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Exploring Madeira: Galo Resort Hotel Alpino Atlantico

Exploring Madeira: Galo Resort Hotel Alpino Atlantico

The Galo Resort Hotel Alpino Atlântico is a small boutique style hotel with a very nice flair and a beautiful view over the Atlantic Ocean. The Hotel is situated directly on the sea front on top of a small cliff.


Situated in a more quiet area further apart from the main Galo Resort Hotels complex, this hotel offers a secluded getaway while offering all the amenities in the main hotel building. Learn more of rooms and amenities at Alpino Atlantico! 


Hotel and sea platform makes part of the natural underwater reserve of Madeira Caniço de Baixo. 

Fitness & Sports

Fully equipped fitness studio and fitness club with climbing wall, cardio equipment such as running machines, rader-gometer, ruder ergometer, stepper etc. Weight lift room, fitness room for spinning, aerobic, power jump, step, pilates, body work out, flexi bar etc. Multifunctional courts for squash, table tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball. 


Onda Revital Club organizes specific "Training Camps", especially for professional athletes.
The organization and management of these camps is done by Hotel Galosol / Onda Revital Club and its highly specialized professionals.


The hotel provies Golf Service; green fees, reservation of tee times, equipment and golf shoes cleaning.  


Here available Diving base on property with diving school, diving boat, variety of courses and equipment rental, Nitrox diving.  

Madeira is covered by a network of small roads, paths and mountain trails. The unique mountain landscape makes it a hot tip for mountain bikers.


Mountain Corina Bachmeier, multiple Portuguese State Champion in Downhill, runs a mountain bike station through LOKOLOKO in the Galo Resort Hotels. Bike rental, excellent guides and guided tours can be booked all year round.


Spa & Wellness

Onda Revital Lounge Spa 

To the same extend as the world is becoming more and more hectically and louder, we are craving for rest and relaxation. We are yearning for places where we can regenerate and recharge our batteries. 

Exclusive panasiatic SPA welcomes you with a small ritual, candlelight and beautiful native flowers.
Find in 400 sm a unique refuge for body, mind and soul, find what you are looking for and experience more than you expect.

In Far East the culture of well being is a part of daily live since thousands of years. We coalesced traditional Asiatic massage and treatment with occidental life style to a holistic concept. Rediscover your positive awareness of life again with personalized pampering.  


Acupuncture is a treatment method with more than 5000 years in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a regulator therapy: the normal functions of body are stimulated by inserting needles in certain points. Depending on the acupuncture point and puncture technique, the energy flux can be stimulated or calmed.

According to the Chinese medicine, the human body has, in addition to nerves and blood vessels, the called meridians (energy pathways). Through these paths, nutrients and energy are conducted to and from the organs. The acupuncturist stimulates the blocked points with needles, which are located on the power lines in order to reactivate the free flux. There are a total of 365 classical acupuncture points. The art of the acupuncturist is to find the best combination of points to the specific problems of the patient. Given the large number of points possible, this is not an easy task, a good training of the acupuncturist is therefore an important prerequisite for a successful treatment.

When is acupuncture helpful?
According to World Health Organization (WHO), which has a large number of studies in this area, acupuncture has proved effective in the following disorders:
- Allergies (hay fever, allergies to dust and pet allergies)
- Respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, bronchitis and sinusitis)
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, dyspepsia, constipation)
- Skin diseases (herpes, eczema, psoriasis, wound healing disorders)
- Neurological disorders (migraine, headache, back pain, paralysis after stroke)
- Orthopedic Disorders (arthritis, back pain, pain in the shoulder area)

Amount: EUR 60,00 per treatment

Nuno Miguel Freitas
Therapist for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
studied 1999 – 2006
Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Tuina Massage

Tuina is the clinic massage from the traditional Chinese medicine. Manipulation techniques are used to articulate and smooth the muscles during the treatment, especially for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The success is particularly high in cases of headaches, sleep disorders, digestive disorders and pain syndromes of all types.
Tuina is well appreciated, as it regenerates and harmonizes what is excellent to combat the everyday stress.

30 min: EUR 35,00
60 min: EUR 60,00

Nuno Miguel Freitas
Therapist for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
studied 1999 – 2006
Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The main focus of the physiotherapy is the treatment of deficiencies and disfunctions of the human locomotor system, in order to produce the maximum possible movement and functional ability of the patient. It may also help relieve pain.
Our therapist offers the following treatments:

Manual Therapy

Directed to resolve malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, it treats the joints capsules, ligaments, muscles and nerves in order to improve restricted mobility and relieve pain. The treatment includes diagnostic techniques, mobilization, soft tissue techniques, but also the instruction of exercises.60 min. EUR 60,0030 min. EUR 35,00Saskia KolbOrthopedic/Surgical Physiotherapist since 2000

Breuss – Massage

A back massage, guided by soft and delicate sliding technics, stretching and kneading, made along the spine. It was designed to gently remove blockages of energy, both physical and emotional.

