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Slow Wellness Relaxation For Your Heart and Body

Slow Wellness Relaxation For Your Heart and Body

EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa is located in the center of Okinawa Island within 50 minutes by car from the Naha Airport, and has easy access to main locations for sightseeing and tours. In the hotel you will find many facilities so that your stay will be comfortable and convenient, and the hotel will be a place where you can make the best kind of memories.


Enjoy the popular buffet with both Western cuisine and Japanese cuisine selections with vegetables and eggs grown at their own in-house ranch.


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Spa and Wellness

See the big public bath with a great view and enjoy a warm bath or stone sauna. There are also many other spa features.


Lay down and warm up your body from inside on the stone sauna made with EM ceramics where you can move and bathe in the large hot tub. Have a wonderful relaxed time and balance your body with a wide variety of services. 


EM Spa is also a space that makes full use of EM technology helping you to relax mentally and physically.


Experience foot reflexology with relaxing aroma oil, that also softens your stiff neck and reduces back pain. Body reflexology also helps to relieve muscle tension, and promotes recovery from fatigue of the whole body.  

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