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Samahita Retreat: Lifestyle Center for Yoga, Fitness & Detox

Samahita Retreat: Lifestyle Center for Yoga, Fitness & Detox

Samahita Retreat is a lifestyle center for yoga, detox and fitness located on the tropical island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Samahita Retreat has been a pioneer in healthy programming for the body, breath and mind for almost 15 years.


Known as one of the most authentic yoga teaching locations worldwide, Samahita Retreat also offers guests a balance of practices and activities that includes meditation and breath work as well as full cardio and core strength fitness routines. The signature program, YogaCoreCycle, incorporates all these elements, giving a variety of options within a fully inclusive health and fitness program while still continuing with a full yoga offering, all directly on the beach.


Formerly known as “Yoga Thailand” Samahita lifestyle retreat center features a variety of guest room options for up to 60 guests, Wi-Fi across the property, 4 dedicated yoga shalas, an indoor cycle studio at the beach, an open air fitness and barre sea view loft, a detox and wellness center, eco-­lifestyle boutique, juice and coffee bar, drinking water stations, and celebrated buffet–style health food restaurant, Sattva Dining.



 Here they provide a setting with infrastructure, a dedicated environment, a set of tools and techniques with instruction, a support structure through diet and relaxation, so you can step up and participate in your own transformation, growth, and opening. By this very nature Samahita Retreat is not a 5-star resort but a dedicated lifestyle-oriented retreat center. Every guest here is going to “Experience the Connection,” which is possible with the right support and environment. 


Samahita Retreat offers two types of program options you can choose from: Flexi-Date - this is ideal for those of you looking to stay for three days or more, to fit your own timeframe of travel, and may also wish to combine your stay with detox and wellness programs. Available throughout the year. Fixed-Date - these are fixed-date yoga retreats and trainings, featuring the finest teachers from our Samahita team and visiting guest teachers.


Flexi-Date Programs - Yoga Core Cycle

YOGA sessions involve meditation and breath practices followed by dynamic yet foundational morning yoga asana classes and restorative yet grounding afternoon asana classes.  

CORE combines functional fitness, core and strength work with TRXs, Bosu, stability balls, Uggis and more to work all muscle groups of the body in a unique fitness combo.  

CYCLE classes are full cardio high intensity work outs, alternating silent-sunrise sessions and later fun-music sessions.   samahita_retreat_08

Flexi-Date Programs - Detox & Wellness 

- Wellness Spa -  Standard and Complete Wellness Spa programs offer you the finest therapeutic experience, yoga and healthy eating. Specialized, holistic treatments include Water Irrigation Treatment, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Chi Nei Tsang and Remedial Ultrasound.  samahita_retreat_08

- Detox - individually tailored and guided Detox Programs have been created from a blend of science and ancient wisdom. Our 3, 5, 7 and 10 day Detox Programs are inspired by Ayurveda and shaped by modern physiology and nutrition and personalized to suit your needs and goals. Detox programs range from a mono diet to a complete fasting option as well as specialized parasite cleansing and candida options.


- Weight Loss -  Weight Loss Program will help you transform your habits and lifestyle to achieve your body’s ideal weight. This program will educate you to choose and prepare food that is both nutritious and delicious, teach you a manageable exercise routine and assist in targeting the root causes of weight gain.  samahita_retreat_11

- De-stress - Samahita offers a haven of peace and tranquility, allowing you to refocus and recharge with healing therapies, nourishing foods and rejuvenating supplements. Yoga and breath work classes will help bring balance and calm back into your day, and through reeducation­ you will learn to make healthier choices to more effectively manage your stress.  samahita_retreat_12

Fixed-Date Programs 

- Group Yoga Retreats -  Join a highly experienced yoga teacher for a dedicated program and increased focus on your yoga practice, whether starting or growing it. The perfect opportunity to go deeper, learn more and improve practice. From Pranayama with Sri. O.P. Tiwari to Philosophy and Ashtanga with Richard Freeman, Samahita offers the finest caliber of teaching worldwide, in an idyllic beachfront­ setting.


- Yoga Teacher Training - A global leader in training teachers and deepening students’ practice since 1999, these highly accredited training programs from Centered Yoga are month long residential programs available on certain dates throughout the year.   samahita_retreat_15

- Foundation Yoga Teacher Training - This comprehensive course offers more than 200 hours of intensive study focused on the many facets of yoga: Asana, Vinyasa, and Pranayama, Sanskrit and chanting, philosophy, physical and yogic anatomy and hands-on adjustment techniques.   samahita_retreat_14

- Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - There is a selection of two and three week continuing education training advanced courses that aim to take guests deeper into the practices of Asana, Vinyasa, and Pranayama. Asana and Pranayama students are able to pursue studies in philosophy, anatomy and more specific areas such as pre & postnatal yoga.   samahita_retreat_17

- Guest Teacher Trainings - Samahita Retreat welcomes The Yoga Academy’s Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and Study Intensive, with Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification. Established and led by Simon Low, one of Europe’s leading yoga teachers.  samahita_retreat_16

For fixed-date programs please contact us for more information and specific dates! For flexi-date programs you are welcome to check room availability and book your stay at the selected properties using the box below! 

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