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Blue Lagoon Ask and Answer

Blue Lagoon Ask and Answer

Swimming is very important in Icelandic communities: every town has at least one geothermal pool – Reykjavík has 7 – and they all have hot pots, some with saunas and steam baths too.  The pools are very clean, well run, affordable, and most are outdoors. It's great having a hot swim outside on a stormy winter day or during a summer downpour. 


And even though there are great natural hot springs everywhere in Iceland, but nothing quite like the Blue Lagoon in Grindavík.  

For a foreigner, it is not an everyday routine, so, naturally, people have some questions, most typical are replied by Northern Light Inn experts.


What is the Blue Lagoon?

Condensed geothermal brine flowing out from the Svartsengi Power Plant. The brine is tapped from 2~3,000 meters below the surface of the lava fields, and comes up under extremely high pressure at 240ºC. The energy is harnessed with the latest technology and transferred to de-oxygenated spring water for regional heating and hot water. The "cooled" brine then flows into the lava field and directly to the Blue Lagoon. 


And why is it blue?

An unusual cocktail of minerals, silica and a microscopic blue green algae.  


Is the Blue Lagoon hot?

It is always very warm between 37-39°C / 98-102°F and hotter in the winter than in the summer.  


How much is the entrance fee to the Blue Lagoon?

Like global warming, it keeps going up.  


What should I bring to the Blue Lagoon?

A swim suit, and you may take an orange towel from the Northern Light Inn as long as you bring it back. 
You can rent bathing suits and towels at the Blue Lagoon Spa. Use of an electronically locked locker is included in the entrance fee.


What are the Blue Lagoon's opening hours?

September 1 ~ May 31             10:00 - 20:00
June 1 ~ August 31                    8:00 - 22:00
The Blue Lagoon Opening Hours are Subject to Change.

You are allowed to stay in the lagoon 45 minutes after the closing hour. Please note, swimming at the Blue Lagoon requires advanced booking.


How far is the Blue Lagoon from the Northern Light Inn?

Just down the road: it's a 2 minute drive in their complimentary shuttle bus, or a great 15 minute walk through the moss covered lava fields.
The free shuttle to the blue lagoon runs on the hour; from the blue lagoon front desk  you may call the hotel for a pick-up.  


Can I make pictures?

If you want to take pictures in the lagoon, we suggest using a water proof camera; the Blue Lagoon's steamy and salty air corrodes cameras very nicely.   


Do I find hot springs, like the Blue Lagoon, all over Iceland?

The nearest geothermal outdoor pool is in the fishing village , 5 minutes away, but, of course, it less attractive than Blue Lagoon. 

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