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Nowhere Else Experience at Borgo Egnazia

Nowhere Else Experience at Borgo Egnazia

Discovering Puglia is the beginning of an adventure that makes you love this region deeply. Thanks to its mild climate, Puglia can be visited all year round. Autumn and winter, which are particularly moderate, always guarantee a vast choice of products from the earth and offer unique and exclusive vistas, village festivals, ancient exhibits and seasonal traditions. During spring and summer, the region blossoms and intensely lives feasts, shows, and celebrations on the beach. For lovers of local enogastronomy, the town of Ceglie is full of prize-winning restaurants. 


In terms of cultural and landscape gems, Puglia also houses Andria’s Castel del Monte-hunting home of Frederick II , Alberobello’s trulli (Unesco World Heritage), Fasano’s flatlands’ ancient olive groves and for the soul: Monte Sant’Angelo, one of the most ancient seats of the Michaelic cult (Unesco World Heritage Site), San Giovanni Rotondo, with the miracle saint Padre Pio, and St. Nicholas cathedral (Cattedrale di San Nicola) in Bari.


Furthermore, the Baroque of Lecce, the measured elegance of Otranto (the eastern most city on the Italian peninsula), the cummerse
of Locorotondo and the overlooking views of the sea at Polignano, which offers truly unique panoramas.


Like a breathing tale of Puglia ancient culture appears Borgo Egnazia, depicting the sheer beauty of the land and its nonpareil architecture.


It happens  every hour of the year: you come and live your time here, and nature is powerful, peace is intense, harmony is full. It’s a place where you meet your self. It’s Borgo Egnazia: it’s nowhere else.

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The Melpignano family has a vision: combining Puglia with luxury, refined hospitality, cultural richness and elite tourism.


It all started in 1996 with Masseria San Domenico, originally the family’s private vacation home and later following a careful interpretation of the living spaces, “La Masseria” (The Masseria), a 5L-Leading Hotels of the World and the model of Apulian luxury hospitality.


Borgo Egnazia was built entirely of tufo, a local type of limestone and cut by the skilled hands of tufo masters. The architect and set designer, Pino Brescia, was inspired by Puglia’s farms and rural villages, from nature and from simplicity. The stately construction is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, modernity and authenticity, mightiness and simplicity.

La Corte 


Sophisticated and elegant, 63 rooms: La Corte Bella (33 - 37 sq meters),  La Corte Splendida (42 - 46 sq meters), La Corte Magnifica (60 - 75 sq meters),  Suite Egnazia (125 sq meters)

Il Borgo 


Unique and traditional, 92 rooms: Borgo Splendida (42 sq meters), Borgo Magnifica (55 sq meters), Casetta Bella (60 sq meters), Casetta Magnifica Study or Bunk Beds (90 square meters), Casetta Magnifica Two Double (90 square meters)

 Le Ville 


29 townhouses, each equipped with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living area, a basement, a scenic terrace, a garden, a patio and a private swimming pool.  


Borgo Egnazia is dedicated to the concept of a “vacation for the whole family” and was awarded the “Best Family Hotel” by the English life-style magazine Tatler. Parents focus on relaxing and participating in the various activities, while their children will discover their haven of fun, the Trullaleri Kids’ Club and older kids will enjoy the Junior club “Marinai” and Teen Club “Tarantari”.


Borgo Egnazia offers a unique and privileged type of hospitality, tailor-made to every possible need. Ther goal is to offer activities that will become unforgettable experiences for all of the guests. Two private beaches: Cala Masciola, which houses BE’s Nautical Centre (10 minutes by foot) and La Fonte (5 minutes by car), ideal for families.


Within the territory: three large outdoor pools (one heated outdoor pool), one heated indoor pool, four tennis courts; swimming, cooking and ceramics lessons, a Water Sports centre, a Boutique, a Game room and a Reading room. And of course an unforgettable spa experince at Vair Spa. 

Vair Spa: when inner beauty is true beauty

Nestled inside the breath taking tuff stone scenario of Borgo Egnazia since 2012, Vair is a 1,600 sqm psycho-alchemic Spa, thoroughly embodying our “Nowhere Else” philosophy. 


