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Get Well at Carlsbad Plaza

Get Well at Carlsbad Plaza

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza belongs to the top hotels not only in Karlovy Vary, but in the Czech Republic as well. In the heart of the spa town it offers its guests accommodation in 124 luxurious rooms and 28 suites measuring up to 216 m2.


"Under one roof" you will find modern conference facilities, luxurious shops, the posh French restaurant La Bohème, the cozy Sorrento restaurant offering a rich buffet, and last but not least 3 daytime bars and 1 night bar with live music.

The hotel is unique especially for its wide range of medical services, including more than 250 types of treatments in the extraordinary Medical Spa & Wellness premises with an area of 3500 m2. 

Medical Spa Suites

Introducing a completely new and unique concept of treatment at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel in Karlovy Vary - treatment program in Spa Suites. 

New facilities were built to provide these services, the facilities meet the highest standards of care and spa for clients while at the same time offering the luxury, comfort and tranquility needed for relaxation.


The Spa Suites, i.e. medical suites, consist of several rooms, each Spa Suite totaling an area of approximately 50 m2 and including a private bathroom, rooms with multifunctional bathtubs for all types of baths, a massage area, a relaxation area with deck chairs and a TV. The Spa Suites with rare exceptions provide a large variety of treatments for two clients in suite category rooms and at times specifically reserved for clients.

Medical Spa Gallery

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza continues to provide classic spa treatments in the Medical Spa Gallery (for clients accommodated in single and double rooms and junior suites), as a result of the opening of the new Spa Suites these guests can experience a more relaxed environment and more flexibility even during the busiest periods.  carlsbad_plaza_medical_spa_gallery

Clients staying in two-room apartments (i.e. the from Carlsbad Suite to Presidential Suite categories) can benefit from the new Spa Suites which are for up to two people staying in these apartments. A third party staying in the apartments (therapeutic program! Medical package with full board and treatment /Medical package with half board and treatment on extra bed) will be treated in the Medical Spa Gallery.


The main advantages of The New Spa Suites treatment compared to treatment in the Medical Spa Gallery:

  • All procedures are provided in one place and guests will no longer have to move from one area to another for treatments.
  • All procedures are provided during one time slot.
  • All procedures are provided by the same personnel. Patients have maximum individual care.
  • Clients have maximum privacy during procedures.
  • Procedures are provided during a limited time spent in the Spa Suite and according to the medical condition of the patient, all procedures during a 2.5 hour period of treatment are included.
  • This new treatment concept  allows our guests the opportunity and time to plan further activities in Karlovy Vary and its surroundings, thanks to the consolidation of time whereby procedures are provided simultaneously to two guests per suite. Treatments in the Spa Suites are provided daily from Monday to Friday in two and a half hourly intervals for both clients per suite and at the same time.

The cost of the Treatment Program in Spa Suites is included in the “Spa rate“ of the price list Carlsbad Plaza hotel.

The additional purchase of the Treatment program by clients not staying in a to two-room apartment is possible subject to availability.

Carlsbad Clinic

If health is in question, everything is in question. If beauty is in question, you should spare no expense. Remember it when you consider a place of your relaxation where you get vitality, strengthen your health and get your mental balance. You can find everything under one roof in the Carlsbad Clinic, in a friendly atmosphere with luxurious service and the latest equipment. 

At the Carlsbad Clinic you can find a beautiful environment with luxurious service and latest equipment. The doctors recommend you appropriate diagnostics and treatment methods. You want to know for example, how stress influences your health state? At Carlsbad Clinic you can undergo an examination. Further you can take advantage of the cardiologist diagnostics, sonography, endoscopy, gastroenterology with equipment for intestinal irrigation, aesthetic or plastic surgery.  carlsbad_clinic_01

Let yourself pamper by luxury brands of genuine cosmetics in the beauty Salon Magic Charm. The french cosmetic THALGO is unique as it produces unique cosmetics out of seaweed. And unique Japanese Cosmetics Kanebo SENSAI which respects the individuality of each of us and also help illustrate and enhance your natural beauty. You can uncover the amazing effects of cell therapy that is recommended by the Paris elite with the French cosmetics ERICSON Laboratoire. One of our latest editions to the represented brands is the french brand GUINOT.

Cosmetic treatments und products of these unique luxury cosmetic brands are prepared for you in the Magic Charm Salon at the Carlsbad Clinic.

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Positive effects of the Cryotherapy

  • Great peripheral congestion
  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of muscle tonus
  • Enhancement of achievement of immune system
  • Favourable psychological effect

The frost treatment cryotherapy is a rather new method, at which the body of the patient is exposed to extremely low temperatures. Back pain, joints, cellulite or psora, those are only a few of the cases in which the treatment shows suprisingly good results.


Carlsbad Clinic, unique in Karlovy Vary, offers a so called whole-body cryotherapy, which procedes in three closed departmental spaces, in which the patient stays for about three minutes under careful control and professional exposition at temperatures down to -110°C.

Positive effect of cold on organism results in the fact that the air inside the cryochamber is only preprocessed dry air - absolutely free of moisture. The body temperature is not sinking at all, only the surface cools down, that ends in a big peripheral congestion and the pain of attenuation starts, speeding the metabolism and healing process.

The freezing effect implicates also a radical augmention of the hormone level, dampened inflammation reaction, numb muscles get released and for many hours vanish also long term pains, including pains of the locomotor system.

Department of aesthetic and general surgery

Surgery of varices, laser and medication-aided sclerotization of varices. Wrinkle treatments,­ tumescent liposuction, eye lid plastic surgery, lip correction, breast correction, breast enhancement, breast reduction, orthopedic procedures and much more. 

Colon hydrotherapy - intestinal lavage

This procedure proves highly efficient on a variety of intestinal conditions. It also provides the thorough cleaning of the large intestine. After undergoing a specialized examination (Sigmoidoscopy), the guest will be recommended an appropriate colon hydrotherapy treatment­ by the gastroenterologist.  

Other procedures  
  • Moor mud bath - In the surroundings of a cave. The healing effects of the moor mud are recognised in dermal diseases, cellulite, pain in joints or the spine. carlsbad_plaza_mud_treatment
  • LPG - Softens the signs of cellulite and gently shapes skin that has lost its strength and flexibility. Used for eliminating signs of rapid weight loss after pregnancy or against the natural aging process. 
  • Golden Mask - Provides maximum comfort and the beneficial effects of gold, to improve skin hydration, radiance, reduces wrinkles and the incidence of moles, strengthens, smo-othes and softens the skin.

The wellness facilities include Medical Spa Gallery, which uses traditional methods of Karlovy Vary treatments, the Wellnessland with five types of pools and seven types of saunas, the unique Medical Spa Suites for treatments in total privacy and maximum comfort and the Carlsbad Clinic with a wide range of diagnostics, aesthetic and relaxational treatments.


All under the careful supervision of doctors in 14 different medical specializations.

A guarantee for the highest quality of services provided is that the highest international hotel certification "5 * Superior" has been obtained.

Below you may explore the rooms and book your accommodation at Carlsbad Plaza.

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