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Puri Mangga Sea View Resort & Spa

Puri Mangga Sea View Resort & Spa

Surrounded by rice fields and palm trees with a breathtaking view to the sea, all these things and still a lot more you will find in Puri Mangga... Leave your day to day worries behind and enjoy the enchantment of Puri Mangga resort.


Experience the hospitality and the heartiness of the staff, the fresh and fanciful kitchen with Indonesian and Asian food, the individual daily trips to the special points of interest of Bali and the North, the one-of-a-kind spa area with the traditional massages you will never forget in your life.


"You arrive as a guest and you will leave us as a friend" - The friendly staff is looking forward to having you as a guest in Puri Mangga.

Hotel Facilities

Puri Mangga features 7 villas, built in a symbiosis of Balinese – and Tuscan style with traditional Balinese flair and equipped with Western standards. Restaurant, Spa and Pool complete the ambience for your perfect holidays.


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Living in Puri mangga, a " sea of flowers and plants" surrounds you in the big lovingly designed gardens (around 2 hectare). Have a little walk and enjoy the exotic flair.

Spa & Wellness

Welcome to the Paradise!


Enjoy the special atmosphere in the open wellness-bungalow. Set your soul free with the gentle splash of the water fountains and the quiet meditation music. Feel the pleasant hands on your body and experience the soothing relaxation.

Experience Bali

The "Island of the Gods" or the "Land of Smiling Faces"

From the beginning of your journey the "Island of Gods, Ghosts and Demons" bewitches all your senses. Everywhere you smell the fragrance of incense sticks and recently picked blossoms.
On Bali it is extremely easy to recreating yourself and at the same time learning to experience a completely different culture. Especially the people of Bali with their smiling faces are very friendly and interesting.

Please watch the video about what to see.

Overall the Island is a subtropical paradise, the rice fields and palm trees are fascinating the visitors with their luscious green colors. Even though the Island is not very big, you need several days to experience all the different parts of Bali and its points of interest. Also very interesting are the different traditions not only relocating themselves in the countless temple complexes, but also in the traditional dances where you learn to know this religious touch of the Hindu culture.

Especially in the North of Bali you find besides the beautiful nature some nice little villages where it feels like time is standing still.
Discover Bali far off the beaten tourist tracks with the hotel English speaking tour guides in their air-conditioned modern cars. On demand they even stop for you at every palm tree...

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