“Vair” is the Apulian word for “vero” (true) and Vair Spa’s vision places inner beauty, that is true beauty, as both the fulcrum and the goal of its wellness treatments. The authenticity of Puglia and its ancestral traditions inspire our “life-changing experiences”, their secret being the way we live our life and our relationships.


The committed focus is the enhancement of our therapists’ attitude and self-development, so that they can guide the guests through the authentic experiences Vair provides. To do so, Vair is structured and run as a community, living the concept in the daily life. This is the natural and successful embodiment of two modern visionaries: Patrizia Bortolin, Spa director and creator, and our star therapist Stefano Battaglia.  borgo_12

Vair Spa leverages a human being’s inner resources to promote happiness. To do so, also some local ancient healing therapies are integrated in treatments that have been specifically designed for Vair and are based on natural products. Also, Vair tries not to use chemicals to clean spa areas, but only bicarbonate, lemon, vinegar and essential oils, and the premises are perfumed via true aroma therapy and burned fresh herbs. Finally, digital detox is promoted in all treatment and relaxation areas.


Vair experiences 2016

Vair Spa’s new menu for 2016 focuses on full paths and programs, rather than single treatments. Here they believe the guests should pursue a deep and genuine well-being experience that our therapists can only achieve through a fully-fledged, multi-faceted committed approach. The duration of the programs ranges from one day to two full weeks.


Each program promotes physical reconnection and mind enlightenment by conjugating signature body treatments and therapeutic dance classes, such as fitburlesque, body&mind balancing, contact improvisation and popular folk dances.


One-of-a-kind aroma therapy experiences, colour tests and playful moments are also hosted in different areas of Vair, allowing guests to always feel involved and ready to interact with their environment.


Every single Vair Spa program has a carefully outlined identity, emphasized by its name in local dialect and molded around a very specific therapeutic goal. Here are some examples:

-“Tarant”, inspired by the Apulian tradition of “tarantism”, is a ladies-only escape to the roots of Puglia, addressing women willing to free themselves from stress and find their own essence;

-“Nghianè” (Rise up), for men only, triggers the body while brushing stress away, enabling the guest to leave everyday habits behind and finding his new inner self;


- “Fure” (Outside) is a full sport & spa week, a REMISE EN FORME making one’s body and mind responsive, active, brilliant and peaceful, a local interpretation of the bootcamp.

   - “Na Maele” (Unnecessary) is a psycho-physical detox journey aimed at eliminating all the unnecessary burden from both the mind and the body, from toxins to old thoughts and stucked emotions


  - “Peddara” (Northern Light) is a wonderful spa-week that aims at enhancing one’s inner light through refined and innovative treatments that are relaxing, then detoxing and finally illuminating and rejuvenating;

 - “Sgargiand” (Gaudy) is conceived with the aim of coloring up the guest’s life, since it matches every colour to a specific energy and “recharges” the stamina through massages and treatments;

 -“A la Vezzarè” (Crazily happy) is a program that promotes happiness, lightweight and playful experiences and their interpolation with more intimate treatments like “Avemmarì” (Sunset), a path held by star therapist Stefano Battaglia and aimed at stimulating change and reconnection to the subtlest parts of one’s being.



 When facing such a rich portfolio of experiences, the guests are never alone. Crucially, Vair’s therapists will sense and acknowledge each guest’s specific needs and guide them in picking the most suitable Spa program. Once selected, the path will be customized and its magnitude calibrated based on an interview which will give our therapists a chance to better understand the guest’s body and mind. This is what makes every Vair experience unique.


Another addition to Vair’s bouquet of experiences is the new “chromatic day Spa”, a one-day path where each colour is matched with a selection of treatments reflecting its chromatic character.  


Finally, Iyengar Yoga, the intense Yoga method focusing on enforcing detail, precision and alignment in posture and breath control, will also play a new yet major role in Vair’s 2016 menu. Two different retreats, “Yoga Retreat Vair-Style” and “Become True Yoga” – only available for very limited periods throughout the year – will promote an exceptional, nowhere else Yoga experience, 100% Vair-style. 

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