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Better Ageing as Opposed to Anti Ageing

Better Ageing as Opposed to Anti Ageing

Anti-aging is about reversing the effect of time meanwhile better-aging is more likely about protecting health and well-being in order to preserve the quality of life when aging.  

Anti-aging strategies are based on the use of technics (for example aesthetics medicine) or active ingredients with demonstrated properties against skin aging (anti-aging cosmeceuticals). Better –aging is more a better –living coaching based on a preventive and holistic medical expertise encompassing preventive medicine, nutrition, and osteopathy ….  

Recent progress made in understanding the biological mechanics of aging makes it possible to fully appreciate the impact of lifestyle on the process and also to determine the ability of every individual to live well for as long as possible. 

What makes Spa Nescens at La Reserve Geneve unique 

La Reserve Geneva as an urban resort is a secret refuge designed as a timeless lodge with unforgettable experiences savored in a simple and natural way.  Desired atmosphere of a club one is keen to enter and where spending time is a true pleasure.  Hospitality as part of the main philosophy and essence here…

So, why it is unique:

  • Health Spa with medical expertise & presence of the team of experts on site (Spa doctor, osteopath, nutritionist…). 
  • Successful aging approach Personalized approach and programs in accordance to clients ‘ objectives.  
  • The organization of an osteopathic assessment as part of the Better-Aging program is a real added-value in the multidisciplinary approach of the body, joint, muscles, mobility, postural habits. 
  • The restaurant Café Lauren located in the Spa, offers the possibility to the clients to enjoy gastronomic and dietetics meals. 
  • Meals are elaborated by Michelin-starred Chef Eric Canino, for a perfect balance between enjoyment and dietetic.  
  • The Better-Aging diet enables sustainable slimming devoid of frustration or simply learning how to eat better on a long term basis.  

How the Nescens program has been developed

The Nescens better-aging programs were developed to better help you:

  • Identify and correct the imbalances that accelerate aging: overweight, stress, fatigue...
  • Develop a better understanding of your individual risk factors
  • Implement a suitable and personalized better –aging prevention plan 

Nescens better-aging programs draw on the unique scientific and medical expertise of the Nescens brand and the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland) created by Prof. Jacques PROUST more than 20 years ago. 

Nescens programs has been developed by Nescens medical team and benefit from their unique clinical experience in preventive medicine.  They offer an opportunity to benefit from the latest scientific progress in the fields of, biological and genetic testing as well as biology of aging.  

As a result, every program begins with an in-depth diagnostic phase. This assessment is conducted by the heath spa’s multi-disciplinary team with a range of complementary experience (preventive medicine, osteopathy, nutrition) to enable a holistic better-aging care. 

What it involves


With medical team & contingent of experts (coaches, therapists…) : 

  • Diagnostic phase (Medical / osteopathy / Prevention) 

In-depth diagnostic phase : with laboratory tests and assessment  

Osteopathy assessment: A holistic approach of the body, joint, muscles, mobility, postural habits / in-depth analysis in order to define and correct the imbalances in the body’s various structures => Osteopathic assessment to find the right exercise 

  • Nutritional assessment  

Consciousness of what we eat and the importance of a balanced diet, awareness of the influence of some environmental aspects (stress, sleeping disorders, lack or absence of physical activity, bad eating habits…), meals adapted to each person in accordance to each rhythm, needs => Identify how people deal with food 

Anti-Aging consultation: discussion about prevention aspects conducted by a specialist physician 

  • Physical activities 

Personalized Coaching and daily physical activities adapted to each profile 

  • Spa treatments 

Spa with daily Signature treatments (massages, balneotherapy, wrap…). Daily intense Spa program which includes approximately a total of 5 hours of treatments/consultation. 

Who is it best for?

  • For those who want to lose weight, with sustainable results and without frustration
  • For those who want to implement a detox strategy paying attention not to create any imbalances
  • For a relevant wellness program with a perfect knowledge and awareness of our own osteoarticular risks factors 

How does it help people? 

  • Bring awareness of the impact of their lifestyle in the way we are going to age Proactive process.  
  • The consciousness of what we eat and the importance of a balanced diet.  
  • Awareness of the influence of some environmental aspects such as stress, sleeping disorders, lack of of physical activities… 
  • Identify, target and correct the imbalances in order to facilitate the implementation of a tailored health prevention plan 

What kind of results can people expect?

  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Gain vitality
  • Consciousness
  • Revitalization
  • Positive impact on physical and emotional wellness 

Follow up support when people leave the resort

A complete medical report is sent to clients within 2 weeks. Clients are leaving the property with a health prevention plan, recipes, examples of physical exercises, nutritional & health advises…. 

What is the long term impact of the programmes

  • Counciousness
  • Daily and long lasting results
  • Pleasure without frustration
  • Better understanding of how to manage our health capital and ability to age well


La Réserve Genève Hotel & Spa


At the very heart of La Réserve Genève, the Spa Nescens is a haven of well-being, peace and elegance. A unique location where you can relax and experience every moment filled with joy and without a care in the world thanks to the personalized services offered by a team of medical specialists, therapists and dedicated coaches. Don’t resist: booking a Spa Break entitles you to one complimentary treatment** each day.

The package is inclusive of the following:

• Breakfast at Le Café Lauren, at the Loti restaurant or in your room
• Free access to the 2,000 sq  m spa* with indoor swimming pool, sauna, hammam...
• A Complimentary treatment** per night 
• Free access to La Petite Réserve for children from 6 months to 13 years old, daily from 9 am to 6 pm
• Complimentary soft drinks from the mini-bar
• WI-FI Internet
• Access by Motoscafo (a complimentary water taxi service between the hotel and Geneva town center)

* Admittance only for guests aged 14 and over
**Maximum value per treatment: 200 CHF - Subject to availability

This offer is limited and subjects to availability. 


$4 248.00

No packages for the chosen parameters - please try other dates or chose another type of room!


4 days to take a break, to recharge your batteries, to get back to a healthy weight, as well as to develop a better understanding of how to optimize your future quality of life

The package is inclusive of the following:

Nescens better-aging check-up
• Session with the doctor responsible for the program, health and diet check-up, interpretation of biological assessment results
• Session with the osteopath, physical and joint-health evaluation
• Session with the dietician, dietary assessment
Intensive, personalized program of physical activities and treatments

Physical activities
• 1 daily personal training session from the second day
• Access to all spa facilities (swimming pool, fitness, sauna, hammam...)
• Access to group classes

 Spa treatments, 1 massage per day minimum:
• 2 exclusive better-aging massages - 1h30
• 2 exclusive better-aging massages - 2h
• 1 complete 3-in-1 remodeling treatment - 1h30
• 2 body wraps
• 1 body scrub
• 4 balneotherapy treatments

Better-aging dietary program
• 3 personalized healthy meals daily

The stay includes
4 nights
- A welcome Smoothie in your room
- Free access to La Petite Réserve for children from 6 months to 13 years old, daily from 9am to 6pm
- Soft drinks free of charge from the mini-bar
- Free wireless internet access


By reservation only at least 7 days in advance.


$4 855.00

No packages for the chosen parameters - please try other dates or chose another type of room!

Book your stay at

1 nights

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