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Dead Sea Vocation: Ma'in Hot Springs Resort

Dead Sea Vocation: Ma'in Hot Springs Resort

Ma’In Hot Springs Resort & Spa is located 30 kilometres from the ‘mosaic’ city of Madaba and right of the corner of the Dead Sea. Lying 264 meters below sea level in a spectacular mountain landscape, Ma’In Hot Springs Resort & Spa is close by to the south-east corner of the Dead Sea and a leisurely drive to historic Madaba.


It combines locally-inspired architecture and ambience with family friendly services, facilities and attention to detail. Set like an oasis in the dramatic terrain, the location is easily accessible and defines the resort and spa experience in the Middle East - making it a destination of choice for those seeking the perfect retreat to relax and be pampered whilst enjoying the therapeutic benefits of Ma’In hot spring waterfalls. 


The stunning property combines high levels of hospitality with locally - inspired architecture and peaceful surroundings to ensure an unforgettable experience. It offers a vast array of family friendly services and facilities to ensure personal attention in a welcoming atmosphere.

Hot Springs

Ma’In Hot Springs Resort & Spa has 4 waterfalls in the public area and 2 other waterfalls in the resort area with temperature vary from 30 – 37 C:

  • Roman Bath: indoor hot springs creating a steam room experience with thermal pool sand separate areas for ladies and gent’s;
  • Ladies waterfall: an indoor waterfall with thermal pool only for ladies;
  • Families waterfall: a small waterfall cascading in a small thermal pool underneath with the highest temperature among all other springs in the area (up to 65 degrees);
  • Main waterfall: the biggest waterfall in the resort with thermal pool and sitting areas around;
  • Swimming pool waterfall: this waterfall is only for the view and cannot be used however the thermal water had been redirected to the hotel swimming pool;
  • Spa waterfall: this waterfall is an essential part of the Cascade Spa experience with a big thermal pool and sun beds around.

Cascade Spa

The classically designed award winning Cascade Spa sits directly beneath one of the natural hot spring waterfalls that cascade into the spa pool and relaxation area. The Cascade Spa is a standalone building featuring 10 treatment rooms and a unique steam cave, which offers an experience of intimate privacy and relaxation.


Treatments focus on the therapeutic properties of the mineral-rich waters, offering healing and Dead Sea therapies combined with signature treatments to ensure pure rejuvenation.


Body treatments include Dead Sea salt body polish, the olive grove scrub, Dead Sea mud body wrap, Ma'In body mask, aromatic basil and mint body scrub, as well as many other pleasant extras. 


Such signature treatments as 3-hour Hammam Ma'In Signature Journey and 2 hours and a half The Dates Journey are extremely popular among spa lovers. 


Besides, there is an extensive range of body massages, including head massage and foot massage, all lasting not less than an hour. Some facials are available as well. Good news is that all cosmetics are available for purchase, so you will be able to prolong your spa experience at home.  

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