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Badrutt's Palace Hotel: Wonderful for Ski-Lovers, Excellent for those who do not Ski at all

Badrutt's Palace Hotel: Wonderful for Ski-Lovers, Excellent for those who do not Ski at all

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, situated amidst breathtaking and unspoiled scenery, has long been hailed as a landmark in the centre of St. Moritz and is the ultimate expression of the Swiss Alps region. Located in one of the most challenging ski areas in the world and with a large variety of summer activities, it is  an ideal destination for all the seasons. 


After a long day on the ski slopes in winter or a mountain hiking tour in summer, nothing soothes and rejuvenates like Palace Wellness with breathtaking panoramic views.


There is something for everyone ranging from sports activities, care and play areas for children, restaurant, fitness centre, complete spa and pool facility, therapeutic treatments, luxury hair and beauty services. Authentic treatments combined with the purest of natural ingredients are the key to the local methods.


Enjoy panoramic views of Lake St. Moritz and the surrounding Swiss Alps from the 25 meters infinity indoor pool, the famous granite diving rock positioned at the pool depth of 3.80 meters.


Enjoy a sip of champagne at the bar in the heated outdoor pool beneath the stunning snow-capped mountain peaks. 

Treatment Center 

Palace Wellness has a Treatment Centre with an alpine garden, waiting lounge for pre-treatments, relax lounge for post-treatments, solarium and 10 individually designed treatment rooms.


Each of the latter is themed after local alpine flowers:  

  • Spa Suite Veronica with steam room, Jacuzzi, shower and sanitary facilities. Two palace lounges and two treatment beds. 
  • Spa Suite Iris with sauna, Jacuzzi, palace lounge and two treatment beds, complete hair and beauty station, shower, sanitary facilities with bidet and private garden with mountain views. 
  • Hair- & Beauty-Spa offering all hairdressing and beauty services with a therapeutic touch. 
  • Pedi Spa equipped for hand and foot care. 
  • Manicure room. 
  • Beauty Room to service all facial treatments.
  • Four multipurpose treatment rooms providing face and body treatments, wraps, various massages and therapies. 

 Fitness and Sports

A spacious setting with breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps equipped with an extensive range of fitness and cardio equipment by Technogym designed to provide comprehensive exercise programs individually or with a specialist personal trainer.


 The range of the sport activies comprises the following: 

• Swimming
• Basketball Volleyball & Football
• Curling
• Ice skating
• Outdoor chess

• Tennis
• Billiards
• Table tennis
• Yoga Studio




Palace Wellness offers an array of exercise classes both outdoors and in our Yoga Studio. Classes vary according to season and information on scheduled group classes are available via Palace Wellness. 

 Wellness Programs 2016-2017

You are invited to try one of the four new wellness programs, seven days each.

  • Reduce your stress.
  • Release your physical and emotional pain.
  • A journey to self-love.
  • Balance and regain your energy.

Introduced and implemented by Vinod Kumar. The professional, certified yoga master from India is specialized in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. With twelve years of teaching experience in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga the Indian yogi is specialized in yoga therapies and stress management programmes including meditation and deep relaxation techniques. 


In winter he will be the Wellness Coach at Palace Wellness. Practising four holistic wellness programs, that consist of ten wellness sessions within seven days each.

Your everyday life is very busy? A full schedule leaves no time to rest, think and actually do something for yourself. The program Stress Management includes yoga sessions, meditation classes and personal training sessions. It helps you to relax with a therapeutic massage and find your inner balance with a Shirodhara treatment.

The program Releasing Physical & Emotional Pain helps against a stiff and tight body. A mixture of yoga sessions, energising massages, a Shirodhara treatment and a personal training will support you to get rid of all the unnecessary dead weight ballast that blocks your mind and body, so that you will find your inner well-being again.

A journey to self-love. Travel to your inner core. With the third wellness program. Yoga sessions and guided meditation classes. A Shirodhara treatment, an energising massage and the experience of learning to massage yourself. The outcome? You will learn to love your body. You get to know your beauty and your preciousness.

You feel tired and adrift? The fourth well-being program Balancing the Energy Flow supports you with steering and balancing your inner power. Yoga sessions and guided meditation classes as well as energising massages and a personal training. The arrangements. A whole wrap up. Allone or for the two of you.

Let your energy flow. With all your senses.

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