30 min. EUR 27,00

Saskia Kolb
Orthopedic/Surgical Physiotherapist since 2000

Sportmassage And Trigger Points

Sportmassage and Trigger Points
It is ideal after exercising, to relax muscles, to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and to remove metabolic wastes. It also treats deeper muscle layers. The sport massage is also suitable as a preparation for intense phisical exercise.

30 min. EUR 27,00

Saskia Kolb
Orthopedic/Surgical Physiotherapist since 2000

Energy Work

Use your holidays to reunite yourself with your sources and your power. It'll be days just for life!

With an individual, personalized holistic program, but first of all with lust of life and especially lust of love to yourself, we will find and release blockades. It is not always simple finding the way alone.

Our therapists work with ancient sciences like, REIKI, MEDIAL HEALING, MEDITATION, HOLISTIC COACHING/ KINESIOLOGY and the EMF Balancing Technique® your power to solve daily defiances.

EUR 70,-  / 60 min  


The indoor swimming pool and sauna area are situated in Onda Revital Club - Hotel Galosol.

Whithin the facilities, you will fin Finnish Sauna, Bio-Sauna, Turkish Bath plunge pool, waterfall and Kneipp showers, as well as a quiet room where you can relax.

In the garden of Hotel Alpino Atlântico there is a sauna with ocean view! The sauna and outdoor shower are facing the sea in a quiet "sheltered" garden area.
Ayurveda Centre by Birgit Moukom 


It is this special smile that is in your face and do not want to disappear after an Ayurvedic treatment. With its soothing effect, lasting treatment of Ayurveda will bring you well-being, relaxation and energy. Ayurveda is the oldest existing philosophy of life, and today has the same importance that it had thousands of years ago. Ayurveda is compared with a ritual that sees human beings as a whole. The word Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit words - AYUR - "Union of body, mind and soul" and VEDA - "eternal wisdom". With Ayurveda everyone can achieve this holistic balance; massage, herbal treatments, cleansing rituals and a personalized diet, will help you to get a more lasting balance and a more fulfilled life. 
Below you may explore the rooms and book your accommodation at the Selected Hotels.  


Galo Resort Hotel Alpino Atlantico - Adults Only

Natural anti-aging program through Ayurveda: beauty days at Refugio dos Sonhos

Birgit Moukom's Ayurvedic spa centre in Madeira is offering a special spa package until 31st October 2017. The Ayurveda natural anti-aging program has a relaxing effect and lets your personality and appearance shine. Careful facial and body massages as well as beauty treatments are all tailored to suit you and ensure smoothing and rejuvenating effects. You will receive tips on nutrition in a one-to-one session with the Ayurveda doctor Dr. Subha, and during an Ayurveda Workshop she will share with you the most effective herbal care formulas for your skin and hair. On the half-day excursion, you will learn about the energetic power and beauty of Madeira, the flower isle. You will stay right by the Atlantic Ocean in Hotel Alpino Atlantico where every room enjoys a sea view.

The package is inclusive of the following:

  • 5 or 6 Nights Accommodation 
  • Full Board Ayurvedic cuisine 
  • 6 Ayurvedic beauty massages
  • 6 x Morning Yoga/Qigong sessions
  • 1 Ayurveda Workshop with Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Subha
  • 1 Half-day excursion in a small group (maximum 5 persons)

PLEASE NOTE  All State or Municipality taxes as from 2017 onwards are not included (example: turimo-, city-, eco-tax, etc. )

Hotel Inclusions:

  • Sports: Free use of Onda Revital Club as a member, majority of Fitness classes. Weekly morning Jogging and Morning Yoga (1 Euro each).
  • Wellness: Indoor Pool, Saunas and Jacuzzi in Onda Revital Club.
  • Swimming facilities: Private beach with salt water pool and direct access to the sea. Outdoor & Indoor Pool in Hotel Galosol.
  • Entertainment: Weekly Entertainment Programme, Live Music, Folklore, Guest Relations, etc.
  • Free Internet: free Wi-Fi in common areas of Hotel Galosol, Hotel Galomar and Hotel Alpino Atlantico. Free WI-FI in Hotel Galosol and Hotel Alpino Atlantico rooms.

Check In: from 14:00 Check Out: until 12:00


$1 993.00

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