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Das Kranzbach: a Retreat for Tranquility, Relaxation and a Healthy Lifestyle

Das Kranzbach: a Retreat for Tranquility, Relaxation and a Healthy Lifestyle

At the entrance to this protected valley you can leave your daily concerns behind, at  Hotel das Kranzbach you will find a retreat for recuperation, relaxation and wellbeing.

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Take some time for yourself. Explore the forest and loose yourself in nature. Relax by the pool and bathe in the sun. Sleep soundly with nothing but fresh mountain air to disturb you.


Wrap yourself in a dressing gown and relish the warmth of Spa area or relax in front of an open fire. Benefit from a firm massage, a relaxing bath or a beauty treatment.


Spa’s have always been an attraction, but now there are more to them than just soap and water!  In Kranzbach spa you will discover pools, saunas and steam-rooms, reached by crossing a light-filled bridge made of glass and wood. 




Two main options arre possible: Daily Yoga sessions during specific time/week periods in the summer with specially trained yoga, as welll as 3-day workshops dedicated to a specific yoga theme. 




You have the option to book,  DETOX-Program with 5, 7 or 12 nights. Detox Basic Package starting from € 400,- per Person. Please book your room separately. 


Other programs for people with digestive complaints of any kind, food intolerances, allergies and stress as well as those who want to take preventative care of their intestinal health are available at das Kranzbach per your request. 


The Ayurveda massage technique has a harmonising effect on the vegative nervous system, transfer of stress, relaxation and is said to be a classic detoxification treatment. Effective for countering insomnia, migraine and burn-out.


Be Active

Take time for yourself. Breathe deeply and taste the clear, fresh mountain air. Take long walks and discover the surrounding forest. Here you will find our varied activity program with different sport and relaxation courses for Summer and Winter. 


The region provides for cyclists, hikers and mountain bikers an almost inexhaustible network of paths and tracks creating numerous dream-tours, which have one thing in common: they lead you through unforgettable countryside.

The destination is very popular. Book your stay now and take all the advantages! 


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