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Luxury by the Sea: Grand Lubicz Spa & Wellness

Luxury by the Sea: Grand Lubicz Spa & Wellness

Grand Lubicz recreation and health resort in Ustka is a new investment undertaken in Pomorskie. The Complex provides health services, offers professional health equipment and devices. The hotel is situated on a 2,5 ha of land, has 27 458 m² of usable area and just like the most luxurious hotels, it offers state of the art equipment and top-notch services.  Grand Lubicz, which is located by the sea (500 metres from beautiful, sandy beaches) and in the health district of Ustka, is the biggest and the most equipped complex of this kind on the Baltic coast.

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Grand Lubicz offers comfortable accommodation in beautifully furnished 5 star rooms. The rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with everything you may need in order to relax in luxurious conditions. The luxury and comfort of staying in the hotel is augmented by the availability of the state of the art facilities such as Spa& Wellness, massage rooms, swimming pool and aquapark.


Spacious and luxurious interior, unique atmosphere and rich offer of services will make even a short stay in the hotel an unforgettable experience which will relax you and improve your well-being.
The Wellness and Spa centre of the hotel consists of nearly 30 rooms where you can find professional beauty, care and relaxing services.

To provide comfort and to satisfy the clients, all rooms are equipped with professional equipment of the highest quality. In the Spa centre of the hotel there also is relaxation room and a room with internal graduation tower on a 120 m2 surface.

The Spa centre by the beach is an ideal place for a weekend for two, holiday with children or a short break with friends. The hotel’s facilities are available all year round – winter by the sea is very beautiful.


The Wellness & Spa zone consists of nearly 30 rooms where you can find a hairdresser, relaxing treatments for face and body or beauty services such as manicure and pedicure. If you are interested in beauty treatments in the hotel or care treatments, the Spa Grand Lubicz hotel is the best choice.


Spa by the beach is a great way to relax – for two, with family or friends. The hotel’s facilities are available all year round.


Owing to the many years of experience in the hotel, cosmetic and medical industry thehotel can offer you specially selected and prepared spa treatments which will satisfy varied needs. For those who are busy they have a Day SPA Package. Different types of massages, treatments which take their origin in natural and aesthetic medicine. They also offer treatments for children and many others – here in the hotel by the sea. 


Here they offer not only various SPA treatments but also medical treatments in areas including but not limited to: balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, physical therapy, inhalations and massages. All of them have beneficial influence on the whole body, and all of them improve your state of health and well-being.

To provide comprehensive services,  medical consultations with specialists is provided in the following fields, among others: rehabilitation, internal diseases or balneology and physical medicine. However, it is not possible to name all of them here. 

Your health is in good hands at Grand Lubicz Spa & Wellness. Book your stay and get well!

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