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Solve your Lifestyle Problems and Switch to Repair Mode

Solve your Lifestyle Problems and Switch to Repair Mode

Nestled in the lush nature, in the lap of a mountain, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is the first and only clinical wellness and spa centre in the region geared toward individualised plans for your ultimate well-being. Whether you just want a getaway, rejuvenation plan, detox therapy, mind and body balancing treatment, relaxing and invigorating experience, or other plans, the expert team of qualified health practitioners, spa therapists, fitness instructors and nutritionists, under the guidance of Dr Siddick Maudarbocus - a visionary in Integrative Medicine – will ensure a personalised service.

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Dr Siddick, along with his international team, ensures that a fully tailored treatment package is provided to you, adapted to your requirements for weight management, stress, burnout or addiction - based on a thorough diagnosis with the latest equipment in neurofeedback scanning. A fully diverse range of spa and massage treatments also delivers the best combination for a holistic journey under a single roof. 


Ideally located on the Tropical island of Mauritius, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary enjoys the stable climate in the region, while being malaria free and not having the presence of any poisonous or deadly animals on the island. The country is also very stable politically, economically and culturally, with it being cited in many instances as role model. 

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is specialised in delivering custom treatments plans to overcome traumas, emotional distress, various addiction issues as well as other psychologically related issues, with a near perfect success rate.  Find our more about the facilities of Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary in this article.

The Doctor has been providing these treatments to various individuals originating from the 4 corners of the world. The use of bio-energy diagnostic, coupled with the experience of the Doctor and his team, allows for tailoring of an intricate and personalised lifestyle program to overcome conditions, where modern medicines has not been able to provide the solution.


Every moment of every day, we put unnatural chemicals into our mouths, rub them onto our skin and breathe them into our lungs and eventually our internal cleaning systems just get overloaded and intoxicated. As time passes we look and feel less healthy, less energetic and at the end of the day we are so exhausted, all we can do is collapse in front of the TV or the computer. One way that our body copes with this overload of chemicals is by storing them in our fat cells, in the hope that when our liver and kidneys have finished  dealing with the daily chemicals they can catch up with the backlog. Sadly, for most people, that time never comes. 


As we get older we seem to gain more and more weight and develop more health conditions that reflect the toxic build-up within, like joint pain, lack of energy, digestive problems and liver and gall-bladder pains. Our 700 trillion cells are flashing the same message to our brain- DETOX, DETOX, DETOX

The cleansing package combines a Western medical approach with nutrition and holistic therapies to clean out old waste from the large intestine, rebalance the delicate gut flora with probiotics and use hot and cold therapies to encourage detoxification through the skin. Specialised massage techniques on the body and abdomen also support the self-cleaning abilities of the body.

The detox introduction packages start with a three day / two night programme but you are encouraged to give your body one of the longer programmes for a more intensive healing, especially if you have been unwell.

Couples planning to have a baby in the next six to twelve months are especially welcome to start preparing to provide the best conditions to grow a healthy baby.

Most people have no idea of the toxins they have accumulated in their body over a lifetime and blood tests on normal adults can show traces of hundreds of chemicals. While our body can deal with some chemicals through the detoxification pathways, some chemicals such as the pesticide DDT can remain in the body for 50 years or more.

While medicine has treatments for heavy metal poisoning they have no therapy to deal with the toxic burden of industrial chemicals that most people carry.

Each day of detoxification therapy removes more and more of the toxins stored in your body over the past few years, or maybe even from your whole lifetime. While the physical impact of chemicals is the main part of our detox, we also address negative thinking and negative emotions, both of which place a significant burden on the body/mind.


When you eat a big meal, do you notice you often feel sleepy afterwards? This is because your body’s energy resources are diverted to digest your food, and other processes like activity and repair are temporarily put on pause.  


Juice passes through your digestive system very quickly and is rapidly absorbed presenting the maximum nutrition to your body without having to expend much energy. Following a juice detox program gives your digestion a break and allows your body to switch most of its energy to healing and repair.

