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Palace Merano: your Royal Wellness Experience

Palace Merano: your Royal Wellness Experience

Situated 325 metres above sea level, Merano has one of the most desirable climatic stations in Europe, protected to the North and East by the magnificent mountain chains. In fact, the so-called Meranese basin enjoys a particularly favourable micro-climate which has enabled the development of flourishing and colourful flora. 

In the very heart of this beauty in yer 1906 the Palace Hotel opened its doors. However, the palce started to fucntion as we know it now only with the arrival of Dominique and Henri Chenot in the 1990s. The total renovation of the spa took place, a new pavilion was added to accommodate a Wellness Centre. In 2000, making Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot one of the most prestigious, innovative and renowned spas and wellness centres in Europe.


Since late 2005, the property has been owned by the Hon. Pietro Tosolini, a surveyor and very important person at the  Palace Merano, and as the sole owner has made considerable investments to renovate the rooms and suites, the common areas, such as the swimming pool and the fitness area, as well as the renowned indoor Spa: such work has made Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot increasingly innovative, which enables the splendour of olden times to be maintained.

Created to welcome and offer comfort, the accommodation in Palace Merano is light and airy. The hotel has 100 rooms, 29 of which are suites and junior suites. Each room comes with a flat-screen, satellite TV, CD and DVD player, a minibar and safe, as well as numerous other services.


Treatment applications studied to bring the organism to its maximum mental and physical wellbeing, using exclusive detoxifying techniques and the revitalisation of energy channels and body functions, personalised to the specific needs of each client.
Programmes are all based on the principles of Biontology, the scientific principle based on understanding the evolution of vital resources for the human body at different ages of life.

Detoxifying diet

The menu offered by the Espace, resulting from decades of experience, was designed to induce deep tissue cleansing, and is based on natural, vegetable based, hypoallergenic foods that re-balance the body's functions.
Alongside this menu, there is the Biolight menu, offering healthy and light food prepared using methods that preserve their nutritional properties and served in "wellbeing portions."

Analyses and check-ups


Treatment is constantly monitored by the Espace medical team who, on arrival of the guest, make precise evaluations on his/her state of health by:

Evaluating levels of toxaemia
A questionnaire and a specific medical examination determine the body's level of intoxication, which is the main cause of being overweight and many other diseases and disorders.

Body composition assessment
The guest's physical structure is examined in terms of lean fat and body fat, fluid levels and base metabolic rate: the analysis is vital to study a personalised diet for the treatment and post-treatment period.

Bio-energetic check-up
Using a specific tool, the vital functions of the organism and energy flow are determined along the channels which run through the body, according to the teachings of Chinese medicine.

Bone density assessment and scanning of the body composition
Capable of identifying data for both the health of the bone structure (Osteopenia, Osteoporosis) and the tissue composition and distribution of body fat, with great precision, thanks to a sophisticated scanning system.

Moreover, in the presence of particular disorders, the Espace Henri Chenot medical team proceeds in line with the principles of functional medicine, which does not examine the disorder as an isolated phenomenon, but as part of a wider picture.

The applications available in Aesthetic Biontology are divided in the following points:

Application of Actifs, essential oils from the "Chenot" range
Exclusive mix of sea and vegetable resources, such as dietary minerals, salts, algae, plants and flowers, whose effectiveness is based on experience put into practice each day in the Research and Development Laboratories of the Academy of Biontology.

This is carried out manually with the aid of specific equipment, such as with cupping glasses.


Stimulation of the tendon muscle meridians
The tendon muscle meridians are energy lines. The organs distribute their energy over the entire body. This energy can be identified and regulated for each organ through working on the tendon-muscle meridians. Each organ has its own energy: it can be measured and stimulated.

Stimulation of energy points
The energic electro-stimulation technique according to the "Chenot Method" works on the energy points situated along the lines of the main meridians and is also used to improve tissue tone, for example in facial treatment.

Tendon muscle massage
This is carried out manually using instruments that can dissolve energy blocks, acting on muscle and tendon tissue, toning and revitalising them. The use of suction (cupping glasses) makes it possible to speed up the wave rhythm of the liquids and to stimulate the elimination of waste and cell regeneration. For a draining and detoxifying effect. It's revitalising, stimulating, regenerating and energising.

Energy check-up and treatments


Cellular resonance treatment
A device using radio-frequency waves stimulates the ion channels and the acupuncture points. The therapy is non-invasive and no pain is felt.
Improves lymphatic circulation. Pain management therapy, effective against pain caused by inflammation, muscle stretching, articular strains and contusions. Promotes tissue regeneration.

Energy check-up
State of the art equipment is used to measure and localise bio-electric variations in specific points of the skin. These points are then stimulated to reinforce and regenerate the organism.

Hydro-energetic cure

It is used to restore the proper circulation of liquids in the body. It consists of three steps:

1. Hydro aromatherapy
A particular hydro-massage technique with the addition of essential oils and mother tinctures.
The variations in pressure and water, as well as the action of plant extracts act on vasodilation and vasoconstriction of the blood vessels.

2. Phyto-mud therapy
Smooth and pleasant mud is used in compresses enriched with pure micro-algae, white or green clay, pure essential oils and mother tinctures.

3. Hydrojet
The third and final stage of the hydro-energetic cure: a jet of water directed with precision on the body restores energy and vitality. Tones and firms the body.

Sports and Adventure 



Discover the marvels of Merano and its surroundings by bicycle.
Bicycles are available free of charge to guests. Ask for them at Reception when booking your relaxing tourist trip.

Nordic Walking

Palace Merano offers a personalised Nordic Walking service and walks with a guide. For further information contact Concierge or Reception.

Water Aerobics

From 5:00 to 5:45 pm, you can take part in group Water Aerobics sessions held by expert instructors in the indoor pool.


Rediscover the harmony of your body through daily Pilates sessions from 4:00 to 4:45 pm. Weather permitting, the lessons take place outdoors in the marvellous Palace garden.

Dominique Chenot Cooking Workshop


For healthy living, a proper diet is necessary by selecting the ingredients and the method of preparing each dish.
Great attention to quality and the type of food, as well as its origin and cooking method are fundamental in the cures proposed by Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot, which aim for deep detoxification thanks to energic treatments and hydro-therapy cures, as well as, and most importantly, detoxifying and purifying diets for the body.
Having spent a week in our care, the detoxified and revitalised guest feels he/she cannot lose the newly acquired equilibrium and often wants to continue the work undertaken once back home.

For this reason the cooking courses came about and are carried out personally by Dominique Chenot who presents guests with secrets and tips for a healthy, balanced diet, all of which are delicious.
Each course, carried out in an interactive, fun manner, illustrates the cooking techniques and the most suitable ingredients for a healthy diet, all easy on the palate. Participants learn cooking techniques that avoid excess seasoning and without altering the nutritional properties of food, such as cooking with a wok or steaming.
Get to know new food such as Quinoa, Seitan or Kamut, which are highly digestible alternatives to wheat, and you will start to appreciate the high nutritional quality of wholegrain food, which is richer in nutritional substances and easier to digest than processed food. The recipes are designed to tease the palate, by flavouring the food with tasty spices instead of fat, while paying attention to presentation and the colours of the dish, because your eyes also need pleasing.

The course is held in the kitchens of Palace Merano every Wednesday and Thursday from 4.00 to 5:30 pm, and includes a maximum of 12 participants.
Cost for participation is €70 per person per day andincludes a personalised apron and cooking diary from Dominique Chenot, where you can take notes during lessons. The course is open exclusively to guests of Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot.


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