us in the fall, winter and spring. It's unpredictable, but truly awesome when it happens. 


The Northern Light Inn is your gateway to discovering Iceland and experiencing Nordic hospitality of a different kind!  


What else to do? - Many wonderful, exciting, and adventurous things, as well as just chillin' in Iceland.

  • Ride the Grindavik coastline, Krysuvik coastline beyond


  • Mountain bike through volcanos


  • Golf in lava flows


Also you may race 4x4 quads,  hike, swim, golf and walkabout in the spectacular lunar lava landscape. 

See geysers, volcanos, whales and migratory birds of many kinds, or tolt over the heather and then snowmobile on glacial icecaps, mountain bike on lava flows, ski at night, fly fish for Arctic char and record breaking salmon, and just be awed by the Aurora Borealis!

The surrounding Reykjanes Peninsula would be a National Park anywhere else in the world, but here it seen by few. Explore and discover the local Unesco GeoPark!

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