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Africa Kept in its Magnificence: Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort

Africa Kept in its Magnificence: Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is located in Mchangamle, in the South-West part of this island, generally known as Zanzibar Island. It is situated on the immaculate Kizimkazi bay, 55 minutes away from the airport and the capital, Stone Town.


The Resort, which is accessed by a private road across the dense forest, covers a total green area in excess of 95.000 mq. All rooms and villas are located along a sea front 300 meters long which borders a 2 kilometers long bone-white sand beach.


The Resort is in perfect harmony with the surrounding natural environment, featuring a splendid turquoise sea and an impressive cliff protecting it against tides on one side; the rest is surrounded by a natural park filled with tropical plants. The warm Indian Ocean, at low tide, provides clean and beautiful sand bays. The long and fascinating jetty gives access to the sea and docking at any time. 


 It's the intention of Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort to bring to mind a time of simple pleasures pieced together by moments of pure beauty, with a choice of convivial spaces or intimate exclusiveness, based on your tastes or mood. Elegant and sober in a romantic atmosphere full of exuberant nature, the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort awaits you, dedicated to calmness and privacy, immersed in the joyfulness of a bubbly island.


Relaxing walks over the immaculate sand on the edges of Kizimkazi bay and unforgettable times bathing in warm crystal-clear waters lie in wait for you.   

Jungle Spa

The beautiful surroundings of un-spoilt nature will increase the feeling of well-being.

Customized programs, massages and thousand year old tradition rituals will let you rediscover beauty and peace of mind. All of this right in the center of blooming garden. Two treatment stations and the exclusive relaxing area close to the small reception are available.

In the charming "jungle" setting, with a sophisticated environment of candles, aromas and fragrant spices, it is possible to enjoy a variety of treatments and therapies aimed at easing the negative effect of modern life-style, such as stress and weariness. 


The team of professionals physiotherapists, in addition to the massage line, offer a wide range of face, body, hands and feet treatments. Special custom packages have been specifically designed by the local experts. 

Body  Massage & Treatment

Marine Prelude   50 min   $ 60
Drawn from the heart of the Dead Sea, this purifying and softening
mud combined with a marine salt preparation, is the ultimate in 
exfoliation whilst offering all the benefits of remineralisation and pure


The Fruit & Spice Special Journey      2 hr      $ 120
Milk bath
Indoceane takes you on a journey over four different continents. 
You will start in the Mediterranean with a sweet and savory body 
scrub containing brown sugar, sea salt and citrus essential oils. 
Then visit the Egyptian port of call, where you will relax in precious
milk bath, just like Cleopatra. You are then off to India where you 
will receive a body massage based on ayuverdic principals. From 
there you will end you journey in China, with a sublime body wrap, 
leaving your senses in a complete harmony toghether.

Jungle’s Finest           2 hr       $ 160
Indulge in ‘Fruit & Spice’ Finest signature body treatment. Begin with a 
honey, lemon and sesame seed body scrub, then find yourself 
smoothered in a combination of coconut and rich cocoa body mask,
while receiving traditional African head massage. Using hot, 
lemongrass infused towels your therapist will gently remove this
mask. A light smoothing massage using a warm blend of Jasmine and 
coconut oil in the final touch. 

Lomi Lomi    50 min   $ 60
This flowing with total energy, using long continous strokes, combined
with a very loving touch relaxes the entire being. The therapist utilizes 
mainly her forearms and elbows to release any blockages, while at the 
same time giving new energy in the body to flow freely.
Choose your flavour                        Recommended: Eucalyptus/Lime 

Reiki    50 min   $ 60

Promotes healing trough methods that are rooted in eastern spiritual 
tradition. Gentle placements of the therapist’s hands are felt along the 
entire body, creating a calming and nurturing effect.
Bringing body, mind and soul into complete harmony.
Choose your flavour                        Recommended: Coffe / Cinnamon

Reflexology    30 min   $ 35

Releases life’s tensions through the energy meridians of the body on
the soles of your feet. Delight in this relaxing, therapeutic foot massage, 
improving circulation to all organs and systems in the body. 
Restores energy flow through the entire body and aids in calming 
ones mind completely. 
Choose your flavour                        Recommended: Jasmine 
African head massage    30 min   $ 25

A traditional head and scalp massage using a warm coconut oil. Deep 
pressure point therapy aids in relaxing and eases tight muscles 
along the scalp and neck. Helps relieve headache pain and calms a
busy mind.

Full body Exfoliation            30 min   $ 25
A full body exfoliation using a delicate body exfoliator, inreasing the
skin’ blood circulation and leaving your body feeling silky smooth..
Choose your flavour                 Recommended:Cardamom / Cinnamon
Sweet and savory body scrub                  30 min   $ 25

A full body exfoliation performed by using a delicious purifying 
body scrub containing brown sugar,salt and Mediterranean essential oils.
Luxurious and nourishing, this leaves your skin feeling like pure velvet.

FACE, HAND & FEET Massage & Treatment

Hot and cold stone Pedicure    40 min   $ 30

Taking your Pedicure to the next level, delight yourself in this luxurious 
treatment where your therapist will guide smooth, hot and cold basalt stones
drenched in aromatic oils.in a rhythmic movement over your feet and loxer 
extremities. This combination of hot and cold therapy for the feet not only 
stimulates the body’s reflexes, but also increases blood and lymph circulation 
while relaxing and calming the mind

Reflexology Pedicure treatment    40 min   $ 45

Receive a full Spa Pedicure followed by a therapeutic Reflexology treatment,
working on all the systems through specific reflexes in the feet, stimulating
the body’s circulation and maintaining general well-being. For the final 
touch, a hydrating touch with gold exfoliation scrub. 

Henna Tatoos from  $ 5 to 25

Create your own Zanxibarian Henna Tattoo with our Professional
artists. Something fun for the full African experience of a lifetime.
Treat yourself to a break in this African refuge. You will discover harmony of mind and body which is at the heart of diffused wellbeing sensations. 

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