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Sanatoriy Shakhtyor with Healing Waters of Yessentuki

Sanatoriy Shakhtyor with Healing Waters of Yessentuki

Welcome to sanatorium Shakhtar, one of the best health resorts of the Northern Caucasus! The resort is located in the city of Yessentuki in clean, well-maintained and extraordinarily beautiful area. It is located in the heart of the city, between the splendid green parks, in the vicinity of sources of drinking water Yessentuki-4 and Yessentuki-17.

The resort is located just 300 m from the railway station of the city of Yessentuki and 45 km from the airport of the city Mineralnye Vody. The level of service corresponds to European standards: excellent food, comfortable accommodation, experienced medical staff and modern medical facilities. 

Treatments in sanatoriums Shakhter

Modern medical base, high professionalism of doctors, natural therapeutic factors, mild mountain-steppe climate  and healing resort parks in Essentuki made a unique recreational foundation of the sanatorium.

The main indications for treatments

  • gastroenterologic disease;
  • diabetes mellitus (I and II type);
  • concomitant diseases: gynecological, Urological diseases, diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system, respiratory, allergic diseases, locomotor problems, diseases of ENT-organs.

Rest and Relaxation in sanatorium Shakhter

Staying at the resort, you can pamper yourself with SPA treatments, visit gym, a modern water park. For those who prefer active way of life, they have a number of sports activities: Pilates, water aerobics, tennis, table tennis and billiards.

You will be pleased with the large selection of tours, telling about the Northern Caucasus. In the evening you can visit the dancing or bar with Caucasian cuisine and enjoy the concert program.

The resort is the ideal place for a family holiday. Especially for younger guests, a children's playroom is arranged so that every child was involved. While parents can be confident that their child is in complete safety -professional caregiver will not simply look after your baby, but also will not let her get bored!

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