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Belvédère Strandhotel & Restaurant: the Jewel on Lake Thun

Belvédère Strandhotel & Restaurant: the Jewel on Lake Thun

At Belvédère Strandhotel guests are welcome to enjoy the benefits of the following spa facilities: 

  • ‘Grander‘ water:  maintain the body’s hydration while at the spa you can drink revitalised ‘Grander’ water from the Blausee granite fountain.
  • Whirlpool 34°C:  whirlpool features air bubble seats, underwater massage jets, shoulder and neck massage jets and a counter current system to relax and invigorate. Whirlpool Benefits: Relaxes, refreshes and massages the whole body. 


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  • Kneipp treatment:  5°C kneipp-gang s Alternate between the Kneipp treatment and the whirlpool – each round promises to be a particular pleasure. Kneipp Benefits: Promotes circulation, strengthens the body’s immune system. 
  • Fitness: Small, but well-equipped fitness area with stunning views to motivate you! 
  • Outdoor pool 26°C:  In summer months 13.5m long and 4m wide outdoor pool with its unique view of the castle and the mountains is guaranteed to impress! Pool Benefits: Stimulates body and soul, gentle exercise.


  • Hamam steam bath 45°C:  60% relative humidity, approx. 20 min. Aromatic steam and inhalation bath, steam combined with gentle radiant heat. Benefits: Rejuvenates the skin, hair and respiratory tracts, relaxes and purifies.
  • Blossom steam bath 48°C:  100% relative humidity, approx. 15 min. Scented steam and inhalation bath, steam combined with gentle radiant heat. Benefits: Moistens, cleans skin and improves inhalation, lowers blood pressure, relaxes. 
  • Imperial tub: Enjoy this unique, private bathing pleasure with a host of scents to choose from.


  • Ergolima massage table: Wet massage table mainly suited for soap brush massages or full-body exfoliation.
  • Theme shower: Cold water bucket shower 15°C Kübeldusche Pull on the cord and let cold water pour over your body. Benefits: Refreshes, cleanses and re-energises.
  • Rainforest shower 35°C:  1min / Ice fog 15°C, 1 Minute erlebnisdusche s Exotic and refreshing scents with appropriate lighting den Körper. Benefits: Stimulates the senses, improves well-being and refreshes. 
  • Thermo Spa: Massage table for deeply relaxing treatments such as a hay bath or full body wrap with light and sound therapy.


  •  Finnish Sauna: 85°C Finnische Sauna 5 to 10% relative humidity, approx. 10 min. Traditional dry sauna, guests are able to douse the stones with scented water. Benefits: Improves circulation, invigorates, purifies and boosts immune system.   
  • Bio Sauna 50°C:  biosauna s 50% relative humidity, approx. 20 min. Sauna with gentle climate and high humidity. Benefits: Relaxes, gentle on the circulation, improves well-being.

Use of the spa facilities is only open to hotel guests and club members. 


The Lake

The hotel has a number of boats that guests can use to experience the sheer pleasure of being on the lake; a rowing boat, which guests are free to use (for up to 3 people), and a motor boat (accompanied by a member of staff).


 Excursions with larger groups (up to 12 guests) can be arranged on a wonderful mahogany boat, the Manissa. Here thay can help you plan a short tour with your group or a charming aperitif.  Use the box below to book your stay and get advantage of all the benefits during your stay! 

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