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They will Take Good Care of you at Vollererhof

They will Take Good Care of you at Vollererhof

You are invited to experience the beneficial effects of the nature surrounding the Vollererhof, a retreat that offers the mountain landscape as well as the proximity of Salzburg, the festival city.  In combination with the outstanding wellness infrastructure of the hotel and the varied wellness supporting programmes, here created ideal conditions for optimal relaxation and recuperation.

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A high standard of spa competence, a comprehensive selection of medical treatments, individual spa plans, and professional spa accompaniment in the areas of exercise as well as the inner life – these are the strengths of the Vollererhof. 


While your stay you could chose medical, relaxation or beauty treatments per your needs and likings. 


Ten good reasons why you should choose a spa treatment at the Vollererhof:

1. With its wonderful location on a Celtic site of power, the Vollererhof provides an island of recuperation amid magnificent nature away from the hectic world. This is pure balm for the soul. Spa guests benefit from it immensely.


2. An experienced team under the medical direction of the renowned gastrointestinal specialist, Dr Sepp Fegerl, is there to take compassionate care of you.


3. Dr Sepp Fegerl has more than 30 years of experience as a nutrition specialist and FX-Mayr doctor. Spa guests from around the world travel here to be treated by him.


4. Each spa guest receives an individualized diet that is determined by the doctor. The kitchen chef performs true miracles here. 


5. Large rooms and suites, all with panoramic views of the mountains, impart a feeling of tremendous privacy. This is especially important for longer stays. 


6. A family atmosphere with lots of security and as much opportunities for retreat as you desire ensure a pleasant feeling of wellness.


7. Often, spa guests receive visits over the weekend from partners, children, or friends.  A visit to the Vollererhof for them becomes a relaxing short holiday. That’s because the à la carte restaurant as well as the wellness, beauty and fitness areas invite you to linger for awhile.


8. You are not just another guest. There they know the names of all spa guests and are aware of their preferences and habits.


9. Dogs are welcome at the Vollererhof! (however, please not in the spa area or restaurant)


10. In accordance with the motto of the hotel, „We are looking forward to seeing you again!“, the whole Vollererhof team is committed to making your stay as pleasant as possible. And because the Vollererhof has the amenities of a 4-star hotel combined with the advantages of a health centre, every stay is also a relaxing holiday.

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