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Explore Desert Conservation Reserve with Comfort of Al Maha Resort

Explore Desert Conservation Reserve with Comfort of Al Maha Resort

Al Maha Resort is nestled in a verdant palm oasis, deep within Dubai’s magical dune and desert landscape in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and plays a vital role in its conservation. Al Maha showcases the heritage and architecture of the Bedouins and also offers a sense of desert adventure.


Al Maha is an 82 room hotel located in the heart of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve—just a 50 minute drive from downtown Dubai.


With 42 suites ranging from Emirates, Presidential to Royal, providing guests lavish and thoughtfully curated accommodations for guests to enjoy an effortlessly relaxing sojourn. Book your stay at Al Maha Resort now!


Amenities include 24-hour concierge services inviting guests to partake in traditional activities of the Bedouin culture including complimentary morning and afternoon activities such as camel riding, Arabian wildlife viewings, dune riding and more.


With four restaurants and bars, families, children, couples and the solo traveler have a wide selection of foods and cuisines in which to partake while residing at this desert oasis.


The Arabian Oryx & the Gazelles are the star attractions in the reserve.


The indigenous Arabian wildlife can also be viewed from the temperature-controlled infinity pool or sundeck seating area of all Villas. 

Enjoy two different complimentary desert activities every day as part of the stay.



Most activities at Al Maha take place in the cooler parts of the day (morning/afternoon).


Guests are accompanied by an experienced field guide at all times, who ensures not only the guests’ enjoyment and satisfaction, but also their safety.


Day activities: Nature walk in the arabian desert, Dune drive, Horse riding, Falcony. 


Afternoon activities: Wildlife safari, Camel trekking, Archery.

Timeless Spa

Timeless Spa with its team of gifted international Spa therapists specialises in a wide range of wellness, rejuvenation and beauty therapies. Offering a fusion of healing practices drawn from cultures around the world, the treatments are truly representative of Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature. 

Their signature treatments draw on the wisdom of Middle Eastern and South East Asian aromatherapy traditions. At Timeless Spa they are offering beauty and relaxation treatments, private massage rooms for couples, in-suite massage, private Rasoul chamber, Hydrotherapy bath, a sauna and steam room including a cold plunge pool, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness centre. 


Massage Therapy


Let yourself be pampered and enjoy our luxurious relaxation treatments for your well-being and balance.

  • Balinese Massage 60 min. 450/90 min. AED 600
    Traditional Indonesian massage to relieve stress, tension and improve circulation with stretching movements and deep massage techniques. This treatment promotes harmony for body and soul.
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage 60 min. 450/90min. AED 600
    With warm oil, soft and deep movements with the forearms across your body, this massage gives you an almost indescribable feeling of deep relaxation.
  • Thai Massage 60 min. 500/90min. AED 700
    This unique and powerful massage, which combines acupressure, gentle stretching and yoga, is perfect to reduce stress and enhances energy and flexibility.
  • Hot Stone Massage 60 min. 450/90min. AED 600
    The comforting warmth of the Basaltic stones combine with deep tissue massage techniques melt the tension away. Wonderful relaxation and energizing treatment.
  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 min .450/90min. AED 600
    Based on the classic medical massage with elements of sport massage revive and energize the sore and tired muscles.
  • Reflexology 45 min. AED 450
    There is a definite link between your feet and your bodily organs. Our special pressure point massage helps mobilize your body’s own healing powers.
  • De-Stress Back-Massage 30 min. AED 300
    This deep neck, back and shoulder massage is designed to relieve stiff joints and muscle fatigue.
  • De-Stress Back –Massage with Reflexology 75 min. / AED 550
    You will be massaged on your back and pressure points on your feet. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your sense of well-being.
  • Treatment in your personal suite - per person AED 250 additional


For a palpable sense of well-being combine your massage with:

- An intensive Body Exfoliation 45min. AED 380
- Relaxing Hydro Bath 30 min. AED 250
- Organic Mud Scalp & Hair Therapy 30 min. AED 300

Face Therapy

Experience your individual and unique beauty treatment Immerse yourself in an emotional world of experience with our wonderful facial collection.

  • Babor Hydration Facial 60 min. AED 450
    This intensively moisturizing skin care facial removes all sign of tireless. After cleansing, massage and mask your skin looks fresh and bright recommended for dehydrated skin.
  • Sodashi Marine Mineral Facial 60 min. AED 500
    This exceptional facial will indulge your senses with botanical hydrating ingredients to reduce the appearance of dehydration lines. The marine algae mask gives elasticity and increase cell renewal.
  • Sodashi Sensitive Skin Facial 60 min. AED 450
    Enjoy cooling botanical mists and soothing aromatic gels .This plant essences and herbal extracts will strengthen the capillaries and de-sensitive your skin. Wonderful refreshing facial.
  • Sodashi Lifting Facial 75 min. AED 600
    This is an intensive boost of all natures vitamins and minerals the warm Infusing mask will maximize the penetration of the ingredients into the deeper layer cells. Your skin feels hydrated and toned while restoring elasticity and radiance.
  • Eye Treatment 45 min. AED 380
    This relaxing treatment will reduce puffiness diminish dark circles and fine lines .The specialized massage and mask brings back your eyes to their sparkling best.
  • Man Facial for the active and modern man 60 min. AED 450
    An effective turbo treatment to restore the skins elasticity. The treatments begins with an relaxing salt therapy back massage followed by the face cleansing, massage and mask with the wonderful Sodashi s man products. Just enjoy.




  • Intensive Firming Body Treatment 90 min. AED 600
    Anti-Aging, Stretch marks and cellulite body treatment, which tones and detoxifies your skin .After brushing and thermal mask an intensive draining massage improve the elasticity and skin tone.
  • Signature Body Treatment 90 min. AED 650
    The delicate and sensual scents of the orient. Let us pamper you with the best oriental products. This sensual and intense treatment with the exclusive formula of figs and dates soften your skin with the gentle body scrub, followed by a full body massage with blended aroma oil and soothing face and foot pack. Such a wonderful relaxation treatment to balance body, mind and soul.
  • Marine Detoxifying Body Treatment 90 min. AED 600
    Relax and enjoy the exfoliation with Organic green tea and sea salt, the following warm marine body mask applied all over your body before your cocooned in a comforting wrap. Rest and restore during a scalp massage for total relaxation.
  • Organic Body Exfoliation 45 min. AED 380
    A gentle all over body scrub using Vanilla, Sandalwood, Coconut or Orange Salt to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky soft.
  • Organic Mud Scalp & Hair Therapy 30 min. AED 300
    This Therapy moisturize the hair and scalp, stimulates circulation during a wonderful scalp massage.
  • Body-Bath and Massage Therapy 90 min. AED 550
    Bath away toxins and muscle tense. Our relaxation bath with hydro jets and color therapy promotes regeneration and blood circulation. Choose your product favorite like mineral mud or hydrating essentials. It is the ideal preparation for the following full body massage.
  • Hydrotherapy Bath 30 min. AED 250
    High quality aroma oils for relaxation, balancing or energizing your body and mind. While massage jets working your muscle tension relieves.
  • Rasoul Ritual 75 min. AED 550
    Oriental ceremony that combines full body exfoliation and the application of mineral clay. Chill out in your private Rasoul with light steam alternating with soft raindrops, wonderful for your skin and internal body recreation.

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