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Majorca Fontsanta Hotel: the Secret is in the Water

Majorca Fontsanta Hotel: the Secret is in the Water

Font Santa Hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Campos in the Southern portion of the island of Mallorca. The outskirts of the hotel offer stunning views and small urban centers that will allow you to enjoy nature, the beach and leisurely activities.


But the place is much more than just an exclusive location: one is able to enjoy from the pleasure and welfare of the thermal spa, which offers the only natural thermal waters in the Balearic Islands.


This creates the ideal environment: the natural land is protected by the beautiful beach Es Trenc and Es Salobrar de Campos. You are welcome to relax in this wonderful space catered for comfort and tranquility and discover the best kept secret of  thermal water.  

Space Serenity and Comfort

Font Santa Hotel offer 36 cozy and spacious rooms, the majority of which offer private terraces with stunning views of the natural land of Es Trenc Salobrar of Campos. Explore the rooms and book your stay at  Fontsanta Hotel Thermal & Spa

The design of the property has a combination of traditional as well as modern decor with hard wood floors complemented by light colors to encourage relaxation as well as prolong the wonderful sensations created by the thermal spa.

Enjoy a natural experience

In the Font Santa Hotel Restaurant one is able to taste a kitchen of truly elaborate art with the most natural of ingredients from the fresh markets.


Discover our healthy, exquisite and exclusive gastronomic innovations while at the same time enjoying our tranquil interior spaces, private rooms and restaurant terraces.  

Unique waters

The waters of the Thermal Spa del Font Santa Hotel are different from any other spa in the Balearic Islands, so much so that they are the only thermal waters with subterranean origin on the islands. 
These waters emerge from underground and as they rise in shallow aquifers they aquire mineral elements in a form that would be almost impossible to reproduce artificially. 

Due to this process the waters present a high level of minerals at 25,34 gl, the predominant elements being chlorine and sodium in the form of salts. Other elements present in smaller concentrations include magnesium, calcium, sulfur, flourine, potassium etc. These rich minerals stimulate a series of positive effects on the body (skin improvement, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, etc) and because of this they have been declared for public use since 1869.

Water-made pleasures

Thermal Pool 

Thermal water pool that creates a world of sensations thanks to the underwater jets that emerge from the walls located at different body levels: feet, legs and back, swan neck jet as well as a water cascade for the cervical zone and the shoulders. There are chairs with underwater jets located on the backs of the seats in order to offer lumbar support, jets for swimming crosscurrent and a volcano like spring that project vertical spouts of water from the ground.
Thermal Jacuzzi  

 Discover the pleasure of thermal jacuzzi with five seats that offer the latest technology in underwater jets that emit vibrating jets designed to massage all body zones. Also, there is a chromotherapy system incorporated with the use of different colored lights and a waterfall. 
The Jacuzzi is in a private room covered with a ceiling of beautiful rocks from the sea in the form of a Spanish barrel with a view of a stunning garden and patio. This experience is a gift for all the senses.
Steam Room

Relax the body and mind in the Steam Room that offers an amazing grotto with the view of the hot thermal water crashing against the rocks creating the rising steam.
Thermal Bath
Enjoy all the benefits of the water with the complete immersion the Thermal Bath offers.
Hand Bath
Thermal Spa caters to every part of the body. The hand bath provides the arms as well as the hands with the special technique of alternating between hot and cold thermal water.
Foot Bath
The sensational baths continue with the foot bath, using the same special technique of alternating between hot and cold thermal water on the feet and legs.

Relaxation Room
Once finished with the tour through the spa one is able to rest  in the sun loungers of the relaxation room. It is a zone in which the light as well as the rocks from the sea create a cozy and serene space.
Here you will be able to rejuvenate and renew mind, body and soul with exclusive massage services, wellness rituals, and esthetic as well as beauty treatments.

The place is very popular. Book your stay and enjoy!

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