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Join the Health Revolution at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

Join the Health Revolution at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is located on the slopes of a hill, just right by a stream. This perfect location, amidst fields of pineapple and sugarcane, provides the right set-up for a complete break from the usual commotion in daily life. Having 28,000 square feet of building area on more than 3 acres of land, the place provides ample facilities. 

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The light mountain breeze, warm sunlight, chirping of birds and the most amazing view of the northern coastline, makes Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary a true haven to deliver the benefits of therapies, which are amplified in this setting. 

Facilities include: 

  • 11 treatment rooms (Ayurveda, Reiki, Reflexology, etc...)

Having a diverse mix of traditional therapies, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary has 11 treatment rooms ranging from 16 sqm to 20 sqm. All the treatment rooms are adequately furnished to provide the required atmosphere when being immersed in the therapies. Our therapists will ensure that any therapy being done will promote your treatment plan for a faster and consistent reform and refit for the future.

  • Full spa facilities

An extensive range of treatments and therapies, as well as facilities such as sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi, and ice fountain are offered here. The therapists are fully trained and qualified, with some having had training in India and South Africa. They cater for your needs should you wish to specifically ask for either a male or female therapist. You should also ensure to communicate any medical condition to the therapist beforehand. Spa and therapies area cover more than 300 sqm of space.

  •  Sauna and Hammam

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary has facilities of sauna and hammam (steam bath). The sauna sessions are directed by our therapists to ensure they complement your treatment plans. The Hammam is also used as complement to therapies, and provides an amazing view on the pineapple fields lounging the hillside. 

  • Jacuzzi

They have on site 3 specialised high end Jacuzzis, which are used by the therapists to work on the treatment of various conditions. The Jacuzzis are each maintained at different temperatures so as to treat and boost the whole system from inside out. This therapy is very popular in Europe and there are already specialized centres there, who use this approach, to treat diseases in the body. At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, the approach is used for detox, weight loss and rejuvenating the body, among the other benefits that are provided to the body.

  • Fitness gym

The sanctuary has a well-equipped fitness gym, with a good variety of gym equipment. The programs are targeted towards getting back in shape, and to boost the body strength. Fitness coach will guide you during the programs. Depending on specific needs for your treatment, the fitness coach will also work on an individual basis with you for tailored programs as advised by the Doctor. 

  • Acupuncture

One of the forms of alternative medicines practiced at Les Mariannes is acupuncture. From its origins, dating back to more than 2,500 years, the benefits associated to this therapy have always been lauded. Here, we use it to complement your treatment plan, based on the realignment of energy flow and pain relief. Our therapists, and the Doctor, are well versed in the application of this method and have long years on experience.

  • Reiki

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It is used to complement your treatment plan and works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Our Reiki master has been practising this therapy since quite some years, and has seen many clients capitalising on the benefits they get from it.

  • Auriculotherapy

Trained directly by the founder of auriculotherapy, Dr Siddick has had intensive training and practice in this field. He will be ensuring that you obtain the very best of treatments in auriculotherapy in the whole African region. To note that he was even invited by the WHO for a workshop in this field, amongst a select few specialists from the whole world. You can be sure to be in good hands and make the most out of this treatment which has always shown positive outcomes in health restoration. 

  •  Neuro-Feedback diagnostic and treatment

 Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is unique in the African region through the services it provides with neuro scanning feedback. The technology provides diagnostics with more than 95% accuracy, and is being used in European countries for effective recovery. The technology allows for pre-clinical diagnosis, and in turn allows for personalized lifestyle consultancy to negate all possible health risks in the future. The technology allows for rebalancing of energies, which promotes the inner healing powers of the body, such that the immune system will restore the health gradually. The diagnostics and treatments are non-invasive and respects the privacy of every individual as it is done with the person remaining fully clothed in his own clothes. The treatments are also used to overcome addiction issues, of varying types, and sees perfect results when the treatment is applied in full as prescribed.

  •  Medical consulting room

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary also has a medical consulting room, with a doctor being present at all times. The room is used for medical treatments, diagnostics and blood analysis. The onsite doctor can also liaise with your own doctor from abroad to get a brief on your past medical history, as well as update him with your current treatment plan so you may have supervision after your treatment plan from Les Mariannes. You should ensure to communicate all past and present medical issues to the medical at Les Mariannes upon your arrival, so you can benefit from the best treatment.

  • Yoga and Meditation classes

Clients can also benefit from yoga sessions with an instructor. The yoga sessions are done, while taking into account the physical and emotional condition of the person. The instructor takes great care to deliver a personalized approach, creating an atmosphere which instantly clicks with the person and allows the client to flow in the motions and movements. Meditation sessions are also done, to complement the therapies at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary. The sessions are done on a one to one basis with the therapist. The session aims at releasing every restraining thought and stress which binds the mind such that the mind becomes free and achieves a soothing calmness and peace.

  •  Outdoor swimming pool

The outdoor swimming pool provides a breathtaking view on the pineapple fields on the hillsides, the mountain ranges in the region, as well as a look on the lush trees lounging the stream running by the sanctuary. The swimming pool is around 50 sqm in size and is bathed in sunlight, which makes it naturally tempered for full enjoyment of the water. The swimming pool also has handrails which are used for aqua exercises and aqua physiotherapy. 


  •  Regular outings

In order to make clients benefit from all the goodies in Mauritius, regular outings, mostly once per week, are organized. The locations of the outing vary as per the season, with examples being Grand Baie La Croisette Mall or Bagatelle Mall, followed by a trip to the seaside, or go to some of the nature parks in the island, as long as your treatment plans allows for the same. We recommend that you bring sports shoes as a precaution.

  •  Home brewed herbal infusions and ionised water available 24/7

 Here maintained a no alcohol policy in the sanctuary and recommend that carbonated drinks also are not to be brought. They do provide home-brewed infusions with flavours such as citronella, Tulsi or ginger. You also get the opportunity to enjoy the fruit flavoured alkaline water during your stay. Should you wish to have some tea, local and imported tea bags are available, so you can make your own choice. To top it all, and in line with the body rejuvenation, ionized water is at your disposal to drink at any time you wish.

  •  Restaurant

The restaurant is located near the lobby, and has a view on the northern coast of the island. Meals are prepared based on the number of guests, as they adopt a freshly made meal policy. So, do ensure you make an order for any additional item you wish besides what is included in your meal plan. A stay is on full board basis, with breakfast, lunch, afternoon brunch and dinner being available to you. You may also order additional items if you wish. 

  •  Wi-Fi

 Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary provides Wi-Fi access, free of charge, to all clients. The Wi-Fi access is distributed throughout the establishment. Based on your treatment plan, the medical team may recommend that you do not use the internet. However, this is based on the recommendations as per your treatment plan. You may use the internet even to conduct your business from Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary.

  •  Parking facilities

 Should you wish to rent a means of transport, they do provide ample parking spaces in the premises. The premises are also under camera surveillance, providing additional peace of mind in terms of security, though the region is very quiet and is not subject to theft or violence. They do provide some 25 parking spaces, which are free of charge for clients. 

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