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Selman Marrakech at the Foot of the Atlas Mountains

Selman Marrakech at the Foot of the Atlas Mountains

Selman Marrakech, a grand adventure, where the hotel’s passion is to create magic moments and memories! Designed by Jacques Garcia, a palace that reminisces like an intense memory, a true blend between  a modern lifestyle and Moroccan tradition.


A contemporary portrait of the rich heritage through a Moorish architecture, an acknowledged warm hospitality, and its living collection of Arabian horses, witnesses of an opulent past. 


Luxury Spa Facilities in Morocco’s Best Hotel Are On Offer at the First Class Selman-Marrakech.


The 5 Star Spa Offers a Variety of Treatments and Therapies.

  • Concept biontologie
  • aesthetic biontology
  • hydro therapy
  • detox cure
  • high technology treatments
  • traditionnal treatments
  • chenot boutique
  • installation du spa
  • fitness center
  • hair & beauty salon 


Concept biontologie

Come to the Selman Marrakech for the ultimate spa treatments & experience the concept biontologie, where specialists can pick treatments for your needs.  Chenot at Selman Marrakech offers both holistic rejuvenation and relaxation in a setting of complete tranquillity. You'll relish the personal attention that is part of Chenot's renowned body and face treatments.


The Chenot Method employs the latest scientific advances in relation to the functioning of the human body. It works along the lines of the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, based on energy channels and balance, to establish a unity of body, mind and spirit. The wide range of personalized beauty treatments assists in completing the process of harmonizing body, mind and spirit and encourages relaxation and regeneration.

Our highly trained therapists draw on their vast experience and a repertoire of signature Chenot massage techniques to suit the unique needs and desires of each individual guest. 


Aesthetic Biontology

Drain, detoxify and stimulate your system with the Chenot Method. The wide range of personalized beauty treatments assists in completing the process of harmonizing body, mind and spirit and encourages relaxation and regeneration.

The Henri Chenot tendon-muscle massage is performed using instruments that dissolve energy blocks, toning and regenerating the muscle and tendon tissue. These massages have a draining, detoxifying, revitalising, stimulating, regenerating and energising effect. 


Hydro therapy

Revitalise yourself with water, essential oils, plant and marine extracts.


The hydro Biontolgy is divided into three steps:
- The Phyto-mud therapy
- The Hydro massage bath
- The Hydrojet
The hydro energetic treatments based on the Hydrotherapy is a genuine rehabilitative treatment for lymphatic and blood vessels.  

Detox cure

The detox cure, associated with the elimination stage, stimulates the natural process of elimination of toxins and micro-waste that accumulate in the connective tissue, the cause of cellular impoverishment and aging.


Benefit from the Bio-light menu to further invigorate your energy and optimize your well-being.

High technology treatments

Based on the guests' requirements, specific treatments for the face and body can be carried out and agreed upon, working to eliminate cellulite or localised adiposity or to protect from cell ageing by stimulating the natural production of collagen.



Traditional treatments

Espace Vitalité Chenot at Selman Marrakech offers a traditional aesthetic treatments including hammam experience and others traditional healing rituals. 



Chenot boutique

The Chenot method now has a cosmetic line that follows three steps: elimination / assimilation / regeneration within Detox, Nutrigen and Regenage lines. 


Used in treatment room, you will find them in Chenot Boutique at Selman Marrakech and you can benefit from personalized advice from your therapist to extend the effects of the Chenot method once you return home.


Installation Du Spa

Spread over 1200 sq. meters,  Espace VItalité Chenot offers innovative treatments and a different approach of body and well-being.


The guests have in their disposal:
- 7 treatment rooms
- 4 Hydrotherapy rooms
- Hydro Jet Heated Pool
- Hydro Jet cabin
- Traditionnal treatment Hammam Room
- Fitness Center overlooking the gardens
- One Private SPA Suite duo including a private treatment room and Hammam.
- Indoor relaxation pool heated
- 2 outdoor heated pools and 1 indoor relaxation pool
- Outdoor Jacuzzi 


Fitness center

The right physical activity supports and improves the purification, rebalancing and harmonisation processes in the body.


Under the supervision of a personal trainer, you can choose the most suitable programme for your organism and personal wellbeing recovery objectives. 


Hair & Beauty Salon

With a relaxed environment and an experienced team of stylists, our intimate hair and beauty salon offers a range of styling, colour and treatment services.


Available Upon request - Reservation has be made 48 hours in advance 



The beautiful setting of Selman Marrakech is ideal for wedding and other private events, conference and meetings, for unique and unforgettable moments. 

The Pool

Enjoy a true moment of escape in a relaxing atmosphere by Selman’s Marrakech Pool. 80 meters long and heated on season, it is the heart of the oasis imagined by Jacques Garcia.



The Stud

Located in the garden, the pair of lavish stables, designed by Jacques Garcia, is home to Arabian Pure bred horses, and who roam in their paddocks for the guests' delight. Precious moments are embodied in the presence of the beautiful thoroughbred Arabian horses, symbols of a bygone grandeur, which capture the spirit of Selman and invite the joy of living.


There are views of the horses from the terraces and the gardens where one can admire the majesty and poise of these animals. Moments of pure grace add to the perfection of this timeless experience. 

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