However, if your life is stressful your body may still be stuck in the ‘Fight and Flight’ mode so common for so many people, and although you are drinking healthy juices, your body cannot get the maximum benefit while it is on high alert. It’s like driving in a fast car with your foot on the brake – you just can’t make the progress you are expecting!

 It’s only in a safe, relaxing environment, a place where you can escape from the tensions and stresses in your life, that your body is able to wind down and relax and the Rest and Digest mode takes over.

This is why a juice detox program at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is so much more effective than a juice fast at home. At this beautiful centre in the mountains of Mauritius, your body can start to feel safe, and stress falls from your shoulders the moment you walk through our doors. Our peaceful and tranquil environment removes you from the stresses and strains of life and all your body needs to do is rest and repair. You have no work to do, no food to prepare, you need only relax and allow your body to devote all of its energy to your healing.


Burnout affects many of the world’s best executives but here “relax, release and restore” programme can return you to wellness. The human body was never meant to cope with the stresses of modern living. It was built to run away from tigers and then relax; not to endure stress and anxiety on a nearly permanent basis. We worry about the boss, the bank, the bills, the baby; there’s always something else to disturb our peace of mind. Combine this with snack food eaten on the run, too much alcohol, and problems getting to sleep or staying asleep; and it only takes one more problem or unexpected shock to lead to health problems we just can’t recover from. 


In nature the body releases the hormone cortisol to deal with a temporary stressful situation, providing energy to fight or run away. Unfortunately many of our daily stresses are those we can’t run away from; a difficult boss, an unhappy marriage; or a long commute; so cortisol becomes a permanent enemy instead of a temporary friend. Elevated cortisol levels over a long period of time are proven to lower our immune system, raise blood glucose levels and increase the risk of diabetes, auto-immune diseases and even cancer.

Here at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary  ‘Relax, Release, Restore’ programme will begin the healing process by ‘Relaxing’ your body with specialist massage techniques, and hot and cold water therapies. Beautiful, safe and peaceful environment helps your body to relax and our programme of exercise, which includes Yoga, Tai Chi, and aqua size helps to return your body to its normal balanced state. Now you can switch from the ‘Fight or Flight’ state created by intense anxiety, to the health promoting ‘Rest, Digest and Repair’ mode. Here they teach you how to disconnect from the pressures of your external life, and ‘Release’ troubling emotions and out-dated beliefs using meditation, mindfulness and EFT, and create a framework for building a healthier future. Finally they combine therapies from East and West including acupuncture and Ayurveda and provide healthy and deeply nourishing foods and adaptogenic herbs to nourish your exhausted adrenal glands. As your body and mind recover we ‘Restore’ you to health and wellness. You leave the place feeling a sense of true peace and harmony with the tools to continue to keep yourself in balance whatever may happen in your life.


For the best healing and recovery in cases of severe stress and burnout, they recommend our seven day / six night programme. This intense period of healing has the clients leaving feeling totally rejuvenated. For clients looking for a shorter healing break;  four day / three night package will have you looking and feeling years younger.


The body is a marvel of repair with many injuries being healed so completely it’s almost as though they never happened. Tears, strains, sprains and breaks all fully recover without any intervention. However sometimes the body’s innate healing mechanism seems to falter and an injury lingers far longer than normal and a person cannot regain full mobilisation. 

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary they have all the facilities necessary to help sportsmen and women recover from sporting injuries with the onsite physiotherapist, massage therapists, acupuncturists and hydrotherapy facilities. They also offer yoga to improve flexibility, and counselling and EFT to deal with performance issues.


It’s great to see that magazines and online information are now recognizing that being overweight is often as much an emotional problem as a physical one. At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary they have  been aware of this for a long time and the programmes have developed to work on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of food and eating.


The concern about being overweight is not about vanity, it’s about the long term impact on your health. Obesity linked diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and endocrine disorders are now taking up most of the health resources in the Western world and appearing in children and teenagers as well as adults.  

