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Where Wild Nature Meets Adrenalin-fuelled Adventure: Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Where Wild Nature Meets Adrenalin-fuelled Adventure: Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Named after the Malay words for 'reddish brown eagle' ('helang' – eagle; 'kawi' – reddish brown), Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea off Malaysia’s northwest coast. In 2007 it was declared Southeast Asia's first UNESCO Geopark – a geological and ecological wonderland of 550-million-year-old rock formations, mountainous rainforest and deserted islands. 


Just minutes by boat from the world-renowned mangroves of the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi combines artful design and all-pervading serenity with a wholesome connection with nature.


Every inch of the traditional Malaysian residence – or Rumah Melayu – is constructed with the beauty of the surrounding environment in mind. Imposing rooftops, breezy verandahs, spacious interiors and plentiful windows all take advantage of gentle tropical breezes and beautiful natural vistas. These influences pervade at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, accented by details that hint at the Arabic and Asian cultures of Malaysia’s melting pot. 


Dining facilities include three waterfront restaurants, the atmospheric Rhu Bar, in-room and specialty dining.

An endless sense of space encourages clarity and calm, with traditional accommodations woven through acres of beachfront gardens dotted with palms and lotus ponds.


Stroll along the sand or cycle through the shady gardens to the Adult Quiet Pool, landscaped Family Pool or Water Sports Centre. Discover Langkawi’s natural healing energies in The Geo Spa. Or hideaway with barbecues on the deck, in-villa spa therapies and moonlit bonfires on the beach. 


Nearby Kilim Karst offers thrilling up-close encounters with eagles, macaques and otters, fish that ‘walk’ and colourful fiddler crabs. Spot Giant Hornbills in the tropical rainforest or trek to hidden waterfalls straight out of a fairytale. Above all, discover the freedom and flexibility to reflect and reconnect – with each another and the surrounding nature.



Discover Langkawi’s natural healing energies.


The Geo  Spa distils the ancient  energies of Langkawi’s UNESCO Geopark into bespoke natural treatments by ila.

Amid six ‘floating’ spa pavilions flanked by towering limestone cliffs, the dramatic spa complex draws on an abundance of natural resources long revered by Langkawians for their healing benefits.


Treatments are split into four series – based on the four life requisites of the creatures within the Geopark – to enable guests to address specific wellness needs: Nourishment (to calm, nurture and ground); Water (to refresh, release and reconnect); Light (to energise and illuminate); and Air (to balance and heal).


Complimentary consultations determine which treatment or series of treatments best supports each guest’s needs, while recommended yoga programmes, bathing rituals and in-resort activities enable guests to continue immersing in the benefits of the surrounding nature beyond the spa complex.


The Geo Spa Concept

UNESCO Geoparks honour the earth’s heritage. Their name comes from the Greek word Gaia, meaning earth; their success lies in the protection of their geological, ecological and cultural wonders – a true partnership of people and planet.


Operating with utmost natural and ethical integrity, ila treatments use only the finest plant and mineral ingredients produced in harmony with nature and indigenous communities.

Inspired by these elements, The Geo Spa’s four treatment series combine to present an approach to health and wellness that is as holistic as it is unique.


Local natural treasures used in the treatments include: kacip fatimah – a herb renowned for women’s health – sustainably harvested from the Kuala Kangsar Rainforest; tongkat ali, used throughout Malaysia for generations to increase male sexual desire and libido; therapeutic essential oils such as mawar (the oil of love), bunga limau (bliss) and bungar melur (for stimulating the flow of love); and homemade herb and spice poultices featuring bunga chengkih, kayu manis and buah pelage.



Yoga is a practical system of self culture with an exact science and aims at the balancing and harmonious development of the body, mind and emotions. By doing the practices of yoga, one starts to attain an increased energy, immunity, vitality, long life and high standard of wellbeing.


Whatever your level, discover the multiple benefits either of a personalised session with one of the local inspirational yogis or attend group classes per your choice: 


Improve balance and core strength, enhance mindfulness and focus, and perfect yogic alignment with this rejuvenating practice at sea.


Yogic movements designed to nurture healthy back muscles and prevent injuries. This practice can also cure some common back ailments such as backaches, spasms and sciatica.


A journey of asanas and pranayamas, towards the realisation that a universal force resides in us all…concentration centres on the heart, facilitating pure compassion for all people and objects, and an acceptance of both positive and negative elements.


Meaning ‘light within the universe’, this practice aids concentration and control of our inner energy experiences. Physically it assists the processes of digestion and food metabolism, while at a spiritual level it heightens ambition and will.      


Designed to enhance awareness of the water element (located in the perineum region) and maintain harmony between the body, subconscious and unconscious mind. Helps purify the body of toxins by boosting kidney performance.


Focusing on the base of the spine: to reconnect the mind to the body’s earthly elements; create a sense of calmness and steadiness; ground the physical body and achieve a sense of security, both inwardly and outwardly.    


Start your ‘Yogic’ way of life with sequences of postures known as Surya Namaskara, followed by gentle and synchronised breathing yoga movements - all designed to bring awareness to the breath and help to loosen, stretch, tone and ‘listen to’ your body.



Yoga movements and synchronised breathing designed to lengthen connective tissue, expand range of motion and improve physical posture – benefitting the whole body for the day ahead.

Here at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi they are doing they best to help you identify personal imbalances, and facilitate a return to health and happiness.

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