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Atlantis by Giardino: Nature is Wise, You Only Have to Listen to It

Atlantis by Giardino: Nature is Wise, You Only Have to Listen to It

Experience what Zürich, the city in the heart of Europe, is about: an urban pulse close to the rhythm of nature. Atlantis by Giardino swings between these two worlds and strikes a perfect balance. As an urban retreat, it seamlessly brings together the luxury of a 5-star superior city hotel with the natural surrounds of its green and peaceful location at the foot of the Üetliberg mountain.


Nature lovers will enjoy the location on the edge of the forest, business travellers will appreciate the state-ofthe-art infrastructure and the buzz of Zürich’s city life, while all will love the spa and wellness facilities.


The dipiù Spa at the Atlantis by Giardino is a prime example of how interior designer Inge Moore has brought nature into the hotel. The indoor pool area looks like it has been carved into the mountain, and throughout the entire 1,500 sqm large spa, organic forms have been created and sensual surfaces have been added layer by layer, like they have been growing over thousands of years.


The design perfectly reflects the philosophy of the Giardino Group. Already 10 years ago, Daniela Frutiger, CEO of the company, created her own cosmetics line, dipiù, together with scientists. She has developed it further ever since. Products without silicones, without paraffin, without preservatives. 


The essentials come from the Ticino wine maker Meinrad C. Perler. Wine, oils from olives, lemons, almonds and acacia honey. These products, as well as products from Aveda and !QMS Medicosmetics, are used for treatments at the spa.

Spa and Ayurveda

‘Di più’ is Italian and means ‘more’. At the dipiù Spa, this translates into: more innovation, more professionalism, more hospitality. The focus is purely on the guest. All treatments are adjusted by qualified therapists to meet the guest’s needs. With the opening of the Zurich property, the Giardino Group has extended its spa offerings by including special treatments based on the Indian medical science of Ayurveda (“knowledge of life”).


The competence team comprises of an Ayurvedic doctor and therapists who can also give guests dietary advise after a consultation. Ayurvedic dishes are served at the restaurant Hide & Seek. “
The dipiù Spa at the Atlantis by Giardino features treatment rooms, a sauna, steam room and relaxation areas, a Technogym fitness studio as well as an Aveda Hair Salon and a barber shop. 


The holistic approach is very important for us”, says Daniela Frutiger and adds: “Nature is wise, we only have to listen to it.”

Head above water

Does anyone still remember the wonderful movie ‘The Swimming Pool’ with Romy Schneider and Alan Delon? This classic was created at the same time as the Hotel Atlantis. At that time, the hotel did not have an outdoor pool. But now it does. With a length of 25 m, even serious swimmers will enjoy doing their laps. Natural stone adorns the pool, hemmed by a decorative wooden patio.


To lie here, read and be served a drink from the Ocean Bar by the friendly Atlantis staff is surely an unforgettable experience – all this in Zurich and while still being surround by nature at the same time. Like a backdrop in a movie.

Beauty grows, year after year

Green is not everything, but without green everything is nothing. And what would a Giardino hotel be without a garden? Naturally, it will take a few more years before it will show its full splendour, but the foundation has been masterfully laid by the landscape architects.


On nearly one hectare of land there is a rose garden, a shadow garden and a herb garden. Shrubs and fescue grasses surround the pond. Water gently runs down a rocky slope. And in summer, flowers will bloom on the meadows. The hotel’s chefs are already looking forward to harvesting our own cherries, apples, pears and walnuts. Giardino-like – after all, nomen est omen!

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