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Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Nestled on the eastern crescent of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, an archipelago of islands connected to the mainland, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is a luxury resort inspired by traditional Thai architecture in an Arabian setting. 


Experience a unique destination set on a man-made marvel on the Dubai coastline. An enticing haven with a distinct blend of serenity and splendour. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort offers an urban escape to a Palm Jumeirah hotel unlike any other.  

Balance Wellness By Anantara

Wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthier existence.


It is the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential. The focus of the The Palm Dubai Resort Wellness programmes is on balancing, as well as rejuvenating, the mind, body and spirit. The programmes are customised for each individual’s unique requirements with the aim to help achieve personal Wellness goals.

Wellness Programmes

The programmes are customised for each individual’s lifestyle improvement with the aim to help you achieve your personal goals for relaxation and physical improvement. Wellness programmes are aimed at weight management, revitalisation, relaxation and de-stress, detox, general wellbeing and anti-ageing and rejuvenation.


At Balance, the lifestyle consultants and alternative health practitioners will design bespoke Wellness programmes to cater to your specific needs. Central to the success of this programme will be еруspecially designed Wellness cuisine and juicing menu. The healthy, cleansing diet is designed to maintain your energy and nutrition level during the entire programme.


Each journey concludes with a detailed consultation with the Wellness Consultant, where the outcomes of the programme and recommendations for integrating the Wellness insights into your daily life are discussed, to ensure a long lasting and sustainable effect.  

Wellness Programme Elements
  • Wellness Consultation

At Balance, they kickoff with a personalised Wellness Consultation. The Wellness Consultation involves a review of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits. This allows to create short term wellness goals, which are both manageable and achievable for you.  

  • Wellness Cuisine

Wellness cuisine features low inflammatory, low allergenic and low GI dishes, dispelling the myth that eating healthy means depriving yourself of the pleasure of a good meal.


Raw juices and herbal infusions are full of nutrients and medicinal properties. 

  • Yoga

Just a few minutes of practice at the end of a long day can help stretch and relax sore muscles. 


Practiced regularly, yoga can be a powerful way to relieve anxiety and cope with everyday stress. Over time, it also can transform your body, building stronger muscles while it improves flexibility and joint mobility.  

  • Wellness Therapies

 At Balance, they offer healing Wellness therapies from Thailand, India, Tibet, Indonesia, and the West. This is important because integrative Wellness requires the use of several therapeutic modalities. 

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