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary the approach to weight management works on several levels. First, medical approach is based on the client’s unique body profile / body chemistry and they run blood tests which will reveal any hormonal imbalances that may cause weight problems.

Then they work on the psychological level: where they teach the client new ways to cope with stress, help them redefine their relationship with food, and start to visualize their ideal weight / physique.

Then they teach the client how to listen to their body and let instinct guide them to the right food choice and quantity and also to find the most comfortable way to exercise to burn calories and release the fat burning hormones in their body.


Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is well equipped to deal with all types of addiction issues. Just to name the most common ones: Alcohol, Drug, Prescription drug, Sex, Porn, Internet, Gaming, Gambling.  


 Your brain cannot tell the difference between a real negative experience and a thought or memory about a negative experience. In both cases it sends signals to the body to prepare for an emergency. This cascade of chemicals and hormones like cortisol and adrenalin prepare your body for fight or flight. You may have a negative experience once, but you may think about it a hundred times or a thousand times, and your body has to endure the physical impact of being flooded with these stress chemicals, over and over again. If we only realised the impact of our negative thinking on our body and our long-term health, we would surely try harder to be more positive!

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary they utilise the latest psychological techniques to help break the bonds between unpleasant past memories and the continual reliving of these events in the present.


Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary abilities to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements, given in defined doses at regulated intervals. Its implementation has to be done by a qualified doctor, to ensure that it provides effective results. The Dr Siddick is fully qualified in this domain which has allowed him to bring forth this therapy to the African region.  


This powerful, natural treatment boosts the body’s own immune system to heal various health issues such arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases, including cancer. The success of the treatment is also dependent on the will power of the person to overcome the disease. 

The regenerative powers of the body are put to use by the natural ingredients when making fresh raw juice, up to one glass every hour, up to 13 times per day. Raw and cooked solid foods are generously consumed, under the supervision of the nutritionist and the Doctor, so as to unlock the full healing abilities of each and every one.

Based on your usual habits, supplements, which are herbal based, as well as therapies are used to complement and boost the body’s skills to fight against degenerative diseases and overcome them.

The treatment is based on a rigorous diet which should be followed at all times to ensure success. Clients are to take this into account and avoid consumption of any other food or drink items, unless approved by the Doctor, while undergoing this treatment.


Integrative Medicine Centres are becoming very popular with patients who understand that their body contains everything it needs to heal itself. Any symptoms of ill-heath are a sign of some kind of imbalance, whether physical, emotional or mental. Certain types of ‘adjustment’ can provide an influx of energy or remove structural or energetic blocks thus allowing the body to restore itself to health. This ‘adjustment’ can be done by various methods including: massage, spinal manipulation, prescription medication, homeopathy, acupuncture (by laser, electricity or needles), or by using electromagnetic wavelengths that neutralise dysfunctional loops in the electromagnetic human map.


 Integrative Medicine works at the subtle level of frequencies emanating from the body, and can detect the potential for disease processes long before they can be picked up by normal medical diagnostic systems. The therapy then simply corrects the corrupted frequencies and neutralises them before they can cause any noticeable signs or symptoms. This medical system detects and corrects anomalies in our bodies long before we are aware of any health problems. This is truly science fiction become fact.


“We are here to help your body heal itself.”

 The Bio energetics device at Les Marianne is the most advanced system of analysis and therapy available in energetic medicine today. It is capable of processing over 60 million bits of data (per second) and can quickly identify the areas in your body that are not working at full efficiency and effectiveness.

 The accuracy of this highly advanced diagnostic machine has been found to be better than 95%. Data acquisition and analysis can be performed in a few minutes, with the client fully clothed.

 This device also provides many treatment modalities including Electro-Acupuncture, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, commonly used in hospitals during childbirth), IFT (Interferential Therapies, used for deep pain), and the Russian Current (used by the Russian Olympic teams from the 1970s onwards to build muscle tissue).

Join the Health Revolution. Catch the earliest signs of disease, long before you get any symptoms. 


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