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Modern Tropical Hideaway: Bisma Eight Ubud

Modern Tropical Hideaway: Bisma Eight Ubud

Ubud has long been Bali’s nuanced, elder son that exudes a softer confidence and gentler spirit. Home to expansive paddy fields and steep ravines, the landscape instinctively inspires a bucolic comfort that is so often craved by weary urbanites. 


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And it is here in the cultural heart of Bali’s uplands that Bisma Eight has set its roots. Launched in early 2015, Bisma Eight purveys the cultural richness and artisanal heritage of Ubud in an affordable yet luxurious setting – offering all the amenities of a high-end resort in an unpretentious location that encourages spatial awareness and healthy living.   

Defining ‘Modern Tropical’

Bisma Eight houses 38 spacious suites that highlight the vibrancy and lush greenery of its immediate surroundings. Comprising of the Forest, Canopy and Garden Suites, the rooms are designed to induce the sensation of a dreamy hideout. Featuring a mix of modern design and traditional Balinese craftsmanship, these artisanal touches are present in everything from the contemporary teak wood furniture, to softer furnishings such as the ikat pillows, plush bed linen, and woven jute rugs, all produced by Ubud’s artisanal community.


All Bisma Eight suites feature generous living and sleeping areas partitioned for privacy by sungkai wood panels. The rooms are steeped in natural light in the day, transforming into gently illuminated, restful cocoons at night. Its outdoor seating spots are quiet spaces of intimacy and refuge accompanied by the natural soundtrack of the nearby forest. 

The highlight of each room is a voluminous Japanese-inspired soaking tub crafted from aromatic cedar wood. The first of its kind in Bali, it offers a relaxing deep soak when coupled with Bisma Eight’s house bath salts, which are made by small-batch Balinese soap makers, Republic of Soap. 


Overlooking an unfolding view of Batu Karu sits the Bisma Eight rooftop infinity pool. An island-inspired lounge area, the Pool Pavilion features a modern tropical bar, as well as Ubud’s only temperature-controlled pool, to accommodate the island’s cooler climates from July to August.


Other hotel amenities include a fully equipped gymnasium, Bisma Gardens (an organic farm), and a rooftop bar to wind down your day with.    

Food & Wellness

Every Bisma Eight dining experience begins at The Gardens; the hotel’s own organic farm supplies fresh produce directly into the kitchens. It is a salute to the agricultural traditions of central Bali and a commitment to sustainable living. Guests can forage for their own vegetables to add to their meals, forging a deeper understanding of the farm-to-table concept.


Bisma Eight’s main dining option is Copper Kitchen & Bar, which showcases thoughful food done with an Ubud sensibility.


In a bid to up the ante, Copper is ecstatic to Introduce Duncan McCance or “The Beard” (as he’s referred to in closer quarters).


Duncan hails from Melbourne having spent time at some of the worlds best restaurants in Ekstedt (Stockholm), Orana (Adelaide), Burnt Ends (Singapore). He has a deep affection for sourcing locally and utilising modern cooking techniques, the food embraces the culinary simplicity and the flair of the contemporary kitchen; food from and for the soul.


The Library Cafe doubles up as an offbeat business center and a charming literature cafe. Sourcing its beans from local coffee roasters, Tetap Happy Coffee Roasters (THCR) by Seniman Coffee, they brew a unique blend of Kintamani-grown Arabica coffee beans that you can enjoy languidly over some thoughtful reads.    

Not Simply a Hotel

Authenticity and flexibility are integral to Bisma Eight. The elements that make Ubud what it is – culture, heritage, creativity and reinvention – are woven throughout the core of the Bisma Eight experience. Bisma Eight also strives to provide a laidback yet refined quality of service for guests; their intent to show that true hospitality lies in genuine intentions and through human relationships made during the stay.

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Become one of the Bisma Eight’s guests in order to discover a deeper revelation of the magic behind this beguiling place, and through it, be transformed by their journey.

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