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Thermal Resort Lasko, Slovenia

Thermal Resort Lasko, Slovenia

The Thermana Laško Resort is located in the exceptional embrace of nature, immediately above the confluence of the Savinja and Rečica rivers. It is a true paradise for playing, relaxing and recuperating. It is located almost in the centre of Slovenia, 11 km from the Maribor-Ljubljana motorway connection in Celje, the town of the Counts of Celje.


Hotel Thermana Park Laško**** superior has in its disposal:  

  • 188 contemporarily decorated rooms  
  • Thermal centre  
  • Sauna centre  
  • Wellness SPA centre  
  • Contemporarily decorated catering facilities (choice of restaurants and coffee shop)  
  • Fitness centre  
  • Congress centre (up to 1.000 participants)  
  • A wonderful natural environment, many possibilities for recreation (hiking, cycling, parachute gliding, fly-fishing…).


The Hotel Thermana Park Laško**** Superior met the final criteria for obtaining the environmental protection label and was thus awarded the EU Flower logo which is recognised throughout the European Union as an official label of environmental responsibility. In addition to fulfilling the demanding criteria of the EU Ecolabel in regard to reducing negative environmental impact, they pay respect to cultural heritage, tradition and the specialities of the local environment by including them in their offer and by developing a comfortable environment to live and work in.



THERMAL CENTRE - The unique glass dome multiplies sun beams for magic evening moments.


The dome is placed right above the indoor pools and whirlpools, which we will open on warm days. Once the soothing freshness of natural and curative thermal water, heated to 30-34 °C, gives you a warm embrace, you will want to feel it every day. 

The modern baths are as much as three times larger than the current indoor and outdoor pools of Laško Health resort. 


Indoor and outdoor pools of the thermal centre represent 2,200 m2 of water surfaces. The energy you lose will be restored with an excellent offer of food and drinks in the self-service restaurant of the thermal centre.

Under the magnificent glass dome you will find:  

  • Wave-effect pool, 
  • three whirlpools above the pool,  
  • Kneipp area,  
  • children's water entertainment park,  
  • Recreation and massage pool with cascades and underground streams,  
  • Fast river and  
  • Water slide


The outdoor facilities are:  

  • Recreation swimming pool,  
  • Children's pool,
  • Water chute, water slide, and  
  • Thermal outdoor pool connected with the indoor pool, where you can enjoy in all seasons.


The greatest attraction is the crystal-shaped massage pool in the confluence of the Rečica and the Savinja, whose form is most expressive of the beneficial relationship with the nature in the embrace of thermal waters. The pool will offer a variety of aromatic and colour baths in combination with water massage that will fill your body with energy. 



Invaluable for the body and soul


900 m2 of the sauna centre with seven modern saunas, with the touch of the ancient Laško, make your prolonged moments of relaxation and enhancement of body systems invaluable.


The infrared sauna, Laconium, Sanarium, and classical Finnish and steam saunas flirt with the tradition of thematic saunas with three relaxation areas, a cool indoor and a warm outdoor pool, and a refreshment bar.


A direct view of the Savinja's river, right under the halls with hot air, is an extraordinary work-of-art of Mother Nature and complements the relaxation that saunas can provide.



The offers of wellness centre are well rounded with: 

  • Ayurvedic massages, Thai massages, Comfort Zone rituals, facial and body care, wrappings and masks of acknowledged premium lines of cosmetics Comfort Zone and Pevonia Botanica.   


  • Unique techniques of performing stone therapy, clinical aromatherapy, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage and Shiatsu.  


  • Thematic baths with romantic flavor, where you can spend relaxing moments by yourself or in the company of your partner.  
  • Fitness centre, equipped with the latest Technogym equipment.  
  • Holistic pilates centre, designed with the technique of Body & Mind programs.



Massage is an ancient and perfectly safe and natural way to relax the body and mind. Experts believe that massage stimulates the production of endorphins – a group of opiate proteins with pain-reliving properties that are found naturally in the brain.



Returning to the elements from which life itself originates is not only of vital importance to our health, but also promotes the peace of mind, tranquillity and joy that we are often deprived of during our everyday life.


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